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Pamlico County Deed
Submitted by Donita Hamilton

Craven County, North Carolina
Plots and Divisions
Pgs. 238-240

Land Division for Josiah Jones
Original Division
September 10, 1813
Annexed order
August 22, 1817

Whereas we the undersigned commissioners appointed, as the annexed order will show have met and divided the lands agreeable to the instructions contained in said will.

No. 1  the lot owned by Gideon Jones, which begins at the mouth of Cordun (?)

Gut and runs and runs up the sides of the Gut N. 86 E. 130 pole to the middle of the Old Bridge then with the middle of the old road S. 82 E. 14 pole to a pine on the hill thence N. 60 E 27   pole to a pine at the head of the valley thence S. 54 E. 140 pole to a red oak near the old road thence S. 45 E. 324 pole the patent line thence N. 57 E. 32 pole thence n. 17 W. 464 pole thence S. 89 W. 340 pole to the creek thence S. 25 E. 108 pole up the creek to the beginning, containing three hundred and three acres and pays to Number 2 Two hundred and fifty Dollars.

Lot No. 2 the lot around by Lizzy and Asa Bishop.  Begins at the corner (blank) runs N. 89 E 340 pole thence S. 17 E. 464 pole thence N. 57 E.23 pole to a pine the patent comes thence N. 19 W. 464 pole to a Ash standing in Creek and runs thence S. 89 W. 510 to the Creek thence up the creek S. 25 E. 88 pole to the beginning.  Contains 203 acres and receives of No. 1 Two Hundred and fifty Dollars.

August 22, 1817

Given under our hands and seals
    James T. Jones             (seal)
    Thos. Austin                  (seal)
    Quisamin Bordend(?)    (seal)
    Hardy L. Jones              (seal)

Amretha Jones 170 acres running West 198 po. to ditch corner thence unto said _______ Sheepneck Creek thence with Sheepneck Creek to the head etc home line N. 60 pole E. 72 po. Thence with ditch N. 30 W to pattens line thence S. 56 W 29 po. to beginning.

Henry Wise and Wife (Maple Jones Wise) 108 acres beginning at ditch corner running with ditch S. 30  E. 95 po. N. 77 W. 65po S. 20 E. 29 po. S. 15 W. 120po. S. 45 W. 120 po N. 15 E. 200 po. N. 110po thence Est to the beginning.

Patsy Jones 111 acres beginning at the ditch corner running N. 75 E 173 po N. 6   W. 6- po. N. 20 W. 72 po.  S. 56 W 195 po to th ditch thence with the ditch to beginning

Sarah Jones 111 acres beginning at the ditch corner running 95 pole to the patten line S. 77 E. 140 po N. 6   W. 15 po S. 75 W. 173 po to the beginning.

In obedience to an order of court ___united to us to lay off and make a division in the lands of Josiah Jones awarded between the said hires of the _______ that is Henry Wise and wife (Maple Jones Wise), Sarah Ann, Patsy, and Amretha Jones, payed as follows Henry Wise and Wife No. 1, Sarah Jones No. 2,  Patsy Jones No. 3 and Amretha Jones No. 4 as you see it represented in the plans.

As witness our hands Sept. 10th 1813.
    John Wallace                        (seal)
    William [his x mark] Jones  (seal)
    John Caruthers                     (seal)
    Spring Brook                         (seal)

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