Surveyed by Woodford Sherrill and Jack Ingram
From Rockingham, North on US Hwy 1 past the Speedway to Hoffman. Go past the BP station and Caddell Road on the left a short ways 
and turn left on the paved road before the Post Office, which is on the left also.  About one-half mile there is a tan double-wide mobile 
home on the left and a creosote board fence.  Very large barn in distance off to the left.  At the 4-way intersection turn right, Cemetery 
is straight ahead perhaps one-quarter mile.  There is a chain link fence around it and an absolutely huge Magnolia in the center. 
Directions by Amy Caddell Sadler Seitz, Moore Co., NC

Contact: Myrtle Bridges

Bryant Don Melton	 8-15-11	  7-12-77	 
Butler Infant	9-16-39	9-17-39	 s/o H.C. & M.E. Butler
Caddell Infant	12-20-25	12-21-25	s/o Grover C. & Mamie B. Caddell
Caddell	Infant	11-24-24	11-24-24	d/o Grover C. & Mamie B. Caddell
Caddell	Grover C.	4-4-1886	12-19-45	 
Caddell	H. Morris	10-16-22	12-22-71	s/o Grover C. & Mamie B. Caddell
Caddell	Mamie B.	5-10-1895	10-26-27	w/o Dr. Grover C. Caddell
Caddell Christine J.   9-20-1953    8-29-1998
Caddell	Langdon D.	1-29-18	4-9-87	WW11 US Army
Caddell Ruby S. 11-13-1925  4-12-1998   w/o Langdon D. Caddell (same headstone)
Robertson Ella Verna Butler	12-20-1885	12-16-33	w/o Wm. Ernest Robertson
Robertson Ernest Ray	5-4-24	7-14-25	s/o Wm. E. & Ella V. Butler Robertson
Robertson William Ernest	10-21-1876	8-10-59	 h/o Ella Verna Butler

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