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Pamlico Co., NC Cemeteries

Greenhill Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
This cemetery is located in Bayboro, NC.  Photographs & cemetery information submitted by Ray Credle who says that some graves were damaged or unmarked.
Extra information was obtained from death certificates and other resources.

Banks, Eddie Sept. 22, 1942 Nov. 18, 1967 [Son of Herbert Banks and Lillie Smith; Husband of Orene J. Banks]  [see death certificate]
Banks, Herbert Taylor Sr. Mar. 15, 1912 Mar. 8, 1975 [Son of Marcellus Banks and Bertha Midgette; Husband of Lillie Mae Smith]  [see death certificate]
Barrow, Elnora J. Dec. 14, 1909 Jan. 23, 2001

 A Loving Mother [Daughter of James H. Jones & Violena Hatchell; Wife of Lynwood Barrow, Sr.]

Barrow, Lenwood Jr. June 9, 1933 Nov. 4, 1996 [Son of  Lynwood Barrow, Sr. and  Elnora Jones]
Barrow, Lenwood Sr. Oct. 15, 1907 July 1, 1960

A Devoted Father  [Son of Walter Barrow & Sally Ann Credle; Husband of Elnora Jones]  [see death certificate] [see another photo]

Barrow, Major Donnie Nov. 21, 1905 Feb. 17, 1975 [Son of Walter Barrow & Sally Ann Credle; Husband of Mary Dudley]  [see death certificate]
Bess (Best), James O. May 12, 1894 Sept. 26, 1948

Gone but not forgotten.  [Son of William Dortch Best & Cora L. Credle; Husband of Deliah Gibbs]
[listed as James O. Bess on his death certificate]

Best, Bright 1858
[Wayne Co., NC]
Feb. 21, 1933 [Son of Penny Best; Father of  Martha (Best) Himbry]  [see death certificate]
Best, Sallie c1879 Nov. 8, 1936

[Daughter of Thomas F. Credle, Sr. & Cloey Howard; Wife of Walter Barrow, Picket Sanders & William Dortch Bes]t
[see death certificate]

Blake, Hilary Sept. 9, 1891 Dec. 14, 1973 [Husband of Sarah Credle]  [see death certificate]
Blake, Sarah C. [May 1] 1898 [Feb. 22] 1984

[Daughter of  James O. Credle & Louise Mann; Wife of Daniel Clark and Hilary Blake]

Burrus, Eddie Jessie Jan. 10, 1941 Jan. 22, 1942 [Son of Wilson Howard Burrus & Marie Thompson]  [see death certificate]
Burrus, unnamed male July 2, 1919 July 2, 1919 [Son of Wilson Lee Burrus & Edna Best]  [see death certificate]
Burrus, Wilson Lee Dec. 27, 1892 Dec. 27, 1960 [Son of Eadom & Melvina Burrus; Husband of Edna Best] [see death certificate]
Carman, Robert Sept. 28, 1876 Mar. 20, 1921 Son of William Carman and Margaret Pearson; Husband of Sidney Carman]  [see death certificate]
Carmen, Alfred Jr. Feb, 12, 1925 Apr. 15, 2004 [Cremated]  [Son of  Alfred Carmen, Sr. and Martilla (Martha)  Williams]
Carmen, Daniel Theodore Oct. 30, 1929 Dec. 22, 2002

TA; US Navy; World War II  [see obituary which states his birth date as Mar. 12, 1929]
[Son of Alfred Carmen, Sr. & Martilla (Martha) Williams; Husband of  Bessie Green]

Carmen, Martilla Feb. 9, 1902 Apr. 13, 2000

[Daughter of  Edward Williams, Sr. & Maude Dunbar; Wife of Alfred Carmen, Sr.]

Carmen, Melvin Sr. Mar. 20, 1923 Dec. 6, 1999

TEC 4; US Army; World War II
[Son of Alfred Carmen, Sr. & Martilla (Martha) Williams; Husband of  Edna Taylor & Laura Murphy]

Carmen, Rudolph Oct. 22, 1927 June 6, 1948

[Son of Alfred Carmen, Sr. & Martilla (Martha) Williams ; Husband of  Clara Mae Banks]  [see death certificate]

Carmon, Alfred June 22, 1895 May 27, 1961

PFC, Co. G, 14 Regiment; World War I
[Son of  William and Margaret Carmen; Wife of Martilla (Martha) Williams]  [see death certificate]

Coleman, Cordelia June 16, 1912 Sept. 26, 1941 [Daughter of Oscar Lewis & Bertha Coleman]  [see death certificate]
Cooks, Carolyn C. July 4, 1945 Oct. 27, 1967 In God's Care  [Daughter of Rudolph Carmen & Clara Mae Banks]
Cradle, Thomas c1825 Apr. 1, 1901 Age 76 Yrs.  [see another photo]
Credle, Amanda Sept. 29, 1899 Dec. 26, 1953

[Daughter of  Edward Williams, Sr. & Maude Dunbar; Wife of Thomas F. Credle, Jr.]
[Double with Thomas Franklin Credle, Jr.]  [see death certificate]

Credle, Bellfare Dec. 13, 1879 Dec. 14, 1941

[Son of James Osborn Credle & Mary Louisa Mann; Wife of Josephine Brooks]  [see death certificate]

Credle, Cloey Ann Feb. 18, 1858 Apr. 20, 1955

[Daughter of  Clinton and Cornelia/Celia (Frances) Howard; Wife of Thomas F. Credle, Sr.]  [see death certificate]
[see photo of Cloey]  [see the Robert Howard Bible]

Credle, James O.[Osborn] 1844 Jan. 21, 1920

He said there is nothing to do but walk in Jerusalem  [Masonic Emblem]
[Son of  George and Betty Credle; Husband of Mary Louisa Mann]  [see death certificate]

Credle, John Oliver Apr. 4, 1891 Nov. 4, 1961

Peace in the Valley
[Son of  James Osborn Credle & Mary Louisa Mann; Husband of Emily ____ & Minnie Jordan] [see death certificate]

Credle, Mary Louisa c1871 Dec. 7, 1930 [Daughter of Laura Mann; Wife of James Osborn Credle]  [see death certificate]
Credle, Nettie Mar. 28, 1888 Jan. 13, 1975

[Daughter of  Pharris Moore & Emma Thomas; Wife of Rodman Credle]  [see death certificate]

Credle, R.G. [Rodman] July 16, 1888 Oct. 30, 1968

All is well with my soul.
[Son of  James O. Credle & Mary Louisa Mann; Husband of Nettie Moore]

Credle, Thomas F. Jr. Sept. 23, 1897 Apr. 1, 1954

[Son of  Thomas Franklin Credle, Sr. & Cloey Howard; Husband of  Amanda Williams]
[Double with Amanda Credle]  [see death certificate]

Credle, Thomas Franklin Sr. c1861 Apr. 1, 1921

[Son of George and Betty Credle; Husband of Cloey Howard]  [see death certificate]

Davis, Jackolyn Albertine Garrison Apr. 12, 1953 July 7, 2003

[Daughter of Walter Garrison & Helen Squires; Wife of  Herman Davis]

Davis, Jesse Nov. 2, 1898 May 15, 1969 [Son of John & Cora (Hill) Davis]  [see death certificate]
Davis, Lillie M. May 8, 1898 Sept. 8, 1961 [Daughter of Henry Lewis & Alice Sanders; Wife of Louis Davis  [see death certificate]
Davis, Taylor Oct. 10, 1905 Apr. 24, 1975 [Son of John Davis & Cora Hill]
Daw, Lucy Credle 1880 1981 [Daughter of James O. & Louise (Mann) Credle and wife of Henry Daw]
Garrison, Helen Squires Sept. 3, 1927 Jan. 3, 2013 Wife of Walter B. Garrison - He who dwells in the shelter od the most high will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.  Ps. 91:1  [Daughter of Montague Squires & Hattie B. Cooper]  [see obituary]
Garrison, James Edward Jan. 26, 1896 Feb. 1, 1952

[Son of  Herman Garrison & Emma Credle; Husband of Salona Best]  [see death certificate]

Garrison, Rev. Lorenzo Aug. 31, 1897 Oct. 23, 1993

[Son of  Herman Garrison & Emma Credle; Husband of Alice Barrow]  [Double with Mary Alice B. Garrison]

Garrison, Mary Alice B. May 15, 1900 Aug. 14, 2000

[Daughter of  Walter and Sally (Barrow) Barrow; Wife of  Rev. Lorenzo Garrison]  [Double with Rev. Lorenzo Garrison]

Garrison, Salona Mar. 30, 1896 June 6, 1983

[Daughter of  William D. Best & Cora Credle; Wife of James Edward Garrison, Sr.]
[Death Collection states birth as Mar. 30, 1901; SS Death Index states birth as Mar. 30, 1896]

Garrison, Walter B. Apr. 17, 1928 Mar. 5, 2000

[Son of  Rev. Lorenzo Garrison & Alice Barrow; Husband of  Helen Squires]

Gibbs, Aaron June 6, 1904 Dec, 18, 1956 [Son of Sam Sanders & Anna Gibbs; Wife of Eleanor Gibbs]  [see death certificate]
Gibbs, John Washington Mar. 21, 1878 July 29, 1956 [Son of John & Lois Ann Gibbs; Husband of India Gibbs]  [see death certificate]
Gibbs, Mack Clinton Feb. 8, 1888 Apr. 9, 1955 [Son of Joe & Mary E. Gibbs  [see death certificate]
Hargrove, Louisa S. Sept. 15, 1869 Jan. 26, 1959 Resting and waiting for Shiloh  [Daughter of William Sanders; Wife of Frank Hargrove]  [see death certificate]
Himbry, Brian M. Apr. 18, 1964 March 17, 1991

Sgt. US Army; Persian Gulf
[Son of Joseph Himbry, Jr. & Catherine McCaskill; Husband of Letise Miller]

Himbry, Hattie C. Nov. 21, 1916 Dec. 19, 2001

In Loving Memory
[Daughter of  Thomas F. Credle, Jr. & Amanda Williams; Wife of  Joseph Himbry, Sr.]

Himbry, Joseph Otto Jr. August 25, 1941 August 25, 2010

An inspiration to all who knew him.  [see obituary]
[Son of Joseph Himbry, Sr. & Hattie Credle; Husband of  Catherine McCaskill), Alyce Frye & Vinnie Miller]

Himbry, Joseph O. [Otto] May 4, 1916 July 29, 1986

SSgt, US Army, World War II
[Son of Simuel Himbry & Martha Best; Husband of  Hattie Credle]

Himbry, Martha Dec. 25, 1881 Sept. 15, 1957

[Daughter of  Bright Best & Ann Gaskins; Wife of  Simuel Himbry]  [see death certificate]

Johnson, Beatrice Marzette 1918 Sept. 19, 2012 [Mother of Francine Banks & Edna Norton]
Johnson, Bertha Dec. 11, 1887 Nov. 30, 1936 [Daughter of John Johnson and Bertha Moore; Wife of Ralph Lewis, Sr.]  [see death certificate]
King, Jobe Nov. 17, 1879 Dec. 2, 1940

[Son of  Solomon King & Hettie Gibbs; Husband of Hettie Howard]  [see death certificate]

Latham, Dicie O'Neal July 9, 1917 Dec. 4, 2012 [Daughter of Andrew O'Neal & Lillie Credle; wife of John Latham]  [see obituary]
Latham, Evelyn Virginia Jan. 1, 1949 June 10, 1954 [Daughter of  John Latham & Dicie O'Neal]  [see death certificate]
Lewis, Annie June 16, 1893 July 26, 1950 [Daughter of Henry Lewis & Alice Sanders
Lewis, Artis Lee Jan. 7, 1928 May 24, 2007

[Son of Ralph Lewis & Evelyn Johnson; Husband of Aileen Bell]

Lewis, Bertha c1894 June 24, 1948 [Daughter of Oliver & Bertha Coleman; Wife of Oscar Lewis]  [see death certificate]
Lewis, Ethel May 26, 1927 Aug. 22, 1941 [Daughter of Oscar Lewis & Bertha Coleman]  [see death certificate]
Lewis, John Earl Dec. 25, 1902 Oct. 2, 1967 [Son of Henry Lewis & Alice Sanders; Husband of Rosetta Sykes]
Midgette, Cora Dec. 17, 1919 Apr. 30, 1948

[Daughter of James Edward Garrison, Sr. & Salona Best; Wife of George Midgette]  [see death certificate]

Midgette, George P. Nov. 24, 1891 Feb. 3, 1964 [Son of Morgan Midgette & Susan Fulford; Husband of Lucy Midgette]  [see death certificate]
Moore, Geraldine May 17, 1933 Oct. 7, 1957 [Daughter of John & Hattie (Sanderlin) Moore; Wife of Charles Moore]  [see death certificate]
Moore, John June 18, 1900 Apr. 21, 1975 [Son of Joseph Moore & Patience Smith; Husband of Hattie Sanderlin]  [see death certificate]
Morris, Mary Aug. 27, 1865 Dec. 20, 1951 [Daughter of Joseph & Francis Gibbs]  [see death certificate]
O'Neal, Andrew Jackson Apr. 28, 1888 July 24, 1967

[Son of  James O'Neal & Harriett Kennedy; Husband of  Lillie Credle]  [see death certificate]

Pasture, Patience Oct. 20, 1877 Oct. 5, 1957 [Daughter of Toney Smith & Hannah Wright; Wife of James Pasture]  [see death certificate]
Pearson, Clinton circa Sept. 1860 Sept. 8, 1974 [Son of James Pearson; Husband of Eliza Capps]  [see death certificate]
Robinson, Sudie Garrison Aug. 31, 1921 Oct. 23, 1997 Mother  [Daughter of James & Salona (Best) Garrison and wife of James A. Robinson]
Russell, David J. [Jennings] Feb. 19, 1923 Mar. 19, 1966

[Son of  Joseph Price Russell & Helen Beatrice Miller; Husband of  Ruby Credle]  [see death certificate]

Russell, Lamuel C. [Courtney] May 10, 1941 Mar. 15, 1968 [Son of  Joseph Price Russell & Helen Beatrice Miller]
Sanders, Samuel W. Dec. 17, 1866 Feb. 26, 1935 [Son of Sylvester Sanders & Mary Williams; husband of Della Hill]  [see death certificate]
Saunders, Picket c1862 Feb. 14, 1919

[Son of  Ivan Sanders & Evelyn Gaskins; Husband of  Sally Credle-Barrow]  [see death certificate]

Sawyer, Pearl Oct. 20, 1880 Jan. 3, 1908 The daughter of Thomas Craddle and Cloa Craddle - Age 28  [Wife of Lemuel Sawyer]
Sessoms, Hilbert Rayfield II Feb. 3, 1951 Feb. 4, 1951 [Son of Hilbert Rayfield Sessoms, I & Mobelia Cradle]  [see death certificate]
Smith, Lamb Oct. 14, 1900 July 22, 1973 [Son of Lemuel Smith & Lucy Williams]  [see death certificate]
Smith, Lena (Sandlin) c1895 Dec. 29, 2004 [Wife of Lamb Smith]
Smith, Lloyd Sept. 23, 1934 May 23, 1999 [Son of Lamb & Lena (Sandlin) Smith]
Tutt, Clara Mae Sept. 10, 1911 Sept. 15, 1969 [Daughter of Marcellus Banks and Bertha Gibbs; Wife of Moses Tutt]  [see death certificate]
Tutt, Henry Jr. Dec. 10, 1918 Mar. 13, 1960 [Son of Henry Tutt & Aronia Jones]  [see death certificate]
Tutt, Moses 1898 [Jan. 3] 1999 Father  [NC Death Collection had date of birth as Dec. 3, 1897]  [Son of George & Elizabeth Tutt & husband of Clara Mae Banks]
Thompson, Marie Apr. 10, 1912 Jan. 16, 2006

[Daughter of  Rodman Credle & Nettie Moore]  [see obituary]

Washington, Lueriner (Lorena) April 15, ???? Sept. 22, 1920

Wife of J.S. Washington  [Daughter of Thomas F. Credle, Sr. & Cloey Howard]   [see death certificate]

Watkins, Edward Jr. Dec. 4, 1894 Feb. 23, 1970

[Son of Edward Watkins, Sr. & Dicie Penny; Husband of  Susie Best]  [see death certificate]

Watkins, Susie Dec. 15, 1893 Nov. 6, 1964

[Daughter of  William D. Best & Cora Credle; Wife of Edward Watkins. Jr.]  [see death certificate]

Williams, Edward Jr. 1879 Feb. 12, 1965

[Son of  Edward Williams, Sr. & Betty Thomas; Husband of  Maude Dunbar, Luberta Ward & Annie Whitney]
[see death certificate that erroneously lists his mother as Bettie Thompson]

NOTE:  Credle is sometimes seen as "Cradle" on the death certificates and Best is sometimes seen as "Bess".  "Carmon" is usually spelled "Carmen".

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