Surveyed by Woodford Sherrill and Jack Ingram
This cemetery is located on Grassy Island Road, approximately 8 miles from Ellerbe, approximately one mile 
after passing boating access area. Directions given by Lydia Sides 

Cagle Caroline	1-6-1831	3-14-10	 w/o Branson Cagle.  Mother of Mary
Cagle Eben L.	2-28-1880	1-30-21	 s/o Mary Cagle.
Cagle Mary	1860	10/28/1940	 d/o Branson & Caroline Cagle
Cagle Pearl	3-1-1884	5-11-1939	s/o Mary Cagle
Covington N.T.	1843	7-23-1916

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