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Please feel free to enter a query for your family lines in Pamlico County. If your lines are not in this county, please do not enter a query here. The family in question must have lived in Pamlico County or in Beaufort County or Craven County before the creation of Pamlico County in 1872.
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Peggy Deans October 23, 2012

I am researching family history on the Banks family.  Peter Banks, Sr., father of Lydia Banks who married Benjamin Powers Dec 1822.  Lydia was mother of Sylvester Banks and Benjamin and Miles D. Powers.  Any information of dates of birth, death, places of burial, etc., would be helpful, especially on Lydia.  Any stories, pictures, etc., would be greatly appreciated.  I am 6th generation from Peter Banks.


Don Brinson June 26, 2008

The Brinson Genealogy book “Here,There and Yonder” sub titled Cason & Sons A Brinson Genealogy by Robert W Brinson has been reprinted and I received them from the publisher today. The books look great. They are hard covered.  The books are a direct reprint with no updates.  The book has 900 pages. Thomas Brinson came to America in the mid to early 1600s.  This book mainly tracks the descendents of his second son.  Some Brinson’s were among the first American families to enter Texas are also tracked by the book.  The books are for sale and are priced at $30.00 for local sales when the buyer picks up the book in New Bern, NC.  If I package and ship the books they will be $40.00 postage paid.  I will require payment by certified check or money order in advance.

Questions or for more information please contact
Don Brinson


Gail Swain December 29, 2008

A cousin and I have a page in Ancestry on Land's & Brinson's. We are looking for descendants of Sophronia Grace Land and George Wilson Brinson to be able to add their descendants to the page. We are also looking for descendants of Sarah Caroline Brinson who married Edmund Baxter Land, all from Pamlico Co. in Arapahoe.  Sophronia and George Brinson stayed in Pamlico Co. and Sarah and Edmund lived in Norfolk, VA.  Any help would be much appreciated. Another cousin besides me to contact is

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