Research of   Zelia Cline   February 28, 2006

	Dannie Johnson Humphrey was born 30 June 1906 in Bladen County, NC and died in Cumberland 
County, NC 7 March 1981.  He was the son of Hector B and Della Ann (Graves) Humphrey.  He married 
Nina Williams of Richmond Co.  Nina was the daughter of James Franklin and Sarah Frances (McDougald) 
Williams. Nina died 19 March 1992. They lived at 405 Haywood Ave, Rockingham. Both are buried in 
Richmond Memorial Park, Rockingham, NC.

	Dan's siblings were Charlie H, Nathan C, Eulah, William Walter, Annie Belle, Alma Ruth, and 
Ernest Humphrey.

	Nina's siblings were Mary L, Edna M and James F Williams, Jr.  
	Dan was employed at Hanna Pickett Mills in Rockingham, NC from 5 January 1932 thru 20 December 
1943 as a loom repairman.  He was inducted into the U S Navy Dec 22, 1943 at Spartanburg, SC and was 
discharged at Jacksonville, FL  Dec 6, 1945.  
	When he returned home he operated a gun shop while continuing to work in textiles.  He was 
slim, short, with strawberry blond hair and freckles.  He always had a ready grin.  His wife Nina 
had dark hair and large brown eyes. She was so gracious when we visited as children.  We always 
remember being well fed and having such a good time playing with "Buddy" and Jeanette.

	Their son, Dannie Franklin Humphrey was born in 1936. He married Nellie Ruth Richardson on 
Sept 18, 1955 in Rockingham, NC.  They later moved to Wendell, NC where he is  an heating and air 
conditioning contractor.  He and Nellie have five children all of whom were born in Richmond Co.

Jacqueline Faye was born 21 August 1956.
Susan Danette was born 28 February 1959.
Ellen Ruth was born 27 April 1960.
Dannie Franklin, Jr was born 26 October 1964.
Alicia Kay was born 24 February 1966.

	Dan and Nina's daughter, Jeanette Humphrey was born 7 October 1943. On 23 December 1962, Jeanette 
married James Michael Covington in Wolf Pit Township.

	They have four children including James Michael Covington, Jr, born 24 July 1968 and Kelli Samantha 
Covington, born 16 March 1970.

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