Surveyed by Woodford Sherrill and Jack Ingram

This cemetery is located off of highway #1, near Gibson Mill, NC 

The additional listings and remarks shown in RED are from the Historical Records Survey of North Carolina, 1937-1938 
by Mrs. Myrtle Porter Hamer.  Contact: Myrtle Bridges  December 1, 2014
Chance Elijah  ----  ----  No dates given; h/o Harriett Chance
Chance Harriet Gibson	----	----	w/o Elijah Chance
Chance Martin Mason  12-22-1857  9-22-15  s/o Elijah & Harriet Gibson Chance
Chance Tidy L.	1-27-1899	3-23-06  d/o Martin Mason & L.J. Chance
Chance William Warner	----	----	s/o Elijah & Harriet Gibson Chance
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