For several years Clan Donald USA has been running a y chromosome genetic project of which I am the director. We currently have approximately 150 participants which include not only MacDonalds but also MacEachrens, Buies MacAllisters, MacKeans, MacReynolds and other historic Clan Donald names. We have not only identified the genetic markers of Somerled (who was Norse in descent) and have the markers for ClanRanald, Glengarry and Sleat but we have also identified the gaelic line which I believe is descended from the kindred of Colla Uais whose descendants founded Dal Riada. The more participants who believe the know their descent or who know the location of their emigrant ancestor who participate, the greater the usefulness to current participants.

The cost for a 25 marker test is $171. Sign up at Family Tree DNA on the internet with Donald USA as your group project. This test only works for the pure paternal line so that persons who wish to search their mother's line must arrange for a sample from a male line cousin. Let me know if you have any questions or need help.
Mark MacDonald   May 10, 2004

Submitted by Claiborne "Buddy" McDonald, IV     Posted December 26, 2002 by Myrtle Bridges

My Grandfather Claiborne McDonald Jr.'s father was Rev. Claiborne McDonald was born in Covington county in 
Oct. 21, 1836 d. April 1, 1913. His father Hugh McDonald was born in Richmond County North Carolina . He lived 
in Covington County and Perry County Mississippi and died in 1871 in Perry County.. Hugh was married to Catherine 
McCollum also of Richmond County. When Rev. McDonald was a child he was sent to live with his relatives in North 
Carolina and South Carolina including his Grandfather Angus M(a)cDonald who was born on Skye Scotland about 1767-69 
and died in Richmond County in Dec. 9,1861, at 92 (this is confirmed by a newspaper obit.). He was married once 
we know of to Catherine Buchanan the daughter of William Buchanan a gun maker of some fame in Richmond County. 
Catherine died Sept. 25, 1836 (1856) hard to read, predeceasing Angus.

As a result of estate proceedings we know that the children of Angus and Catherine alive at his birth were:
Hugh McDonald b.1799 d. Nov. 10, 1871, Perry Co. Ms.(married Catharine McCollum)
Neill McDonald b.1800 d. after 1862
William McDonald b. 1802  d. 1880-85 married Margaret McLeod (daughter of Murdock McLeod)
Margaret McDonald McQueen (McQuein) b. 1815, wife of John McQueen b. 1813
John McDonald b.1801 died Dec.31, 1864 Richmond Co. N.C.(married Mary Douglass b. Mar. 18, 1818, Marlborough Co. 
South Carolina d. Feb 25, 1854 Richmond Co. daughter of Duncan Douglass)
Mary McDonald McNeill b. 1810 d. after 1870
(Possibly) Alexander S. McDonald b. 1805/6  d. mar. 21, 1856; ? South Carolina? married Elizabeth McNair

At present we have 3 possible fathers for Angus:
1. Hugh McDonald son of James McDonald. This comes from the booklet published by Ernest and Furman McDonald 
"The McDonald Family of Richmond County" which Myrtle Bridges has posted on the net. It mentions 
Angus as being a son of Hugh. The Hugh and William sons would seem to fit Scots naming patterns. 

The other possibilities are:

2. Malcom McDoanld/McDaniel who was married to Christian Robeson. This lead is from a professional genologist 
Edith Huggins in the 1960s who was hired by my grandfather. She was not certain.

3. Archie Pickering is another relative of mine deceased and he feels that Angus that married Catherine is the 
son of Angus Sr. this is based on land grants, descriptions, and census records. It is possible that an Angus was
left out of the Ernest and Furman McDonald listing. 

If you have data that may help to further this research, please contact Claiborne "Buddy" McDonald 
at his email address at top of this page.. Thanks!

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