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McCotter, Sanders, Silverthorne, Wharton
(Includes Descendants of Hezekiah McCotter, Wills, Deeds and Photos)
by Linda Dail

Descendants of Hezekiah McCotter

Generation No. 1


     1.  Hezekiah1 McCotter was born Abt. 1742 in Maryland, and died 1792 in Craven (Pamlico) County  NC1.  He married Ann

Notes for Hezekiah McCotter:

    In letter from his granddaughter to a cousin, she stated that he came to this country from Scotland as a British Soldier in the Revolutionary War.  (I have not proven this, every indication I have is that he was in Maryland before coming to settle on “McCotter’s Hammock” as one of the earliest settlers in what became Pamlico County.)


Inventory of the property of Hezekiah McCotter dated June 7th 1792, filed in Craven County, actual copy of this inventory was procured from the NC State Archives where the original is stored.  It reads as follows:

    An Inventory of the estate of Hezekiah McCotter Decst taken by this 7th June 1792

        25 head of cattle 30 head of hogs one horse

        4 bed, and furnature 3 spinning wheels 4 chefts n chears 2 tables 9 pewter plates 2 dishes

        1 caofey mill one Jin 1 pr shalzers & one hand mill

        2 teapots two bowls 2 iron kittle 5 iron potts

        3 hoes one plane 4 axes 1 (unclear word or symbol)Iron Wedges 1 (unclear word)

        flatt irons 1 Drawing knife 1 hammer one Copper's

        add, one (?)Canorce one Hatchett one Scooner Bout with her sails and riggin

        2 guns one loom-----

        one cafe knives and forks 1 dozen cups & Sausers

        3 Spelling Books 1 bible & Sermon Book 1 Prayer Book

        3 Jugs 1 wine glafs 7cafe bottles 6 Junk bottles

        1 Grindstone 2 old (?)Rum hofshand on Mill

        Sifter 2 bread try, 2qt.Cotten Cands 1 qt.D.m wooll

        6 old barrells 2 pails 1 wafting tub 1 half buftsall

        1 Doz.Drum hooks 2 sugar bowls 2 water cagls-

        1 Scraping Iron 1 Cooking Iron 1 spade 3 neafs

        hookes 6 sides leather about 30 lbs Corn - 1 auger

        11 Chezell 1 grubbing hoe 1 sadle & bridle 1 butter

        churn-1 Sett Nett 1 Spider - 1 pin Tonge-

/s/ I. Tillman (?) Gov.


Origin of the name McCotter

    I have a book called "Clans and Families of Ireland and Scotland 500-1750"  In it we were originally Vikings/Norse who pillaged Gael and settled there in the coastal areas.  Our Norse name was Oiter which eventually became MacCotter.  In this book there is a section which reads "The MacCotters (Mac Oiter) were seated at Carrigtwohil, near the city of Cork.  The township of Ballymacotter indicates their early presence in the area.  It is interesting to note that the MacCotters, like the other Norse families in Ireland the O'Hallorans and the O'Doyles were settled in the areas adjacent to  coastal settlements which were originally Norse".


Burial: Maribel, NC

Property: 1792, Craven (Pamlico) County  NCCR028.508.92


Children of Hezekiah McCotter and Ann are:

     2          i.  John2 McCotter.

+   3          ii. Archibald ?Hezekiah McCotter, born Abt. 1765 in Craven (Pamlico) County  NC; died 1834 in Craven (Pamlico County  NC.

+   4         iii. Martin McCotter.

Generation No. 2


     3.  Archibald ?Hezekiah2 McCotter (Hezekiah1)2 was born Abt. 1765 in Craven (Pamlico) County  NC, and died 1834 in Craven (Pamlico) County  NC.  He married Sidney Tigley Abt. April 18, 1795 in Craven County, NC.  She was born in Craven (Pamlico) County  NC.  They married abt. April 18, 1795 in Craven Co., NC.

Notes for Archibald ?Hezekiah McCotter:

Will of Archibald McCotter 1834 from Craven County Record of Wills 1795-1839  C 028-80002 Vol C p.368-369.  The following is an exact copy of the wording from the photostatic copy received from the NC State Archives.  Will: August 04, 1833, Craven County Court


State of North Carolina Craven County In the name of God Amen!

    I Archibald McCotter, of the State aforesaid, being Sick and weak in body but sound mind & memory blessed be God for _______  _______do make & declair this my last will & testament first of all I recommend my soul to God that gave it , and as to my worldly goods that it has pleased God to bless me with I do despose of in the following manner first I leave to my well beloved wife Sidney McCotter the plantation that my son Jesse now lives on.


Children of Archibald McCotter and Sidney Tigley are:

+   5          i.  Joseph3 McCotter, born 1804 in Craven (Pamlico) County  NC; died 1885 in Pamlico County  NC.

+   6          ii.  Burney McCotter, born December 30, 1807; died October 03, 1866.

     7         iii.  Jesse McCotter.

     8         iv.  Mary McCotter.

+   9         v.   Clarissa McCotter, born 1809 in Craven (Pamlico) County  NC.


     4.  Martin2 McCotter (Hezekiah1)  He married Lydia Harvey


Children of Martin McCotter and Lydia Harvey are:

    10         i.   Betsy3 McCotter.  She married Phillip Carruthers.

    11         ii.   Sarah McCotter.  She married William Leath.

    12         iii.  Richard McCotter.

    13         iv.  Seth McCotter.

    14         v.   Lydia McCotter.  She married unknown Moss; born in New Bern, NC.

    15        vi.   Mary McCotter.  She married unknown Sparrow; born in New Bern, NC.


  Generation No. 3 


     5.  Joseph3 McCotter (Archibald ?Hezekiah2, Hezekiah1) was born 1804 in Craven (Pamlico) County  NC, and died 1885 in Pamlico County  NC.  He married (1) Sarah Moore (she died in a fire in her kitchen).    He married (2) Mary Frances Carraway, daughter of Solomon Carraway and Henrietta.  She was born 1834 in Merriman, NC on the South River, and died 1874 in of typhoid fever at McCotter Plantation, Maribel, NC.


Notes for Joseph McCotter:

When the War Between the States broke out, Joseph McCotter Sr., lacked two years of being too old to fight and since his health was not very good, Joseph Jr. asked to serve in his place.  Joseph Jr., who was two years under the draft age, was allowed to fight these two years for his father (he then served two years for himself).  The night the slaves found out they had been freed, all but one of them from the McCotter Plantation took the largest boat from its moorings and sailed away towards New Bern, NC.  These same slaves had accompanied Joseph McCotter on his trips to New Bern when he went to carry produce, and to shop and buy new slaves.  Once  they had gone on one of these trips and had spent the night in an abandoned house on the shore.  In the night, Joseph was awakened by the screaming and praying of the slaves.  He ran out to find Hailey's comet in the sky.  The slaves thought the tail was the stars falling signaling the end of the world.  The McCotter Plantation kept at least twenty five grown slaves and countless of their offspring.  Joseph McCotter at one time put a mortgage on the plantation because he had purchased a male slave and found that he was married and had an infant child.  So Joseph mortgaged the plantation to buy the wife and child and keep the family together. This was the unfortunate reason Joseph had borrowed money from Jesse McCotter and lost the plantation land to Jesse after the war.  When the slaves left, neither Mary Frances nor Joseph knew how to go about taking care of the plantation without help.  When Joseph Jr. returned from the War, he helped his parents, with the other children and what scattered help they could get, to hang on to the plantation and make a living.  With their spirits broken and both Joseph Sr. and Jr. in bad health, they could not make more than a bare living.  McCotter Plantation was located on the Neuse River between the Old Whitehurst Place and the little village of Pamlico.  A creek (?Swift's) separated the Whitehurst Plantation and the McCotter Plantation. The plantation and Pamlico NC were located on a point between the small creek and the larger Broad Creek.  The large white house was three stories with upper and lower porches across the front(Wren Style) and faced the Neuse River at the point where it is about five miles wide.  The main part of the house consisted of four large rooms downstairs and four rooms upstairs.  There were two rooms on the third floor.  A covered breezeway or "entry" separated the kitchen from the main part of the house.  The house had two large chimneys on either side and there was a huge fire place in each room where logs and wood from the plantation were burned for heat.  The yard had many crepe myrtle and mimosa trees to make it colorful.  There was one large black walnut tree at the front of the house and many oaks and cedars.  Merriman, Mary Frances' home, was directly across the river from the McCotters.  Betty remembered countless trips across the river in the smaller boats to visit her grandparents.  Back of the kitchen part of the house, were the slave quarters.  The milk house was built under a large oak tree between slave quarters and the kitchen.  The smoke houses were located out beyond the slave quarters but within easy distance.  After the death of Mary Frances, the smoke house burned and caught the kitchen on fire.  It was extinguished before it reached the main part of the house.  The stables and barns were located out beyond the slave quarters, a good distance from the house. They had carriages and horses to attend church and meetings but used the boats a lot for transportation. Large fruit orchards began at the back of the stable.  Mary Frances died in 1874 leaving the cares of the house and children to Sarah Elizabeth.  She had the responsibility of helping rear John, who was only eighteen months old when his mother died.  Sarah kept house for ten years for her father at the plantation, then they moved to the little village of Pamlico.  Soon after they left the plantation house burned to the ground.  Joseph died one year later in 1885.  Then Sarah Elizabeth took John, the youngest child, and went to live with a first cousin, Robert Whorton, in Whortonville, who married Anne Bryan Silverthorne.  Sarah served as governess to their children until she married in February 1886.  After she married, her brother, Wiley, came to live with her.  Also a first cousin (a daughter of her Uncle Joel Carraway and his wife) lived with her until the wife remarried in later years. (She married Fate Simpson and was named Geanie). [THIS INFORMATION WAS RELAYED TO MINNIE ELIZABETH DAIL BROTHERS BY HER GRANDMOTHER, SARAH ELIZABETH McCOTTER SANDERS AND IS FACTUAL.]


Notes for Mary Frances Carraway:

Mary Frances is listed in the marriage bonds as Mary Frank Carraway.  She was twenty when she married Joseph McCotter who was a widower with two children by the previous marriage.  He owned a large picturesque plantation and slaves enough that she never had to do work of any kind.  Her daughter, Sarah, remembered how the morning after the slaves were freed and left, her mother came down to the kitchen and sat down in the middle of the floor and cried because she had never prepared a meal and did not know how to go about making breakfast for her husband and the children.  She died on the plantation in 1874 of typhoid fever.  One of her sisters married John Simpson of Pamlico, NC


Children of Joseph McCotter and Sarah Moore are:

     16         i.    Priscilla4 McCotter.  Died at age 16 unmarried

     17        ii.    Hesakiah McCotter, born Abt. 1839.

     18        iii.   Joseph McCotter, Jr., born Abt. 1844.  He married unknown; who died in Childbirth.


Notes for Joseph McCotter, Jr.:

Joseph married young and lost his wife at childbirth.  He died several years after the war between the States. Even though

he was two years under the draft age, he asked to take his father's place in the War between the States as Joseph Sr. was

just 2 years shy of being too old to fight and his health was not good.  He then served his own two years.


Children of Joseph McCotter and Mary Carraway are:

+    19       i.   Sarah Elizabeth4 McCotter, born July 04, 1856 in McCotter Plantation, Maribel, NC; died April 18, 1931 in Oirental, NC.

     20       ii.   Wiley Green McCotter, born May 25, 1858 in McCotter Plantation, Maribel, NC; died June 22, 1893 in Broad Creek, NC.

+    21      iii.   Charles Richard McCotter, born 1862 in McCotter Plantation, Maribel, NC; died 1920 in Jacksonville, FL.

+    22      iv.   John Eliga McCotter, born August 14, 1870 in McCotter Plantation, Maribel, NC; died July 06, 1949 in Baltimore, MD.


     6.  Burney3 McCotter (Archibald ?Hezekiah2, Hezekiah1) was born December 30, 1807, and died October 03, 1866.  He married Susan Fulcher, daughter of Cason Fulcher and Dorcas.  She was born February 26, 1816, and died June 23, 1878.


Children of Burney McCotter and Susan Fulcher are:

+    23       i.    Benjamin4 McCotter, born October 02, 1842; died June 24, 1934.

+    24       ii.   Matilda McCotter, born April 06, 1844.

     25       iii.   Louvinia McCotter, born December 07, 1846.

     26       iv.   Martha Ann McCotter, born July 10, 1850.

     27        v.  Emiline McCotter, born December 24, 1839.


     9.  Clarissa3 McCotter (Archibald ?Hezekiah2, Hezekiah1) was born 1809 in Craven (Pamlico) County  NC.  She married Thomas Sparrow Abt. 1802. 


Child of Clarissa McCotter and Thomas Sparrow is:

     28        i.  Clarissa Barlowe4 Sparrow, born April 01, 1804; died January 25, 1830.  She married Robert Tripp May 15, 1821.


Generation No. 4


     19.  Sarah Elizabeth4 McCotter (Joseph3, Archibald ?Hezekiah2, Hezekiah1) was born July 04, 1856 in McCotter Plantation, Maribel, NC, and died April 18, 1931 in Oriental, NC.  She married John William Sanders February 14, 1886 in Whortonsville, NC, son of John Sanders and Nancy Alexander.  He was born May 27, 1867 in Broad Creek, NC, and died February 11, 1959 in ORIENTAL, NC.


Notes for Sarah Elizabeth McCotter:

Sarah Elizabeth (Betty) was nine years old at the end of the War between the States.  She remembered the slaves on her father's plantation and especially her nurse who was the only slave that stayed on the plantation after the Negroes were freed.  When the Yankee boats were coming down the river playing music, she and the slave children were all dancing to the music until her mother admonished her.    A story has been passed down that she was hidden from the Yankees in the woods by a l7 year old slave.  After the death of her mother, she kept house for her father and brothers and helped rear the youngest one, John.  Ten years after her mother's death, the family moved to the village of Pamlico, NC where her father died about a year later.  After her marriage to a man many years her junior, she lived at Broad Creek, NC, her husbands home, until their eldest child was ten, then they moved to Oriental, NC where she died in 1931.


Notes for John William Sanders:

John was born on Broad Creek Plantation in Pamlico County.  His children were born on the same place in the same house as he.  He lived there all his life until his eldest child was ten years of age.  He was a boat builder, fisherman, sports man, farmer and philanderer. He used to put his daughter in a mulberry tree at the edge of the water and boat across to his girlfriends house then back and pick up his daughter and return home.  I know this to be true because the girl was my grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Sanders Dail.  She told me the story herself and commented that she would be purple from eating mulberries while waiting for him.  He also was one of the first farmers to plant soybeans as a crop.  He called them  "Ja Pan peas". (They were new beans from Japan).  He raised diamond back terrapins to sell for turtle soup at $1 each and had oyster and clam beds.  He built sailboats called "sharpies" and his wife made the sails.


Children of Sarah McCotter and John Sanders are:

     29         i.    Joseph John5 Sanders, born January 30, 1887 in Broad Creek, NC.  He married (1) Myra Morton; born in Pollocksville, NC.  He married (2) Helen; born in Massachusetts.

     30        ii.    Mary Elizabeth Sanders, born October 08, 1889 in Broad Creek, NC; died March 01, 1986 in New Bern, NC.  She married Arthur Lee Dail February 28, 1909; born July 23, 1889 in Vanceboro, NC; died February 29, 1964 in massive heart attack - New Bern, NC. 

Notes for Mary Elizabeth Sanders:
She was called "Mother Mary" by her grandchildren and great grandchildren.  She was a well liked, religious woman. Her voice was beautiful and she sang in the church choir all her life.  She could crochet and tat beautifully and made tatted bedspreads for her grandchildren.  Her Christmas nutcakes were hoarded by the family and everyone fought over the last piece!  She baked the most delicious biscuits and once had a cat that would hang on the edge of the kitchen table and watch her make biscuits, then cry at the stove until they were done.  She would give him a piece of hot biscuit and he would juggle it back and forth in his front paws until it cooled off.  Needless to say, Mary was an animal lover, there was always a cat or dog nearby.Her married life began under stress because her first born child died within six weeks of birth and the business that her husband, Arthur and his father, Elbert had just started in Morehead City, NC had to be sold and debts repaid by Arthur after the untimely death of his father.  This left Mary & Arthur with debt, plus the support of their infant daughter, his mother and  young sister, Lily.  She took in boarders to help pay the bills but she never withheld aid to another less fortunate person, feeding anyone who came to her backdoor during the depression.  After the age of 40, Mother Mary never ate after 3 PM due to pain from "kidney colic" (which I suspect was gallstones) that would keep  her awake at night.  Regardless of where she was, or whom was visiting, she went to bed at 10 P.M. and rose at 6 A.M. all her life. She always put her faith in God and died peacefully in her sleep in her daughter's home at 96 1/2 years of age.  Her son, Milton, was staying with her while her daughter was in New York City and he found her peacefully lying in bed with her hands folded  over her waist and her cat at her feet. Burial: Trent Woods Cemetery.  Medical Information: suffered from what she called "kidney colic" from age 40 -never sought medical attention. Glaucoma which resulted in blindness at age 93-didn't like physicians! Salted her food like crazy-ate whatever.

Notes for Arthur Lee Dail:
As a young man, he went to Oriental NC to work in a saw mill.  Met Mary Elizabeth Sanders, who clerked in a shop, at a church gathering.  They were married at age 19.  Arthur cut off the tip of this left  thumb in a lumber mill accident.  Arthur and Mary moved with his parents to Wilson, NC and they all worked in a grocery store there before Arthur's father, Elbert, moved the family to Morehead City and opened a grocery store on Arendell Street.  In those days, furniture was moved by train.
 After his father's death, he tried working as a cook on a tugboat.  Apparently he told them he could cook, they found out this was not the case.  He was let off the boat before the trip was complete.  He then became a motorcycle policeman in New Bern, NC.  During this time, around 1919, he convinced the operator of a streetcar to let him drive the streetcar - he crashed it and broke his right leg.   He then became a railroad detective with Norfolk and Southern Railroad, and in 1930, he  was chasing a suspect when he jumped on a moving train.  Arthur jumped the train and his footing slipped, he was hanging on by his hands when his right leg hit the directional switch on the tracks and severely fractured his right leg in several places.  For the remainder of his life he wore an elevated shoe and walked with a slight limp.  In the "great fire of New Bern"  Arthur got on the roof of his house on Queen Street and pulled off the roof shingles and they caught on fire.  The house was saved.  He was elected to the Board of Alderman and served for several years before becoming a Craven County Commissioner.  He was a County commissioner for several years until his death.  An oil painting of Arthur hangs in the Craven County Memorial Hospital.  His favorite holiday was Christmas and he would delight in saying "let's swap" referring to the exchange of gifts.  He was a deeply religious man, serving as Deacon at the Tabernacle Baptist Church in New Bern.  Burial: Trent Woods Cemetery.  Cause of Death: massive heart attack.  Elected: Board of Aldermen, 14 years, Craven County NC Commissioner for several years until his death.  Medical Information: Arthur Lee was colorblind Occupation: Policeman for New Bern, NC and Detective of the Norfolk & Southern Railroad until retirement.


     31        iii.   Seth Durwood Sanders, born August 25, 1891 in Broad Creek, NC; died February 25, 1970 in Oriental, NC.  He married Blanche Blackwell; born July 27, 1898; died April 01, 1976 in Oriental, NC.

Notes for Seth Durwood Sanders:

Seth Durwood Sanders was a sergeant in WWI who fought in St. Die section 9-30-18 to10-16-18. Verdun Sector 11-5-18 to 11-18-18 and Battle of the Muese-Argonne offensive. Sgt.#1875664 318 machine gun battalion. Seth was gassed in WWI. He was discharged in poor condition with chronic traumatic bilateral epididymitis.  His character was listed as excellent on his honorable discharge papers which are in the possession of his great-niece Linda Dail Rider.  His eye color was listed as gray, hair brown, light complexion, 5'10" height and a carpenter by profession.  After discharge, he returned home and married Blanche Blackwell.  They farmed land set on a peninsula in the Pamlico Sound.  His great niece remembers many wonderful trips to the farm with outhouse - many beautiful trees - cows - workhorses - one in particular named Bill.   There was a pump in the kitchen where Aunt Blanche would pump water to wash dishes, cook with and drink.  She made the best biscuits a kid could remember and collected  woodcarvings of animals. Elephants, lions, etc.  Uncle Seth was a hunter, farmer and fisherman but in his later years he was crippled with rheumatoid arthritis and had to give up his land and vocation and move in town.  Seth & Blanche are buried in Oriental Town Cemetery, Oriental, NC.  Medical Information: severe rheumatoid arthritis Military service: September 07, 1917, Bayboro, NC discharged May 27, 1919.


     21.  Charles Richard4 McCotter (Joseph3, Archibald ?Hezekiah2, Hezekiah1) was born 1862 in McCotter Plantation, Maribel, NC, and died 1920 in Jacksonville, FL.  He married Eugenia Caroon, daughter of James M.Caroon and Bettie.  She was born 1874 in Pamlico County  NC.  She was still alive in 1941 in Florida.


Children of Charles McCotter and Eugenia Caroon are:

     32        i.     Gerald5 McCotter.

     33        ii.     Etta or Aetna McCotter.  She married unknown Miller.

     34        iii.    Eula McCotter.  She married Cecil Holland; died in ?Boca Raton, Fl.

     35        iv.    Charles McCotter Jr.

     36        v.    Edward Fitzgerald McCotter, born November 15, 1893.

     37        vi.    James McCotter.  He married Gladys.

     38        vii.   Clarence McCotter.  He married Bernice.


     22.  John Eliga4 McCotter (Joseph3, Archibald ?Hezekiah2, Hezekiah1) was born August 14, 1870 in McCotter Plantation, Maribel, NC, and died July 06, 1949 in Baltimore, MD.  He was buried July 9, 1949 in Swartz's Cemetery, O'Donnell St., Baltimore, MD.  He married Gertrude( Mills) E.Delamar in Pamlico, NC, daughter of John Delamar and Sarah Paris.  She was born March 08, 1880 in NC, and died February 10, 1958 in Baltimore, MD.  She was buried February 13, 1958, Schwartz's Cemetery, Baltimore, MD


Notes for John Eliga McCotter:

John was cared for by his sister, Sarah Elizabeth, from a young age due to the death from typhoid fever of his mother, Mary Frances Carraway McCotter.  Occupation: Tugboat Captain, Baltimore Harbor.


Children of John McCotter and Gertrude( Mills)E.Delamar are:

     39         i.       Bertha5 McCotter.

     40        ii.       Wiley McCotter.

     41        iii.       Sadie McCotter.

     42       iv.       Daisy McCotter.

     43        v.       Nellie B McCotter.

     44       vi.       Evelyn Lindel McCotter.

     45       vii.       Blanche Blackwell McCotter, born January 03, 1921 in Baltimore, MD; died August 02, 1998 in Baltimore, MD.  She was buried August 5, 1998 in Glen Burnie, MD.  She married Edward Luke Wilkinson November 24, 1938.


     23.  Benjamin4 McCotter (Burney3, Archibald ?Hezekiah2, Hezekiah1) was born October 02, 1842, and died June 24, 1934.  He married Britann Sawyer November 09, 1869, daughter of Jesse Sawyer and Sarah.  She was born July 12, 1851, and died March 31, 1937.  Benjamin & Britann are buried in McCotter Cemetery in back of the Methodist Church on Alliance Old Rd. Pamlico Co., NC.


Children of Benjamin McCotter and Britann Sawyer are:

     46         i.       Olive5 McCotter, born September 08, 1870; died January 19, 1954.  She married John T. Dawson on October 01, 1888; born October 20, 1867; died January 16, 1938. Olive & John are buried in McCotter Cemetery in back of the Methodist Church on Alliance Old Rd. Pamlico Co., NC.

     47        ii.       Dewitt McCotter, born February 09, 1874; died December 10, 1959.  Burial: McCotter Cemetery, back of Methodist Church - Alliance Old Road.

     48        iii.       Claudia McCotter, born March 19, 1876; died February 10, 1953.  She married Ivy Miller; born August 02, 1865; died April 02, 1937.  Burial: McCotter Cemetery, back of Methodist Church - Alliance Old Road.

     49       iv.       Benjamin F. McCotter, born April 12, 1883; died June 24, 1939.  Burial: McCotter Cemetery, back of Methodist Church - Alliance Old Road.

     50        v.       Eva McCotter, born August 22, 1883; died February 24, 1969.  She married Malica Emory Ireland; born January 09, 1886; died March 22, 1986.  Burial: McCotter Cemetery, back of Methodist Church - Alliance Old Road.

     51       vi.       Jesse McCotter, born March 30, 1880.

     52       vii.       John L. McCotter, born September 19, 1881.


      24.  Matilda4 McCotter (Burney3, Archibald ?Hezekiah2, Hezekiah1) was born April 06, 1844.  She married Elijah Jones


Child of Matilda McCotter and Elijah Jones is:

     53         i.       Gilbert5 Jones, born February 11, 1868; died February 06, 1887.



Pamlico County Herald, 8-30-1957 newspaper article and wills, page 368, Some Colonial and Revolutionary Families of NC by Smallwood, Vol 3: Craven County Wills: Hezekiah McCotter's Will dated Aug.9, 1791, executor, John Tillman, witnesses Elijah Neal and Anthony Williams.

Pamlico County Herald, 8-30-1957 newspaper article and Thornton Mitchell's book of NC Wills 1834 Archibald McCotter Will WB page 368 Craven County, names wife, Sidney, sons Joseph, Burney, Jesse daughters, Mary and Clarissa.


Will of Sabastin Silverthorn of Hyde County (filed in Craven County) 15 April 1752 


In the Name of God Amen.  I Sabastin Silverthorn of Hyde County in the provence of North Carolina being Sick and Week of Body but of perfect Sense and Memory blefsed be God for the Same Do constitute and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following.  First I give and bequeath my soul to God who gave it me and as for what worldly goods the Lord in His mercy hath been pleased to bestow on me I give and bequeath as followeth Viz.  Imprimis   I give unto my well beloved son John Silverthorn my manner plantation I now live on with one hundred acres of land and want a habitation before my wifes decease I give him liberty to build on some part of it the said plantation to him and his heirs lawfull begotten for ever and one horse that is called his horse and the first mair colt any one of my mairs brings and one bed one bolster and one sheet and one blanket and one rug and one bucknear gun and if the child my wife goes with be a garl I leave him another gun I had of Enlons and two pewter dishes and six plates and two Basons and one Iron pot and my desk & slate after his Mothers Decease and one sow bigg with pigg.  Item I give and bequeath to my loving daughter Lydia Silverthorn one hundred acres of Land and one Hundred Acres of Mash joining  upon Abraham Easters Land to hur and hur heirs lawfully begotten for ever one bed and one bolster and one Sheet one Blanket & one Rugg one puter dish one Bafson and one two year old Mair only the Mair and her Increase to be Divided Equally between hur and hur Sister Lydia Silverthorn Junior one Syning Wheale..Item I give and bequeath to my Loving Daughter Caulled Mary Chrifsened Lydia Silverthorn one Plantation the other Side the Hammocks with one Hundred Acres of Land and One Hundred Acres of Marsh to hur and hur Heirs Lawfully begotten of hur body for Ever and one Bed and one Bolster and one Sheet and one Sheet (Sheet crossed thru) Blanket and Rugg and one oud Table and one Dish and one Bafson of pewter  Item I Give and Bequeth to my Loving Daughter Agnefs Silverthorn the Plantation that William Inlons lives on with one hundred Ares of Marsh and One Hundred Acres of Land Saving  that  Wm Inlons may live on it tell she wants it to hur and hur Heirs Lawfully begoten of hur body for Ever and one feather Bed one Bolster and one Sheet and One Blanket and One Rugg and my biggest Case and one Iron Pott and one Pewter Dish and One Bason and one yearling Mair that Suckt the Blazed faced Mair only the Mair and her Increase to be Divided Equally between hur and hur sister Sarah Silverthorn.  Item I give and bequeath to my loving Daughter Sarah Silverthorn all the Land that I have not given down the Neck to hur and hur Heirs Lawfully begotten of hur body for Ever.  and one Bed and one Bolster and one Sheet and two Blanket and one yearling Mair only the Mair and hur Increase to be Divided Equally between hur and the Child my Wife goes with.  Item I give and bequeath to my well beloved Child my Wife goes with three two year old heffers and one Bed and One Bolster and one Sheet and two Blankets and one Iron pot and one pewter Dish and one Bason and If it is a Boy One Gun I had of Inlons.  Item I give and Bequeath to my John Chance the Horse he hath in pofsefsion and one Cow and one Calf and a two year old Heffer and one little Gun and three pound of Powder and Shot aquivalent and one Bedsack when he gits Feathers to fill it and if he stays with my Wife and burns the Lightwood that is heapt up I give him a coat and Briches of  Duroy and a Jacket with good homespurn on Blanket one Rugg one Sheet  Item I give and bequeath to my wife Mary Silverthorn all the Horses and Mairs I have not given and and one Negro man named Caim I Send hur the a Negro garl named Hannah Dureing hur Life and afterwards hur and hur Increase to be Aequally Divided amongst my Children also I Leave my Wife as much Money as will buy a Negro garl and I Send it to hur during her Life and then to be Equally Divided among my children also I Leave my Wife during hur Life and then to be Equally Divided among my Children hur and hur Increase.  Item I Give and bequeath one half my Cows to my Wife Mary Silverthorn and the other half to the Children to be Equally Divided among them in the Spring.  Item I Give one half of my Ewes to my Wife Mary Silver and the other half to the Children to Equally among them next Spring.  Item I Give and Bequeath to my well beloved Wife Mary Silver(n). all the rest of my Estate both within Doors and without Doors only my Wife shall give my Son John Silver(n) as good Learning as she can git for him in this Place and to learn my Gurls to Read the Bible Authentick and if the Child be a Boy that she goes with she shall give it good Learning as she can git for it.  I will that my Wife Mary Silverthorn be Executive and Benjamin Mason and my Son John Silverthorn Executors of this my Last Will and Testament. 


In Witnefs heareof I have hareunto Set my Hand and Seal and pronounced this to be my Last Will and Testament December 22th Day Anno Domini 1751.  Signed Sealed and Published in the presents of Us to be the Last Will and Testament of the Testator Rogere Bason Junior Jonathan Bell Mark Rew   X (his mark) Sabastin Silverthorn (seal)


Hyde County ss. At a Court begun & held in Woodstock Town at the Court House in the first Tuesday in March in the Year of Our Lord 1752. Present His Majesties Justices The last Will and Testament of Sabastin Silverthorn was Exhibited into Court and Provd by the Oaths of Roger Mason Junior Jonathan Bell and Mark Rew the Subscribing Witnefses to the same who Swore that they Saw the Testator Sign Seal and Deliver the same as His Last Will and Testament  At the Same time Benjamin Mason was Qualified as an Executor under the said Will by Taken the Oaths by Law Appointed Purcuriall Mar 02, 1752 Tran. Egleton ((seal)) Lres Granted Ifsued 15 April 1752.


[Transcribed to the best of my ability using the exact phrasing and spelling as found on the document in the Craven County Register of Deeds Office.  Will in Deed book 5; page 230   (1751)  Linda Dail]



Deed from Frederick B. Silverthorne to Ann Bryan Wharton



This indenture made this thirty first Day of July one thousand eight-hundred and Sixty between Frederick B. Silverthorn of the County of Craven and State of North Carolina of the one part and Ann Bryan Wharton of the County and State aforesaid of the other part Witnefseth  that for and in consideration of the love and affection that I have for my aforesaid Daughter Ann Bryan Wharton have given, granted, conveyed and confirmed and by these presents do give grant convey and confirm unto the aforesaid Ann B. Wharton her heirs, executors, administrators and afsigns for ever.  A certain  tract of land in the County and State aforesaid on the North side of Neuse River and West side of Browns Creek beginning at the Bridge on the Neighborhood road near the corner of John M Woodard’s fence, thence running with the marked Division line between F. B. Silverthorn and J.P. Paul’s heirs a North Easterly direction to the Caruthers line, thence with the Caruther’s line far enough to run back a South Westerly course to the aforesaid Neighborhood Road and with the aforesaid Road to the beginning so as to contain Fifty Acres.  to her the aforesaid Ann B. Wharton her heirs and afsigns forever and him the aforesaid F.B. Silverthorn his heirs executors and administrators will forever warrant and defend the aforesaid land and premises unto the aforesaid Ann B Wharton her heirs and afsigns forever, in witnefs where of I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written.


Signed Sealed and delivered
in presence of us                                                 F.B.Silverthorn      ((((seal))))


F.F. Riggs

Riley Scott


North Carolina Craven County Dec 21 1866


[Transcribed to the best of my ability in the exact spelling and wording as on the copy of the document in the Register of Deeds Office in Craven County, NC  Deed Book 67 page 506  (1860)  Linda Dail]


Deed from Frederick B. Silverthorne to John Godett


This Indenture made this fourteenth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty four between Frederick B. Silverthorn of the County of Craven and State of North Carolina of the one part and John Godett of the County and State aforesaid of the other part.  Witnefseth that for and in consideration of the sum of Two hundred and fifty dollars to me in hand paid by the said John Godett the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge have given granted bargained and sold and by these presents do give grant bargain and sell unto him the said John Godett one hundred and sixty seven and two thirds of acres more or lefs in a tract or parcel of land of two hundred acres of undivided land which Hannah Brooks inherited from her father John Whedon being and lying in the County of Craven on Bay river in the State aforesaid on the South side of said river and on the East side of Trent creek adjoining the lands of Edward Carey and James Pittman, To have and to hold the said price or parcel of land from the claim or claims of any person or persons whatever and I do bind myself my heirs and afsigns to warrant and forever defend the said tract or parcel of land to him the said John Godett his heirs and afsigns forever in fee simple against the claim or claims of any person or persons whatever, In witnefs whereof I have herewith set my hand and seal the day and year above written.


Signed Sealed and                                            Frederick B. Silverthorn    ((((seal))))
delivered in presence of


(The interling of “more or lefs” was done before the deed was executed)


            Jos.S. Fowler

            Absalom Fulford


Craven County Court, June Term AD 1852, Then was the execution of the within deed proved in open court and in due form of law by the oath of Joseph S. Fowler one of the subscribing witnesses thereto, Ordered that said deed be Registered.


                                                            Attest   F. G. Stanly  ((((seal))))


[Transcribed to the best of my ability from a copy of the deed found in Craven County Register of Deeds office  Book 61  p 170 (1844) Linda Dail]

Deed from Frederick B. Silverthorne to Riley Scott


Know all men by these presents that I Frederick B. Silverthorn in the County of Craven and State of North Carolina of the one part and Riley Scott of the County of Craven and State aforesaid of the other part witnefseth that for and in consideration of the sum of Fifty dollars to me paid by Rily Scott the receipt whereof is hereby fully acknowledged do by these presents grant (?)resuise release and forever quit claim unto the said Riley Scott his heirs and afsigns all my right title interest and estate in and to a tract of Land situated on the north side of Lower Broad Creek and along the head of Springs Creek bounded and described as follows Beginning at Robert Wharton’s beginning corner running thence North 32 East with said R Wharton’s line 150 poles to F B Silverthorn’s line thence with said F B Silverthorn’s line to Rebecca Woodard’s line thence to F B Silverthorn’s line formerly Elijah Pitman’s line thence with said Pitman’s line to the south line of the land sold by Christopher Carraway to John Woodard thence running to the west line of John Woodard Spring’s Creek Swamp land. thence with said Woodard’s Springs Creek Swamp land and with Jno Woodard’s line and the division line between John Caruthers and Alexander Caruther’s to Buncteri’s Creek. and up the Creek to J.P. Paul’s line and with said Paul’s line to the beginning containing Two hundred acres more or less.  To have and to hold the aforesaid released land to him the said Riley Scott his heirs and assigns and to his and their use and behoof forever so that neither I the said F B Silverthorn nor my heirs nor any other person or person’s claiming by from or under me or them shall or will by any way or means or in the name right or stead of me or them have claim or demands any right or title to the above released land or to any part or parcel thereof forever  In witness whereof I the said Frederick B. Silverthorn have hereunto set my hand and seal this Sixteenth day of February in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and Sixty-one


Signed Sealed and

delivered in presence of us

    Francis J. Riggs                                                Frederick B Silverthorn (((seal)))

    Robert P Whorton


North Carolina

            Craven County      December 18th 1861.  Then was the due and legal execution of the foregoing deed acknowledged before me by Frederick B Silverthorn the grantor.  Let said deed be Register             Wm J Bryan Clk


Registered Dec 18th 1861 W.D. O’Leary Regr


[Transcribed to the best of my ability from a copy of the Deed found in the Craven County Register of Deeds office Book 66 page 436  1861   Linda Dail]


Abstract of deed from Sally Dail Washington


Abstract of 2nd page of deed of Sally Dail Washington, wife of John Washington, includes names of negro girl Sally, signed by John, Sally, Sam E. Chapman, A.T Gerkins J. A. Guion, M. E. Manly   Craven County Register of Deeds,  Book 66 page 436



John William Sanders, Sr. Family
Front row: John William Sanders, Sr., John William Sanders, Jr., Nancy Alexander Sanders
Back row: ????


John William Sanders, Jr. Family of Oriental   (about 1900)

Seated John and wife Sarah Elizabeth McCotter Sanders

Seth, Joseph John, Mary Elizabeth

Mary Elizabeth Sanders – Arthur Lee Dail
Wedding Day  02 Feb 1909   Oriental NC


Milton Lee Dail
Minnie Elizabeth Dail
Children of Mary Sanders and Arthur Dail

Minnie was born in Oriental, NC


Lee Sanders  - daughter of John Joseph Sanders

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