AMOS CORBETT SMITH   Abt. 1790 - May 22, 1870

There is an excellent history written on Amos Corbett Smith. Written by Elva S. Reynolds in 1986, the book is appropriately titled: "The Tangled Web - The Corbett Smith Story". There is a copy of this book in the Thomas H. Leath library in Rockingham, Richmond County, North Carolina. My own research has provided additional information not included in Elva's book.

" The marriage contract of Amos Corbett Smith and Elizabath Lampley Perkins Smith is posted on the Richmond County site. I thought some researchers might be interested in a little more information on this family." John E. Ussery, Jr.    August 16, 2004.

Myrtle Bridges

Amos Corbett Smith was the illegitimate son of a Corbett man and a Smith Woman.  Amos used the 
Corbett surname until 1855 when he applied for a land grant for his service in the War of 1812.  
The application was denied since at that time, he was required by law to use the surname of his 
mother because of his illegitimacy.  At this time he legally changed his name to Smith. For this 
reason, all of Amos' children have the name of Corbett Smith.   Amos's second wife, Elizabeth 
Lampley Perkins Smith would later apply for a pension based on Amos' service in the War of 1812.  
Through her tireless efforts, the application was approved and also proved the heritage of Amos 
Corbett Smith.  Copies of the various pages of correspondence for this pension application are 
in Elva S. Reynolds' book.

Amos Corbett Smith first married Mary "Polly" Lassiter (1802 - 1852), daughter of Joseph and Mary 
Lassiter.  They had the following known children: 

1.	Marshall Corbett Smith b 1817  - Married Sarah Covington, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth 
Williamson Covington.
2.	Miranda Corbett Smith b 1818 - She was still single in the 1860 census.
3.	William Corbett Smith b. 1821 - Married Elizabeth, a widow of William Lovin
4.	Amos Corbett Smith b. 1826 - Married Ann Cole, daughter of Stephen William Cole, Jr.
5.	Rev. John Corbett Smith b. July 14, 1829 - Married Eliza Jane Perkins, daughter of Jacob and 
Elizabeth Lampley Perkins.
6.	(Unknown) Daughter b. abt 1830
7.	Mary "Polly" Corbett Smith b. 1831 - Married Stephen William Cole, Jr., son of William and 
Nancy Terry Cole, Sr.
8.	Charles Corbett Smith b. 1835 - Married Emiline Richardson

After the death of his first wife Mary Lassiter Smith in 1852, Amos remarried on December 29, 1855 
to Elizabeth Lampley Perkins.  Elizabeth is the daughter of William and Rebecca Crowson Lampley, 
and the widow of Jacob Perkins, Sr,, a son of John Perkins.  The marriage ceremony was performed 
by Rev. Henry H. Crowson, a brother of Elizabeth's mother Rebecca Crowson.  It is not known where 
Amos Corbett and Elizabeth Lampley Perkins Smith are buried.  There is a stone for Amos at the Zion 
United Methodist Church Cemetery placed next to his son William.  It is my understanding that the 
stone was placed there in memory of Amos' service in the War of 1812, but it is possible he is buried 

On December 31, 1856, The Rev. Henry H. Crowson married Amos' son Rev. John Corbett Smith to Eliza 
Jane Perkins, daughter of Jacob Perkins and Elizabeth Lampley Perkins Smith.  So a step-brother 
married his step-sister. 

I hope this information is useful to other researchers.  If you know of or have connections to the 
Lampley family, I would love to hear from you. John E. Ussery, Jr. 

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