1850 Census - Richmond County, NC
Blackjack District

Schedule I - Free Inhabitants in Black Jack District in the County of Richmond, State of N. Carolina enumerated by me, on the 14th day of September 1850. John M. Dockery, Ass't Marshal.
Dwelling house #649
Henry Gay, 41m, farmer, NC
Harriet Gay, 38f, NC
Nancy Gay, 15f, NC
Harriet Gay, 13f, NC
John Gay, 11m, NC
James Gay, 7m, NC
Henry Gay, 5m, NC
Eliza Gay, 3f, NC

Champ Terry, 29m, laborer, NC
Eliza Terry, 28f, NC
Thomas Terry, 6m, NC
Nancy Terry, 3f, NC
Mary Terry,1f, NC

Bryant Loving, 62m, farmer, NC
Sarah Loving, 61f, NC
Martha Loving, 40f, NC
Ann Loving, 30f, NC
Sarah Loving, 24f, NC
Mary Loving, 23f, NC
Lafayett Loving, 22m, laborer, NC
Elizabeth Loving, 20f, NC
Harriet Loving, 16f, NC

William Dawkins, 37m, farmer, NC
Edney Dawkins, 37f, NC
Sarah Dawkins, 12f, NC
Martha Dawkins, 9f, NC
William Dawkins, 6m, NC
Elizabeth Dawkins, 3f, NC
James Dawkins, 1m, NC
Washington Adams, 19m, laborer, NC

Frances Webb, 33m, farmer, NC
Sophie Webb, 30f, NC
John Webb, 8m, NC
Martha Webb, 7f, NC
Benjamin Webb, 5m, NC
Louis Webb, 3m, NC
Sarah Webb, 1f, NC

John Covington, 75m, farmer, NC
Nancy Covington, 65f, Virginia

Thomas Covington, 34m, farmer, NC
Hannah Covington, 34f, NC
Ann Covington, 10f, NC
Elijah Covington, 8m, NC
Hampton Covington, 6m, NC
Thomas Covington, 3m, NC
John Covington, 1m, NC

Riley Covington, 40m, farmer, NC
Theny Covington, 38f, NC
Thomas Covington, 10m, NC
Sallie Covington, 8f, NC
Nancy Covington, 6f, NC
John Covington, 5m, NC
William Covington, 4m, NC
Nathaniel Covington, 2m, NC
Margaret Covington, 3f, NC
Henry Covington, 2/12 m, NC

Thomas Bolton, 65m, farmer, NC
Sarah Bolton, 55f, NC
Mary Bolton, 22f, NC
Louise Bolton, 17f, NC 
James Bolton, 15m, NC

William Thomas, 68m, farmer, NC
Jane Thomas, 27f, NC
Banjamin Thomas, 21, student, NC
Sarah Thomas, 18f, NC
John Thomas, 16m, farmer, NC
William Thomas, 14m, NC
Andrew Covington, 24m, laborer, NC

Comfort Love, 70f, Virginia
Rebecca Leseiter, 25f, NC

(? illegible) Isaac Mason, 70m, farmer, Maryland
Rebecca Mason, 71f, NC
Nancy Mason, 35f, NC

John Covington, 41m, farmer, NC
Eliza Covington, 19f, NC
Virginia Covington, 2f, NC

John Thomas, 30m, farmer, SC
Obedience Thomas, 22f, NC
Robert Thomas, 2m, NC
John Shepeard, 22m, laborer, NC

Hugh Henderson, 48m, tailor, NC
Christian Henderson, 39f, NC
Flora Henderson, 19f, NC
Mary Henderson, 18f, NC
Catherine Henderson, 16f, NC
Daniel Henderson, 13m, NC
Margaret Henderson, 11f, NC
Martha Henderson, 8f, NC
Jemima Henderson, 7f, blind, NC 
Virginia Henderson, 5f, NC
Christian Henderson, 2f, NC

John Everette, 67m, farmer, NC
Sarah Everette, 62f, NC
Clementine Everette, 38f, NC
Harriet Everette, 32f, NC
Elijah Everette, 29m, farmer, NC
Ann Everette, 27f, NC
Martha Everette, 25f, NC
Eliza Everette, 17f, NC

James Morse, 49m, laborer, NC
Jane Morse, 45f, NC
Mary Morse, 20f, NC 
Harriet Morse, 15f, NC
Catherine Morse, 11f, NC
James Morse, 10m, NC
Joseph Morse, 7m, NC
Joshua Morse, 5m, NC
John Morse, 2m, NC

Elizabeth Nichols, 69f, NC
David Thompson, 31m, farmer, NC
Eliza Thompson, 29f, NC 
John Thompson, 9m, NC 
Risdon Thompson, 7m, NC 
Ann Thompson, 5f, NC 
Robert Thompson, 3m, NC
David Thompson, 1/12m, NC 
Julia Webb, 35f, NC
Helen Webb, 5f, NC

William Nichols, 46m, farmer, NC
Martha Nichols, 42f, SC 
John Nichols, 18m, farmer, NC
Charlotte Nichols, 15f, NC  
James Nichols, 14m, NC   
Risdon Nichols, 12m, NC 
Mary Nichols, 10f, NC  
Robert Nichols, 7m, NC 

Mial Wall, 48m, farmer, NC
Mary Wall, 35f, NC
John Wall, 15m,
William Wall, 13m,
Martha Wall, 11f,
Cley Wall, 9m,
Stephen Wall, 6m,

William Covington, 73m, farmer, NC
Sarah Covington, 66f, NC

Benjamin Covington, 75m, farmer, NC
Hannah Covington, 57f, NC
Alexander Covington, 22, laborer, NC

John Covington, 42m, farmer, NC
Margaret Covington, 36f, SC
Nancy Covington, 14f, NC
Frances Covington, 13f, NC
Elizabeth Covington, 9f, NC
Catherine Covington, 7f, NC
Benjamin Covington, 6m, NC
Sarah Covington, 3f, NC
John Covington, 1m, NC

Bryant Riggin, 61m, miller, NC
Catherine Riggin, 63f, Virginia
Wesley Riggin, 22m, laborer, NC
Abigal Riggin, 24f, NC

John Gay, 65m, farmer, NC
Lydia Gay, 50f, NC
Josiah Gay, 20m, farmer, NC
Solomon Gay, 18m, farmer, NC
Sarah Gay, 16f, NC
Margaret Gay, 15f, NC
Mary Gay, 13f, NC
Martha Gay, 12f, NC
Daniel Gay, 10m, NC

Nash Sheppard, 19m, laborer, NC
Obedience Sheppard, 20f, NC
Martha Sheppard, 1f, NC

Benjamin Covington, 29m, farmer, NC
Ann Covington, 26f, NC
Whitfield Covington, 4m, NC
Nathan Covington, 2m, NC 
Mendy Covington, 1f, NC 
Rebecca Covington, 64f, NC

Isaac Low, 37m, NC
Elizabeth Low, 37f, NC
Elishua Low, 9m, NC
Madison Low, 7m, NC
Daniel Low, 5m, NC

Alfred Dockery, 52m, farmer, NC
Sarah Dockery, 44f, NC
John Dockery, 19m, farmer, NC
Ann Eliza Dockery, 17f, NC
Martha Dockery, 15f, NC
Mary Dockery, 13 f, NC
Benjamin Dockery, 11m, NC
Alfred Dockery, 9m, NC
James Dockery, 6m, NC
Henry Dockery, 2m, NC

William Thompson, 30m, overseer, NC
Mary Thompson, 25f, NC
Caroline Thompson, 4f, NC
William Thompson, 6/12m, NC

Jared Sanders, 32m, farmer, NC
Mary Sanders, 37f, NC
John Sanders, 8m, NC
Caroline Sanders, 7f, NC
Daniel Sanders, 4m, NC
Mary Sanders, 2f, NC
Benjamin Sanders 1m, NC

Alexander Sanders, 81m, farmer, pauper, Virginia
Esther Sanders, 65f, NC
Mary Hines, 73f, NC

Richard Shepperd, 53m, farmer, NC
Esther Shepperd, 37f, NC
William Shepperd, 16m, farmer, NC
(?)Pemberan Shepperd 12m, NC
Elizabeth Shepperd, 11f, NC
Martha Shepperd, 9f, NC
Nancy Shepperd, 7f, NC
Mary Shepperd, 2f, NC
Sidney Shepperd, 6/12m, NC

Edwin Wade, 65m, farmer, NC
Mary Wade, 53f, NC
John Wade, 22m, laborer, NC
Mary Wade, 18f, NC
Edwin Wade, 15m, NC
Elizabeth Wade, 13f, NC
William McDonald, 22m, overseer, NC

Wiley Covington, 42m, farmer, NC
Rebecca Covington, 42f, NC
Jesse Covington, 22m, farmer, NC
Elizabeth Covington, 17f, NC
William Covington, 13m, NC
Harriet Covington, 10f, NC
Mary Covington, 7f, NC
Rebecca Covington, 5f, NC

Marion Jones, 21m, farmer, NC
Alexander McDonald, 20m, laborer, NC

Martha Ivey, 45f, NC

Stephen Pankey, 81m, farmer, NC
Susan Pankey, 70f, NC

Elizabeth Ingram, 60f, NC
Sanders Ingram, 31m, farmer, NC

Samuel Pankey, 40m, farmer, NC
Catherine Pankey, 40f, NC
John Pankey, 18m, farmer, NC
Josephus Pankey, 16m, farmer, NC
Sarah Pankey, 14f, NC
Haywood Pankey, 12m, NC
Martin Pankey, 11m, NC
Caroline Pankey, 8f, NC
Margaret Pankey, 6f, NC
Samuel Pankey, 4m, NC
Catherine Pankey 6/12f, NC
John Belvin, 24m, laborer, NC

Thomas Roper, 71m, farmer, NC
Hannah Roper, 64f, NC
Thomas Roper, 13m, NC

William Martin, 30m, laborer, NC
Malinda Martin, 25f, NC
Frances Martin, 7f, NC
Sarah Martin, 5f, NC
Columbus Martin, 4m, NC
William Martin, 2m, NC

Maston Shepperd, 57m, farmer, NC
Nancy Shepperd, 70f, NC

William Shepperd, 19m, laborer, NC
Emeline Shepperd, 20f, NC

Jesse McCaskill, 41m, blacksmith, NC
Elizabeth McCaskill, 35f, NC
James McCaskill, 18m, insane, NC
Martha McCaskill, 16f, NC
Elizabeth McCaskill, 13f, NC
Harrison McCaskill, 10m, NC
Mary McCaskill, 8f, NC
John McCaskill, 6m, NC
Joseph McCaskill, 3m, NC
William Gay, 50m, farmer, NC
Drucilla Gay, 23, NC

William Bostick, 53m, farmer, NC
Naomi Bostick, 45f, NC
James Bostick, 20m, farmer, NC

James Terry, 32m, overseer, NC
Nancy Terry, 23f, NC

Ditty Weeks, 70f, NC
Mary Bolton, 60f, NC

Wesley Roper, 25m, farmer, NC
Ann Eliza Roper, 17f, NC

Stephen Weeks, 22m, laborer, NC
Mary Weeks, 24f, NC
John Weeks, 6/12m, NC

William Meacham, 42m, farmer, NC
July Meacham, 40f, NC
Jackson Meacham, 18m, farmer, NC
Elizabeth Meacham, 14f, NC
Rebecca Meacham, 12f, NC
William Meacham, 10m, NC
Mary Meacham, 8f, NC
Martha Meacham, 4f, NC

Stephen Baldwin, 55m, laborer, NC
Nancy Baldwin, 55f, NC
Lucy Baldwin, 25f, insane, NC
Jane Baldwin, 14f, insane, NC
Elizabeth Baldwin, 13f, NC
Ann Eliza Baldwin, 2f, NC

Shubel Weeks, 56m, laborer, NC
Nancy Weeks, 53f, NC
William Weeks, 20m, laborer, NC
Shubel Weeks, 17m, laborer, NC
Ann Weeks, 14f, NC
Mary Weeks, 12f, NC
James Weeks, 8m, NC
Daniel Weeks, 6m, NC

William Strother, 50m, laborer, NC
Susan Strother, 50f, NC
Martha Strother, 12f, NC
Esther Strother, 10f, NC
Abner Strother, 8m, NC
William Strother, 6m, NC

Robert Strother, 30m, laborer, NC
Martha Strother, 45f, NC
Clementine Strother, 7f, NC

Thomas Steele, 23m, farmer, NC
William Currie, 35m, overseer, NC

Oliver Dockery, 22m, farmer, NC
Jane Dockery, 19f, NC

James Gay, 26m, overseer, NC

Hampton Wade, 38m, overseer, NC
Ellenoir Wade, 32f, NC
Columbus Wade, 15m, NC
William Wade, 8m, NC
Jane Wade, 6f, NC
Mary Wade, 4f, NC
James Wade, 1m, NC
Jane Wade, 21f, NC

Calvin Brasell, 80m, carpenter, NC
Mary Brasell, 22f, NC
Mary Brasell, 6f, NC
William Brasell, 4m, NC
Benjamin Brasell, 6/12, NC
James Pearl, 33m, carpenter, NC

Sanders McLendon, 45m, laborer, NC
Lydia McLendon 45f, NC
Mary McLendon, 16f, NC
Edward McLendon, 15m, NC
Matilda Johnson, 19f, NC

James Pemberton, 40m, farmer
Martha Pemberton, 7f, NC
Charlotte Pemberton, 4f, NC
John Pemberton, 6/12m, NC
Alexander Dumas, 24m, farmer, NC

Barell Dumas, 40m, farmer, NC
Mary Dumas, 21f, NC
Joseph Dumas, 5m, NC
Zacheriah Dumas, 3m, NC
Unknown Dumas, 4/12m, NC

Elizabeth Dumas, 78f, NC
John Dumas, 20m, overseer, NC

Jo--(illegible) Dumas, 46m, farmer, NC
Emeline Dumas, 38f, NC
Margaret Dumas, 18f, NC
Emeline Dumas, 10f, NC
Sarah Robinson, 65f, SC

Joseph Cox, 34m, farmer, SC
Sarah Cox, 20f, NC
July Cox, 1f, NC

James Legrand, 59m, farmer, NC
Martha Legrand, 46f, NC
Nash Legrand, 14m, NC
Ermine Legrand, 12f, NC
Frances Legrand, 10f, NC
Virginia Legrand, 8f, NC
(? illegible) Homer Legrand, 5m, NC
James Legrand, 3m, NC
Anthony Cross, 50m, overseer, NC

William Legrand, 45m, farmer, NC

Hampton Legrand, 40m, farmer, NC
Henrietta Legrand, 19m, SC

Wade Legrand, 60m, farmer, Virginia
Ermine Legrand, 31f, NC

Morris Kreps, 30m, overseer, NC
Jane Kreps, 25f, NC
Winsey Kreps, 6f, NC
Allen Kreps, 4m, NC
Julia Kreps, 1f, NC

Martha Tomlinson, 57f, NC
Thomas Tomlinson, 24m, farmer, NC
Sarah Tomlinson, 21f, NC

Walter Terry, 37m, physician, NC
Rebeca Terry, 27f, NC
Sarah Terry, 8f, NC

Clinton Lisk, 35m, farmer, NC
Elizabeth Lisk, 56f, NC
Dudley Mask, 22m, laborer, NC
Thomas Mask, 18m, NC

Stanford Hines, 35m, overseer, NC
Betsy Hines, 35f, NC
Abraham Hines, 9m, NC
John Hines, 7m, NC 
Alfred Hines, 5m, NC
Minerva Hines, 5f, NC

William Hatcher, 36m, overser, NC

Joel McLendon, 35m, laborer, NC
Sallie McLendon, 37f, NC

Isaac McLendon, 36m, shingles, NC
Caroline McLendon, 36f, NC
Eliza  McLendon, 14f, NC
Zachariah  McLendon, 12m, NC
Louise McLendon, 8f, NC
Sarah  McLendon, 7f, NC
Frances  McLendon, 5f, NC
John  McLendon, 3m, NC
Isaac McLendon 1m, NC

Presly Stanback, 35m, farmer, NC
Elizabeth Stanback, 33f, NC
Elizabeth Stanback, 11f, NC
Mary Stanback, 9f, NC
George Stanback, 8m, NC
Charlotte Stanback, 6f, NC
William Stanback, 5m, NC
Thomas Stanback, 3m, NC
Presly Stanback, 1m, NC

James Roberson, 40m, farmer, NC
Elizabeth Roberson, 37f, NC
John Roberson, 16m, student, NC
Ellen Roberson 12f, NC
Robert Roberson, 10m, NC
Julius Roberson, 6m, NC
Virginia Roberson, 1f, NC

Thomas Williamson, 21m, overseer, NC

William McLeod, 30m, farmer, NC
Mary McLeod, 32f, NC
Ann McLeod, 1f, NC

Thomas Andres, 26m, merchant, NC
William Andres, 28m, merchant, NC

William Stanback, 25m, farmer, NC
Nicholas McRay, 26m, farmer, NC

Thomas Little, 69m, farmer, England
Elizabeth Little, 55f, NC
John Little, 23m, farmer, NC
Franklin Little, 20, student at law, NC
Jane Little, 17f, NC
Jane Little, 1f, NC
Sarah Little, 7/12, NC
George Dalton, 35m, overseer, NC

John Lassiter, 27m, farmer, NC
Nancy Lassiter, 29f, NC
Richmond Lassiter, 1m, NC

Alexander McInis, 39m, farmer, NC
Jannet McInis, 77f, Scotland
Margaret McInis, 38f, NC
Neil McInis, 47m, farmer, NC

Sween McSween, 50m, farmer, NC
Margaret McSween, 35f, NC
Christian McSween, 34f, NC
Angus McSween, 32, farmer, NC

Brittain Hart, 40m, farmer, NC
Ann Hart, 28f, NC
William Hart, 14m, NC
Edwin Hart, 12m, NC
Jane Hart, 10f, NC
Frances Hart, 8f, NC
John Hart, 1/12m, NC
John Barnes, 18m, laborer, NC

Samuel Currie, 30m, farmer, NC
Frances Currie, 4f, NC
Jane Currie, 1f, NC

Norman McLeod, 39m, farmer, NC
Elizabeth McLeod, 23f, NC
Frances McLeod, 1f, NC
Catherine McLeod, 5/12f, NC
Harriet Mask, 4f, NC

Edward Long, 42m, farmer, NC
Thomas Price, 21m, laborer, NC
Drucilla Yates, 37f, NC

Angus McLeod, 30m, overseer, NC

John Thrower, 37m, carpenter, NC
Saphrone Thrower, 47f, NC
Margaret Thrower, 21f, NC
Jane Thrower, 20f, NC
Norris Thrower, 19m, farmer, NC
Henry Thrower, 16m, laborer, NC
Charles Thrower, 15m, NC
Sophie Thrower, 13f, NC
Mary Thrower, 10f, NC
Stephen Thrower, 8m, NC
John Thrower, 9m, NC

Solomon Bostick, 55m, farmer, NC
Rachel Bostick, 35f, NC
Mary Bostick, 11f, NC
James Bostick, 9m, NC
Sarah Bostick, 8f, NC
Ann Bostick, 6f, NC
Elizabeth Bostick, 4f, NC
Tristram Bostick, 5m, NC
Rebecca Bostick, 1f, NC
Mary Northam, 25f, NC

John McLeod, 48m, farmer, NC
Elizabeth McLeod, 45f, NC
William McLeod, 10m, NC
Archibald McLeod, 5m, NC
Mary Williams, 78f, Scotland

#745 (John Dockery enumerated on September 23, 1850)
John Stewart, 72m, gunsmith, NC
Jennett Stewart, 55f, NC
Mary Stewart, 32f, NC
James Stewart, 30m, farmer, NC
Elizabeth Stewart, 38f, NC
(illegible)Partin Stewart, 21m, laborer, NC

(On September 24, Dockery began enumerating at dwelling #746 in Fairgrounds District.)

#938 (On October 5, 1850 he came back into Black Jack District) 
William Thompson 50m, laborer, NC
Ann Thompson, 25f, NC
George Thompson, 8m, NC
Stephen Thompson, 5m, NC
Margaret Thompson, 4f, NC
Rachel Thompson, 3f, NC 
Moses Thompson, 1m, NC

Mary Covington, 38f, NC
Albert Covington, 17m, NC
Nathan Covington, 16m, NC
Benjamin Covington, 14m, NC
Elizabeth Covington, 11f, NC
William Covington, 8m, NC

Phoebe Thompson, 75f, SC
James Thompson, 30m, seafer??, NC
Catherine Thompson, 9f, NC
Martha Thompson, 2f, NC

Arthur Thompson, 45m, straggler??, NC
Sarah Thompson, 29f, NC
John Thompson, 5m, NC
Patterson Thompson, 4m, deaf & dumb, NC
Joseph Thompson, 3m, NC
Jesse Thompson, 2m, NC

John Thompson, 42m, NC
Lydie Thompson, 46, NC
William Brooks, 8m, NC

William Covington, 48m, farmer, SC
Celia Covington, 32f, NC
Edwin Covington, 20m, farmer, NC
Presley Covington, 19m, farmer, NC
Mary Covington, 17f, NC
John Covington, 10m, NC
Thomas Covington, 6m, NC
William Covington, 1m, NC

Michael Webb, 30m, farmer, NC
Sarah Webb, 30f, NC
Frances Webb, 8f, NC
Leonard Webb, 6m, NC
Nancy Webb, 4f, NC

James McDonald, 30m, farmer, NC

William Webb, 59m, farmer, NC
Jackson Webb, 51m, farmer, NC
Agnes Webb, 47f, NC
Mary Webb, 35f, NC
Lenard Webb, 34m, student
John Hare 18m, mulatto, laborer, NC

Richmond Webb, 36m, farmer, NC
Mary Webb, 32f, NC
Robert Webb, 12m, NC
Jane Webb, 10f, NC
Frances Webb, 8f, NC
Henry Webb, 5m, NC
Mary Webb 1f, NC

Jacob Ford, 47m, farmer, NC
Hannah Ford, 41f, NC
William Ford, 17m, laborer, NC
Mary Ford, 15f, NC
Henry Ford, 13m, NC
John Ford, 11m, NC
Jane Ford 9f, NC
James Ford, 7m, NC
Lewis Ford, 5m, NC
Diseon Ford, 2m, NC

Isaac Mason, 33m, farmer, NC
Jane Mason, 30f, NC
Martha Mason, 13f, NC
Presly Mason, 11m, NC
John Mason 9m, NC
James Mason, 7m, NC
Edmond Mason, 3m, NC
Charles Mason, 6/12m, NC

© Copyright February 9, 2002 by Myrtle N. Bridges

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