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This cemetery is located deep in the woods on property now owned by the family of Landis Seawell Bennett 
in southeastern Montgomery County NC near both the Moore and Richmond county lines.  Landis was my uncle 
and the oldest son of Martin Bennett, son of Stephen Bennett.  The cemetery is near the site of the Stephen 
Bennett homeplace (long since gone) and bricks from the chimney remain scattered in the surrounding woods.  
The best way to see the property and to meet your surviving Bennett and Poole relatives is to attend our 
annual "Walk in the Woods" held the first Saturday in March each year.  Our host are brothers Carroll, 
Mitchell, and O'Neal Bennett.  All three are well along in years but are still active and live nearby.  
Carroll conducts the walk for those physicall able to walk several miles of rough terrain from his 
residence to the cemetery.  The rest of us carpool and we meet them for a picnic lunch at the cemetery 
around noon.  O'Neal prepares a pork barbecue and chicken dumpling supper around 4 PM - around 10.00 a 
head to cover cost of fixins and guests bring their favorite desserts.  The morning assembly point and 
site for the BBQ is at a updated former hunting lodge owned by the brothers and between their properties.  
Very informal with hiking duds for the walkers.  Plan to stay the day as your motel may be quite a ways 
away.  I have been going to this cemetery location all of my life and due to its deep woods location, 
directions would not be practical  as private roads are involved for the last two or three miles.  My 
sister Jane Stuart is the unofficial historian for Martin Bennett's ancestors and descendants.  Martin 
is buried in the Marcus United Presbyterian Church Cemetery with his wife.  We are all descended from 
Cyrus Bennett and there are many of us, with several of our ancestors having been married twice with 
numerous children each time. If you go back into the early 1800's Richmond county records there is 
notice of Cyrus' marriage to wife #1. The Bennetts intermarried with Pooles alon the way (no, our family 
tree does not go straight up) and some Poole descendants also attend.  I will put you in touch with my 
sister Jane who will give you further instructions as the time comes nearer.  
If you are a resident of the area the three Bennett brothers live on Poole Mill Road just after its 
intersection with NC 73 (between West End and Ellerbe).
A. D. Stuart
Grandson of Martin Alexander Bennett
Richmond VA
Myrtle Bridges

Bennett Abigil	5-20-1825	6-28-1862	w/o Stephen Bennett
Bennett	Ashley	No Date	No Date	 
Bennett	B.L.	7-1-1883	1-19-13	 
Bennett	Catherine	6-24-1832	2-16-26	w/o Stephen Bennett
Bennett	Dewey	1895	No date	 
Bennett	E.E.	1862	1904	w/o W.P. Bennett
Bennett	Larence	1890	1916	 
Bennett	Lina C.	12-28-1858	12-4-1897	 
Bennett	M.D.	8-3-1869	8-21-06	 
Bennett	Mittie May	1885	1915	 
Bennett	S.F.	12-10-1865	6-25-1894	MD
Bennett	W.O.	7-19-1874	Dec-06	 
Bennett	W.P.	1855	1913	 
Harris Mary E.	5-23-1885	5-13-1888	d/o George Washington & Lucinda C. Harris
Jenkins	John	9-29-1846	6-10-18	 
Jenkins	Sarah C.	3-2-1864	3-19-33	 w/o John Jenkins
Parish Annie E.	6-25-1860	7-10-09	w/o W.J. Parish
Parish Bertha L.	2-6-01	11-10-10	 
Parish W.J.	1872	11-27-03	 
Poole Atlanta L.	5-19-1889	5-8-17	 
Poole Orren C.	9-29-1886	6-7-1888	s/o C.W. & L.R. Poole
Sturdervant Rosa	1-15-1878	8-20-12	w/o Vance Sturdervant
Bennett	Abigail	6-20-1862	7-2-32	 
Bennett	Stephen	9-9-1822	12-9-1896

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