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Cahoon Cemetery
Inventoried & photographed March 15, 2008 by: Janet Copen Orndorff

Location: Behind Johnny Hodges property off Hobucken School Road, near intersection of Lowland Road and Hobucken School Road.
At the intersection of Hwy 304 and 33, follow Hwy 304 across the Gene Potter Bridge across the Intracoastal Waterway on to Goose Creek Island.  About 0.5 miles from the bridge turn left onto Lowland Road, then right onto Hobucken School Road.  The cemetery is behind the first house on the right.  Park in the grassy drive beside the house.  Walk, following the grassy lane to the cemetery.
Description: Overgrown with some brush cleared away from the more obvious graves, other graves toward the back of the cemetery marked with rocks.  Grassy lane enters the left side of the cemetery facing the back of the grave stones (row 4).  Engraved side of stones faces to the right side of the cemetery.  4 Rows to the front.  Most graves have a headstone and footstone with concrete covering the grave from headstone to footstone.
Starting Place: Beginning at the far right side of the cemetery from the grassy lane, facing the engraved side of stones, calling that Row 1, then counting stones left to right within the row. Any additional info known by family members and/or research of public records has been noted in the "Notes" column.



1 1 Alcock, J.C. Mar 15, 1838 Apr 15, 1902

Footstone: J.C.A.

Joseph C. Alcock
Husband of Maria E. Alcock
1 2 Alcock, Benjamin E. Nov 29, 1887 Oct 2, 1905

Son of Joseph C. & M.E. Alcock Footstone: B.E.A.

1 3 Alcock, Maria E. Apr 2, 1847 Sep 11, 1906

Wife of Joseph Alcock
Footstone: M.E.A.

1 4 Alcock, John June 2, 1816 Oct 28, 1892    
2 1 Hodges, James W. 1877 1935

Footstone: J.W.H

double stone with Clarsie E. Hodges; Son of Daniel Hodges & Nancy Alcock
2 1 Hodges, Clarisie [E.] 1880 1918

Footstone: C.E.H

double stone with James W. Hodges
2 2 Wilkinson, David E. July 25, 1910 Apr 3, 1915

Son of D.J. & Martha Wilkinson

2 4 Fodrey, C.[Cortez] F. June 18, 1829 Nov 9, 1909

CBH. Lodge No. 2
(Charitable Brotherhood Lodge No. 2, Hobucken)
Footstone: C.F.F.

Son of Richard and Eliza J. Fodrey


2           marked with rock; 15 ft from John Smith row 3 stone 6
2           3 graves marked w/ rocks; 22 ft from John Smith stone row 3 stone 6
3 1 B.J.W.     Infant could be Bateman Infant, same row as other Batemans
3 2 B.W.     Infant could be Bateman Infant, same row as other Batemans
3 3 B.F.P.     Infant could be Bateman Infant, same row as other Batemans
3 3 Bateman, Andrew B. Oct 6, 1896 Sep 22, 1913

Footstone:  A.H.B.

Son of J.R. & Arenia Hopkins Bateman
3 4 Bateman, Arenia Aug 20, 1863 Dec 22, 1914

Wife of J. R. Bateman Footstone: A.H.B.

Daughter of George R. Hopkins & Senia Mason
3 5 Clark, Dr. John Thomas Aug 11, 1863 Jun 6, 1906

Husband of Cora Lee Alcock
Parents of Gertrude Clark Leroy, George Clarence Clark-Holiness Preacher, Leona Clark Sutton

[see photo of the John Thomas Clark family from Goose Creek Islander 1874-1974 by William Odell Spain]
3 6 Smith, John W. Oct 28, 1854 Apr 1, 1900

We Cherish the Memory

25 ft from Dr. Clark's stone row 3 stone 5
4 1 Bateman, James Apr 8, 1834 July 20, 1911   Husband of  Nancy Hopkins Bateman & Mary G. Sadler
4 2 Bateman, Nancy Apr 6, 1834 Jan 7, 1912

Wife of James Bateman

Daughter of Daniel Hopkins & Mahala Potter
4 3 Bateman, James R. Oct 16, 1860 Mar 5, 1944

Footstone: J.R.B.

Son of James Bateman Sr. & Mary G. Sadler


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