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Whealton Reunion Speech
June 28, 1969 at the home of Z. V. and Emma Whealton in Mesic, N.C.
[Submitted by Donita Hamilton]

Today will perhaps go down in history as the first time so many Whealtons were ever addressed by a person at one time.

You are a hearty looking bunch, but then, one of the most outstanding characteristics of the Whealtons has been and is their fondness of plenteous and good food.  While you are a fine looking bunch the record seems to indicate that we have not made too much of an impact on the world around us.  We see very few Rolls Royce’s in the parking area; even Cadillacs seems to be rather rare.  According to the record we have produced few University Presidents and Court Justices, nor have many of us occupied Governor’s Mansions.  While the list of those of us warming the seats in the U. S. Senate is quite small.  And it appears rather difficult to prove that one of Whealton blood ever hung his hat in the White House.  However, I believe there are compensations.  Very few of the Whealton strain have ever been the central figure at a public hanging, and not many have enjoyed extended vacations at fixed locations, all at government expense.

All in all our clan seems to be something more than a nonentity.  I believe that if the man responsible for us Whealtons here in North Carolina were here today he would feel quite pleased with his progeny.  Speaking of that man, it seams he was quite a character.  According to information handed down thru the years the first Whealton to come to North Carolina, did so as a castaway from a ship wreck off the Outer Banks.  It seems he was a cabin boy.  Reflecting on this circumstance offers us some bit of consolation – being but twelve years old, and of the sea, it is quite unlikely he was a horse thief – quite cheering don’t you think?

According to Whealton tradition, Grand paw Levin Whealton, either because of ignorance or orneriness (knowing the Whealtons, I prefer the latter), claimed he knew not from what part of the world he came.  Therefore it seems we will have to be satisfied with an unheralded, spontaneous beginning.

Available evidence seems to indicate that most of our folks have been Democrats.  Not too influential it appears.

The records indicate the Whealtons by and large, possess a predilection for Protestantism.  As far as I am aware we have not had an ordained minister among us. (It has subsequently been learned that at the present time we do indeed have at least three of our clan who are preaching and or preparing themselves for full time Christian service.)  Although we have produced many outstanding Christian men and women down thru the years. 

Now, there are some of us who would like to know as much as we can of our history – perhaps a record – some kind of tree on which we could hang our family skeletons and on which we can lay the blame for our short comings.  Therefore, in order to expedite this matter I am asking that we select a secretary - a coordinator, that we may make a start towards assembling all the information about us that exists, both facts and traditions.  It would be nice for us to do this now with a view to completing a well-rounded organization at the gathering next year.

Do I hear a nomination?

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