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Barnett Cemetery
(Highway 304 East in Hobucken)

Left photo taken March 2008 by Jan Orndorff; right photo taken January 2010 by Wm. Odell Spain

The Barnett Cemetery was founded in 1860. It is currently an active cemetery and is well maintained. I began surveying this cemetery in 2007. Because of its size, I decided to concentrate on the oldest section. This is still a work-in-progress and is only a partial listing. If anyone has photographs to add to this list, please e-mail Kay Midgett Sheppard for inclusion. Surveyed and photographed in April 2010 by Jan Orndorff


Birth Date

Death Date



Alcock, Hugh A. Dec. 13, 1901 Nov. 16, 1902 Son of R..W. & G.A.. Alcock Son of Rufus William Alcock & Georgia Ann Tolan
Ballance, Elma L. Mar. 25, 1893 July 4, 1898 Daughter of L. G. & Polly Ballance  
Ballance, G. L. Jan. 15, 1852 Oct.7, 1909 Lodge No. 2 C.B.H. [Charitable Brotherhood of Hobucken]  
Barnett, Esther [Midgette] [Apr. 8, 1809] Oct. 24, 1860 In memory of, who departed this life, Aged 51 years, 6 mos, & 16 days Wife of Stephen Barnett
Barnett, F. Ella  S. [Fair Ella Swindell] Mar. 26, 1893 Feb. 10, 1961 My Jesus, I Love Thee Wife of W. B. Barnett; daughter of John E. Swindell & Sarah W. Bateman
Barnett, S. Elizabeth Jan. 7, 1924 May 5, 1947 A precious one from us is gone.  A voice we loved is still, tho we miss her very much, God has done his own good will.  
Barnett, Margeret L. [Ireland] July 5, 1844 July 1, 1909 Wife of Washington Barnett Daughter of Robinson Lupton & Matilda A. Daniels
Barnett, Stephen [Oct. 8, 1795] April 2, 1864 In memory of, who departed this life, Aged 69 years, 5 mos, & 25 days. Husband of Esther Barnett
Barnett, W. B. [William Benjamin] Apr. 4, 1887 May 21, 1944 God's finger touched him and he slept. Husband of F. Ella S. Barnett; son of William H. & Nettie A. Barnett
Barnett, Washington L. Dec. 16, 1827 July 18, 1907   Husband of Margaret L. Barnett; son of Stephen Barnett & Esther Midgette; 1880 Census
Brown, Daisy S. [Daisy Caroline] [Feb. 2] 1895 [ Sept. 30] 1926   Wife of Hezekiah K. Brown; d/o James P. Spain & Mary P. Linton
Death Certificate states birth Aug. 1896
Carawan, Nancy Jan. 25, 1872 Feb. 25, 1920 In God I trust. On ground behind John William Sadler; Wife of Ira Thomas Carawan; 1880 Census
Hathaway, Adaline M. Dec. 14, 1873 1896    
Hathaway, G. W. Mar. 27, 1859 July 20, 1895   Son of David A. Hathaway & Rebecca Gibbs; 1880 Census
Hathaway, Ralph Feb. 1891 Sept. 1895    
Hathaway, Ray Taylor May 17, 1914 July 9, 1997 Strong man, strong mind, strong memories Husband of Beverly Louise Lupton; son of Thomas B. Hathaway & Ida Ireland
Henries, Anettie Dean Sept. 2, 1893 Dec. 5, 1931 God took her, it was his will, but in our hearts she liveth still. Wife of Samuel G. Henries; daughter of William Oliver Sadler & Mary James Robinson
Henries, Sam [Samuel G.] June 23, 1888 July 23, 1962 Father, Although he sleeps, his memory lives Husband of Anettie Dean Henries; son of Lewis Warren Henries & Mary E. Carawan
Henries, Sherlie Mar. 8, 1848 Jan. 2, 1895 Father; An honest man is the noblest work of God.  
Hodges, Daniel W. Nov. 25, 1849 May 11, 1941 Kind father of love, thou art gone to thy rest. Husband of Emeline Hodges; son of Benjamin & Nancy Hodges;        1880 Census
Hodges, Emeline Sept. 8, 1849 Jan. 13, 1926 Wife of D. W. Hodges Daughter of Uriah S. Alcock & Emmeline Cahoon; 1880 Census
Hopkins, Bertha S. [July 20] 1886 [ Oct. 8] 1931   Wife of James Foy Hopkins; d/o James P. Spain & Mary P. Linton
Death Certificate
Hopkins, Joseph S. Dec. 20, 1858 Dec. 27, 1937 Father, Life's work well done, he rests in peace. double stone with Mary A. Hopkins; son of George R. Hopkins & Senie L. Mason; 1880 Census
Hopkins, Mary A. [Mary Ellen] Dec. 20, 1856 Dec. 16, 1930 Mother, She was the sunshine of our home. double stone with Joseph S. Hopkins; daughter of Daniel A. Spain & Rheca G. Lupton; 1880 Census
Ireland, [William] Amos Jan. 12, 1880 Apr. 19, 1971 Sweetly sleeping Husband of Julia Goodwin Ireland; son of Noah Wm Ireland Jr & Martha Barnett; 1880 Census
Ireland, Anis Spain [Jan. 13, 1837] Sept. [30] 1919   double stone with Noah W. Ireland, Sr.; 2nd wife of Noah; daughter of Jerome B. Spain & Anna Lupton; 1880 Census; Death Certificate
Ireland, Julia Goodwin Jan. 13, 1881 July 2, 1952 Sweetly sleeping Wife of Amos Ireland; daughter of Lewis Goodwin & Julia Frances Spain
Ireland, Noah W. Sr. Feb. 2, 1832 Feb. 4, 1917   double stone with Anis Spain Ireland; son of Amos Ireland & Delilah Margaret Gaskill; 1880 Census
Linton, John 1856 [May 3] 1937   age 15 in 1880; age 35, born Aug 1864 in 1900 census; son of John P. Linton & Dorcas Oglesby; 1880 Census; Death Certificate 
Lupton, Caroline V. [c1847] Dec. 27, 1897 Wife of Silas S. Lupton, Aged  49 yrs, 9 mos. & 3 days  Daughter of Stephen Barnett & Esther Mayo; 1880 Census
Lupton, Dorcas A. [Campen] Sept. 11, 1850 Aug. 19, 1873 Wife of Andrew Lupton, Aged 22 years, 11 mos and 5 days  
Lupton, Fred A. [Frederick Augustus] March 31, 1882 June 25, 1961   Married 1st Maggie Sawyer; 2nd Lizzie T. Lupton; 3rd Sarah A. Clayton; son of Silas S. Lupton & Caroline V. Barnett
Lupton, Holland J. [Jane] June 15, 1841 Apr. 9, 1921 At rest with Jesus Married 1st Archibald Ireland; 2nd Silas S. Lupton; daughter of Jerome B. Spain & Anna Lupton; 1880 Census
Lupton, John A. [Alfred] Feb. 28, 1877 Oct. 31, 1928 Asleep in Jesus Husband of Sally Elizabeth Jones; son of Andrew Jackson Lupton & Sarah Jane Thornton; 1880 Census
Lupton, Lizzie T. [Thomas] Aug. 16, 1885 Sept. 14, 1908 Wife of Fred A. Lupton 2nd wife of Fred A. Lupton; daughter of John Stanley Styron & Mary Allen Lawrence
Lupton, Maggie E. [Sawyer] May 9, 1883 Dec. 21, 1901 Wife of Fred A. Lupton  
Lupton, Mary Ann Dowdy 1820 1879 Wife of Thomas R. Lupton  
Lupton, Matilda [Daniels] [c1817] October 18, 1879 In memory of, Wife of Robinson Lupton, Aged 62 years, 18 days  
Lupton, Pricilla   Sept. 5, 1919 Wife of John A. Lupton; Neath our eyes she faded slowly.  Growing day by day more frail.  Bearing sweetly all the suffering without murmur, moan, or wail. 3rd wife of John A. Lupton; daughter of Marcus & Polly Lewis
1880 Census; Death Certificate
Lupton, Robinson Oct. 25, 1806 Dec. 17, 1876 Husband of Matilda Lupton son of Josiah Lupton & Mary P. Goodwin
Lupton, Sarah A.   Nov. 1892 In memory of our mother, loving wife of J. T. Lupton  
Lupton, Sarah C. Oct. 9, 1884 Nov. 15, 1985    
Lupton, Sarah J. [Jane] Jan. 22, 1854 July 6, 1923 Wife of A. J. Lupton; She was too good too gentle and fair to dwell in this cold world of care. Daughter of Thomas Thornton & Matilda A. Lupton; 1880 Census
Lupton, Silas S. [Swain] Apr. 4, 1845 Jan. 25, 1918   Married 1st Carolina V. Barnett; 2nd Holland J. Spain Ireland; son of Robinson Lupton & Matilda A. Daniels; 1880 Census
Lupton, Thos. R. [Thomas Robinson] Dec. 9, 1830 Nov. 25, 1891   Husband of 1st Mary A. Dowdy; 2nd Luvenia Barnett; son of Robinson Lupton & Matilda A. Daniels; 1880 Census
Lupton, Walter L. [Lindsey] April 13, 1882 Aug. 27, 1921 Rest in peace, Father Husband of Mary E. Hopkins; son of Andrew J. Lupton & Sarah J. Thornton
Mason, Neta May 29, 1904 June 12, 1941 Resting in peace Daughter of Steven J. Mason & Mary E. Swindell
Mason, Susan [Elenor] Swindell July 4, 1876 Nov. 25, 1958 They are not gone, they are only away double stone with Tillman Franklin Mason; daughter of Samuel G. Swindell & Susan E. Mason
Mason, Tillman Franklin Jan. 16, 1884 Dec. 10, 1930 They are not gone, they are only away double stone with Susan Swindell Mason; son of Alexander Mason & Deanie Martin
Oneal, Charity B. Sept. 9, 1876 Aug. 5, 1891   Daughter of Delano H. O'Neal & Mary Thomas Lupton;  1880 Census
Oneal, D. H. [Delano H.] Sept. 1850 Oct. 1878   Husband of Mary Thomas Lupton
Parson, Annie Oct. 21, 1860 Mar. 30, 1951 In God we trust Wife of Richard T. Parson, daughter of Noah Ireland Sr. & Mary Jane Spain
Parson, Richard T. Aug. 18, 1853 May 24, 1931 In God we trust; C.B.H. [Christian Brotherhood Hobucken] Husband of Annie Ireland Parson, son of John Parson & Martha Thomas
Parsons, Little Woodrow July 3, 1912 July 13, 1921 Asleep in Jesus Son of  Willie M. Parson & Louisa C. Spain
Potter, Hubert C. 1915
[Dec. 25, 1916]
[Sept. 2, 1926]
  number 6 over top of number 9 on death date; Death Certificate states born Dec. 25, 1916 & died Sept. 2, 1926; son of Euell Potter & Daisy Caroline Spain
Robinson, Clarisa L. [Lupton] 1850 1908   double stone with James P. Robinson; daughter of Robinson Lupton & Matilda A. Daniels;  1880 Census
Robinson, James P. 1848 1892   double stone with Clarisa L. Robinson;  1880 Census
Robinson, Rebecca Ann 1860
[Apr. 27, 1874]
[Jan. 18] 1945   Wife of Reddin Jones Robinson; daughter of George B. Spain & Equille J. Lupton; 1880 Census; Death Certificate states birth as Apr. 27, 1874
Robinson, Reddin J. Feb. 15, 1856 Nov. 17, 1925   Husband of Rebecca Ann Robinson
Robinson, Rufus [Nov. 8] 1895 1945
[Sept. 2, 1947]
  Son of Reddin J. Robinson & Rebecca A. Spain
Death certificate states death in 1947
Sadler, Alfred M. Oct. 2, 1845 Aug. 15, 1922 Faithful to every.... Husband of Harriet Overton Sadler, son of Alfred & Nancy Sadler;    1880 Census;  Civil War Pension Record
Sadler, Amos [A.] [ Oct. 13] 1862 1923
[Mar. 22, 1924]
Our loved ones Husband of Ellen Johnson Sadler; son of John D. Sadler & Massey Selina Mason; Death Certificate states death as March 22, 1924
1880 Census
Sadler, [William] Ellen Johnson [Jan.] 1866 [ June 25] 1914 His wife; Our loved ones Wife of Amos Sadler; daughter of Foy Miller & Ellene Johnson
1900 Census states born Dec 1862; Death Certificate states born 1866
Sadler, Foy 1885
[Aug. 20, 1886]
[Oct. 9] 1918 Son, Our loved ones Husband of Estelle Parson; son of Amos Sadler & Ellen Johnson
Death Certificate states birth as Aug. 20, 1886
Sadler, daughter     The daughter of C.B. and __marta Sadler Daughter of Charlie Bryan Sadler & Marthena Lupton
Sadler, Harriet L. Apr. 30, 1839 Mar. 28, 1905 Wife of Alfred Sadler Daughter of Willis Reddin Overton & Piney Peele; 1880 Census
Sadler, John William March 4, 1881 March 4, 1965 Our loved one Son of Simeon Sadler & Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Ireland, wife of Rena Carawan Sadler
Sadler, Mary J. Robinson Oct. 7, 1873 Apr. 26, 1914 Mother; Wife of W.O. Sadler; Our beloved mother, never shall her memory fade, sweetest thoughts will ever linger around the grave where she is laid. Daughter of James L. Robinson & Clarissa R. Lupton;  1880 Census
Sadler, Rena Carawan July 2, 1887 Nov. 14, 1940 Wife of J. [John] W. [William] Sadler; A precious
one from us is gone, A voice we loved is stilled, A place is vacant in our home which never can be filled
Daughter of J. S. Carawan & Alice Credle
Sadler, W. B. Aug. 27, 1905 Oct. 30, 1906 From our arms she is gone, never more to return Believed to be Winnie, dau of Augustus M. Sadler & Theresa Swindell
Sadler, W. O. [William Oliver] Apr. 19, 1870 July 9, 1942 Father, Reflect Oh man when passing by, as you are now, so once was I, where I am now you soon will be, prepare for death and follow me Husband of Mary Robertson; son of Wateman E. Sadler & Sally Springle;  1880 Census
Simpson, David E. [Everette] Feb. 6, 1861 Dec. 3, 1923 Gone but not forgotten Husband of Annie Spain Simpson, son of James Simpson & Harriet Higgins
Simpson, George F. Aug. 20, 1888 June 2, 1961 A previous one from us is gone, a voice we loved is stilled, a place is vacant in our home which never  can be filled, God in His wisdom has recalled the boon His love had given and though the body slumbers here, the soul is safe in Heaven Husband of Ann Laura Hodges, s/oDavid E. Simpson & Ann Spain
Closeup of epitaph; longshot; Masonic emblem
Simpson, Mrs. Annie Oct. 17, 1866 June 3, 1943 Gone but not forgotten Wife of David E. Simpson; d/o Silic Sawyer & Annis Green Spain
Spain, Bernice Marie Jan. 13, 1938 Feb. 22, 1938   Daughter of Olando Spain & Joanne Hopkins
Spain, Dorcas A. June 7, 1898 Jan. 25, 1987   Daughter of James Potter Spain & Mary Polly Linton
Genealogy of Henry David & Annie Spain by Dorcas Spain
Spain, Doris Lee June 24, 1922 Sept. 9, 1922 Daughter of C.[Charlie] R.. & A.. [Annie] [Emory] Spain, Gone to rest  
Spain, Equelie J. Apr. 2, 1834 Oct. 22, 1921 In memory of, Wife of George B. Spain, Go and dwell with him above Wife of George B. Spain; dau of Robertson Lupton & Matilda A. Daniels; 1880 Census
Spain, Fred A. [Fredrick Agustas] Jan. 2, 1833 May 29, 1895 Gone but not forgotten Husband of Sarah Hopkins; son of Jerome B. Spain & Anna Lupton;  1880 Census
Spain, James P. [Potter] [Jan. 6] 1862 [May 16] 1931   Husband of Mary Polly Linton; son of Henry James Spain & Annis Green Spain;  1880 Census; Death Certificate
Spain, Johnnie C. [Calvin] [Feb. 23] 1883 [Feb. 11] 1946   Husband of Mary E. Hopkins; s/o James P. Spain & Mary Polly Linton  Death Certificate
Spain, Mary E. [Elizabeth] Lupton June 16, 1886 Nov. 23, 1931 Rest in peace, mother Wife of Johnnie Calvin Spain; dau of Joseph S. Hopkins & Mary Ellen Spain
Spain, Polly L. 1858
[Jan. 6, 1860]
[Mar. 22] 1941   Wife of James P. Spain, dau of John P. Linton & Dorcas  Oglesbey    1880 Census; Death Certificate states birth as Jan. 6, 1860
Stanton, Fannie Jan. 10, 1886 Oct. 2, 1940   1st wife of Alexander Mason;2nd wife of George Stanton; dau of Polly Daniels;  Death Certificate
Swindell, Andrew [Jackson] Sept. 7, 1872 Apr. 2, 1932 Father, Gone but not forgotten Husband of Julia M. Sawyer; son of Samuel Green Swindell & Susan E. Mason; 1880 Census
Swindell, J. [John] E. Sept. 4, 1864 Sept. 11, 1924 Gone but not forgotten Husband of Sarah W. Bateman; son of Joel Jarvis Swindell & Matilda A. Sadler; 1880 Census
Swindell, Lois Ellen Oct. 22, 1937 Jan. 31, 1938   Death Certificate
Swindell, Matilda A. [Ann] April 23, 1830 July 20, 1923 In God we trust, Wife of J.J. [Joel Jarvis] Swindell, Resting in the hope of a glorious resurrection Daughter of John D. Sadler & Polly English; 1880 Census
Swindell, Sarah W. Aug. 30, 1866 Mar. 9, 1927 Beloved mother farewell Wife of John E. Swindell, Daughter of James R. Bateman, Jr. & Mary G. Sadler; 1880 Census
Unknown 1       Footstone with G.B.S.
Unknown 2       grave beside tombstone of Sarah A. Lupton
Unknown 3       original wooden marker to the left & in front of Dorcas A. Lupton's tombstone
Unknown 4        
Williamson, Albin Dec. 12, 1833 July 6, 1893   Husband of 1st Brittie Lupton; 2nd Brittie C. Spain; son of William Carawan Williamson & Matilda Benson; 1880 Census
Willia[mson], Britty L. May 2, 1846 Dec. 26, 1888  Wife of Albin Williamson Daughter of Thomas Lupton & Aquilla Daniels; 1880 Census
Williamson, Matilda Oct. 15, 1802 Sept. 19, 1873   Wife of William Carawan Williamson

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