Surveyed by Woodford Sherrill and Jack Ingram
This cemetary is located on a one acre family plot on Mr. John "Carol" Moss' farm at 316  Old Cheraw Hwy, Rockingham, 
N.C. - 1/2 mile south of Rockingham city limits. The cemetary is well kept with about thirty nice markers. It is located 
about two hundred yards from Mr. Moss' home with easy access by auto.  Wes Long (2002)

Location: 2 1/2 miles southwest of Rockingham. 1/2 mile off highway U.S. #1, on old Steele's Mill-Rockingham dirt road. 
Located southwest of tenant house on old Covington place (now owned by George W. Morse) surrounded by tall pine trees. 
Myrtle Porter Hamer (1938)  

The additional listings and remarks shown in RED are from the Historical Records Survey of North Carolina, 1937-1938 
by Mrs. Myrtle Porter Hamer.

Contact: Myrtle Bridges
Cameron Caroline M.	1822	6/1/1887 
Covington Annie Henagan	1/6/1859	8/6/1896	w/o Calvin Cole Covington.
Covington Benjamin H.	1780	10/15/1827	 
Covington Benjamin H. Jr.	6/20/12	5/13/1866	s/o B.H. & Jane Wall Covington.
Covington Calvin Cole MD	10/15/1807	9/9/1876	s/o Benjamin H. & Jane Wall Covington.
Covington Calvin Cole Jr.	8/24/1849	7/19/18	 s/o Dr. Calvin C. & Rachel Crawford Covington.
Covington Edmund D.	 9/25/1823	 12/25/1845	 
Covington Harrison W.	2/22/1814	9/8/1848	 
Covington Ina Reed	6/24/1880	9/30/1888	d/o James M. & Ella E. Covington.
Covington Infant	5/22/1881	5/23/1881	Child of James M. & Ella E. Covington.
Covington James M.	11/29/1815	9/23/1840	 
Covington Jane Wall	3/12/1794	6/27/1844	w/o Benjamin M. Covington.
Covington John P.W.	7/8/1857	9/23/1867	s/o Dr. Calvin C. & Rachel Crawford Covington.
Covington John W.	7/29/1819	8/29/1858	 
Covington Little Harrie	12/21/1848	10/19/1853	 
Covington Martha H.	11/10/1821	8/29/1840	 
Covington Octavia	3/7/1875	6/8/1875	d/o James M. & Ella E. Covington
Covington Rachel Crawford	5/3/1819  12/1/1881 w/o Dr. Calvin C. Covington. d/o W. & E. Crawford
Covington Robert Ledbetter	10/11/1883	6/14/1885	s/o Calvin C. & Annie Henagan Covington.
Covington Stephen W.	12/17/1817	9/24/1879	 
Covington W.C. MD	11/7/1842	12/30/1876	s/o Dr. Calvin C. & Annie Henagan Covington
Covington Winston W.(H.)		4/12/1805	2/26/1824	 
Covington W.W.	7/26/1847	7/16/1890	MD
Liles Infant	1905	9/10/05	s/o James & Jessie Wade Liles.
Liles Ernest Bruce	10/29/10	2/13/72	WW11 NC F1 US Navy
Liles James Benjamin	9/19/1872	6/1/32	 
Liles Jessie Wade	1/26/1876	11/1/56	d/o James Benjamin Liles.
Little Sarah A.	12/28/1827	12/17/1849	w/o John P. Little d/o Gen. B.M. Covington
McAuly Jimmie	5/18/1875	6/5/1875	s/o A.M. & C.A. McAuly.
Wade Laura E.	2/11/1833	11/19/1898	w/o H.S. Wade.
Covington Callie	1867	No Date

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