By Zelia H Cline

Joe McLaurin was my mentor and friend in compiling this information. Without his guidance I would never have been able to tell one GIBSON from another. Any mistakes herein are my own. I would welcome any additions and corrections. Please contact me at:
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Nelson Gibson, son of Ziba and Mary Bennett Gibson, married Sarah Williams, the sister of Agnes Williams, 
who married Nelson's brother Thomas Gibson. 

On 8 April 1768 Nelson bought 100 acres of land on Hitchcock Creek for 10 lbs from Thomas Smith. He was 
active in court during July 1782 and 83. A deed from Nat Williams, in 1800 a deed from Moses ? for 50 
acres proved by Nathaniel Gibson, and a bill of sale from Thomas Gibson's estate in 1804. During the 
period 1780-1793 Nelson Gibson has land entries totaling at least 850 acres which gives us proof that 
he was in the area and busy during this time. 
Nelson Gibson served in the Revolutionary War as a private and has been the ancestor proven in several 
DAR applications on file in Washington, DC. His service is listed in  Army accounts and there are pay 
vouchers from Anson, Montgomery and Richmond Counties for various other services provided by Nelson 
Gibson to the patriot cause.  

Nelson Gibson died before July 1823 when his will was probated in court session in Rockingham. He had 
outlived his wife, Sarah (Williams) Gibson. Their children: 
 1 William R Gibson. 
+	2 Nelson Gibson II. 	
+	3 Nathan Gibson.
+	4 Luke Gibson.
    5 Samuel Gibson.
    6 Sarah Gibson.
    7 Nancy Gibson.
    8 Agnes Gibson.

The three brothers, Nelson, Nathan and Luke Gibson each have descendants in this line.  This line is 
very difficult to research because of the multiple times the same name is used as well as the many 
marriages between cousins.

Nelson Gibson II Nelson Gibson II was born c1774 and died c1842. He was the son of Nelson Gibson I and his wife Sarah (Williams) Gibson. Nelson Gibson II married Rutha Dawkins, daughter of Samuel Dawkins and grandaughter of Richard Dawkins. Rutha was born c1778 and died c1852. Their children: l William Gibson. 2 Mary Gibson. 3 Jane Gibson. 4 Elizabeth Gibson. 5 Sarah Gibson. 6 Nancy Gibson. + 7 Rachel Gibson 8 Rainey Gibson. 9 Samuel J Gibson. 10 Thomas Nelson Gibson.
Nathan Gibson Nathan Gibson was born c1777, the son of Nelson Gibson I and his wife Sarah (Williams) Gibson. It is not known who his wife was. He had at least one child: William Gibson.
William Gibson William Gibson, son of Nathan Gibson died c1846. He first married Sarah Smith and they had one child: 1 Nathan Gibson was born 27 June 1796 and died 23 July 1857. He married Martha O'Brien. He is buried in Old Hickory cemetery. William Gibson married 2nd Mary Dawkins, the daughter of John and Agnes Dawkins and granddaughter of Richard Dawkins. Mary was born c1795 and was in the 1850 census of Richmond County at age 55 living with son Starling Gibson. Their children: +l Daniel White Gibson. 2 Henry Gibson married Martha Lovin. 3 John K Gibson was born 19 April 1808 and died 19 August 1854. He married 1st Elizabeth Watson and 2nd Margaret Watson. 4 William R Gibson was born 1810-12 and married Jane Terry. 5 Samuel Gibson married Sarah Watson 20 December 1852. 6 Brazell Gibson was born c1820 and married Isabell Henry. Their children were William and Robert Gibson. 7 Starling Fields Gibson was born 3 January 1822 and died 4 April 1881. He married Mary Alice Lovin and is buried in Old Hickory Cemetery near Ellerbe. 8 James S Gibson on 12 September 1854 married his cousin Ann Gibson. She was the daughter of Thomas Nelson Gibson and his 1st wife Martha Smith. 9 Agnes Gibson married Dempsey Gibson son of Luke Gibson. 10 Sally Gibson married Nathan Gibson. 11 Mary Gibson married Dennis O'Brien. 12 Frances Gibson married Captain Hugh McLean. 13 Nannie Gibson married Wiley Gibson. 13 Aaron Gibson married Jane Freeman 21 December 1853.
DAWKINS FAMILY The Dawkins family have multi-marriages with this Gibson line including, Mary Dawkins, daughter of John S Dawkins, grand daughter of Richard Dawkins, married William Gibson, son of Nathan Gibson, grandson of Nelson Gibson I. Samuel Dawkins, son of Richard Dawkins, was the father of both Rutha Dawkins, who married Nelson Gibson II and John Dawkins, whose son Wyatt is the father of Frances Dawkins, who married Nelson G Terry. Rutha's daughter Rachel married Champ J Terry, father of Nelson G Terry.
LUKE GIBSON Luke Gibson, son of Nelson I and Sarah Williams was born c1778 and died in June 1854. There is a purchase record in the Ussery cabinetmaker accounts that on the 17th June 1854 a fine coffin was sold for Luke Gibson deceased. The price was $6.00. Luke 1st married ? Pittman and 2nd married Elizabeth J Terry, daughter of John W and Nancy Terry. They are buried at Old Segnor and Ford cemetery. Luke's children:; 1 Wiley Gibson was born 14 April 1809. 2 Dempsey Gibson was born 25 August 1810. 3 Nancy Gibson was born 16 December 1811 and married Benjamin Chance. 4 Elizabeth Gibson was born 1 June 1814 and married Temple Terry. *5 Eli T Gibson was born 24 March 1817 and married Elizabeth P Terry. (More at bottom of page about Eli and Elizabeth.) 6 Sarah Jane Gibson was born 17 July 1819 and married John Hampton Covington. 7 Nelson W Gibson was born 20 April 1825 and on l6 April 1850 married Ann W Gibson. + 8 Harriet Gibson was born 22 September 1826 and on March 1850 married Daniel White Gibson, son of William Gibson and grandson of Nathan Gibson.
DANIEL WHITE GIBSON Daniel White Gibson, son of William and Mary (Dawkins) Gibson and grandson of Nathan Gibson was born in November 1824. On 26 May 1850 he married Harriet Gibson, youngest daughter of Luke Gibson and his wife Elizabeth J Terry, daughter of John W Terry. Luke and Nathan Gibson were brothers. In 1850 Richmond census, Fairground Dist #786, Daniel is listed as 25, a miller, and Harriet, his wife, is 26. In 1900 census they are listed as age 74 and 75 living with Calvin W Gibson, their youngest son. Daniel W Gibson served in the NC Confederate Militia in the 61st Regiment, 15th Brigade, Richmond County. Daniel and Harriet Gibson's children were: 1 Robert T Gibson was born c1851 and died c1905. His children are listed in Scotland County, NC loose estate papers as: Milton Octavius (d 28 February 1950), Norella, Robert Tracy. 2 Elizabeth Gibson was born c1853. 3 Luke S Gibson, Jr. was born 11 August 1855 and died 6 November 1912. In 1920 census Luke was age 68, Mary 56, Mary Jane 29, Annie 27, Ruth 25, Luke 23, and Robert R, 21. 4 William G Gibson was born in October 1856. On 6 January 1889 he married ?Mary Lou Mason?. 5 Mary Gibson was born 25 June 1861 and died 20 February 1922. She married 1st B E Moore and 2nd ?Breeden?. 6 Elijah Gibson was born c1862. 7 Elisha Gibson was born 25 March 1862. + 8 Calvin White Gibson.
RACHEL GIBSON Rachel Gibson, daughter of Nelson II and Rutha Dawkins Gibson was born 8 October 1810 and died c1873. On 24 August 1828 Rachel Gibson married Champ Jernigan Terry. Champ was the son of James Terry and his wife, June Jernigan. Champ was born 21 September 1803 and died by 1860. Their children: 1 Harris Gibson Terry was born 29 October 1829 and died 19 January 1882. On 11 November 1854 he married Sarah J Covington and 2nd on 30 January 1864 he married Mary Alice Jane Long. He was a deputy Sheriff of Richmond County. + 2 Nelson Gibson Terry. 3 Thomas Gibson Terry was born 15 February 1839. 4 Richmond Gibson Terry was born c1842 and died 20 Sept 1895. 5 Champ Gibson Terry was born c1843 and died c1860. 6 John Gibson Terry was born 8 September 1845 and died 15 July 1909. On 30 January 1870 he married Dinah (Sina) Terry at the home of John C Terry. 7 Rachel Ann Terry was born c1847. 8 William Gibson Terry was born 21 January 1849 and died 28 November 1915. He married Martha J Bolton. 9 Virginia Terry married John H Kirkman on 25 December 1873. They lived in Greensboro, NC.
NELSON GIBSON TERRY Nelson Gibson Terry was born 19 February 1834 and died 12 April 1901. In c1865 he married his 2nd cousin Frances Dawkins, daughter of Wyatt Dawkins and Mary (Watson) Dawkins. Their parents, Wyatt Dawkins and Rachel Gibson were 1st cousins. Frances (Fannie) was born 18 September 1844 and died 25 September 1907. Nelson and Fannie (Dawkins) Terry are buried in Champ J Terry Cemetery in Roberdel. Their children were: 1 Champ Jernigan Terry was born 24 January 1866 and died 4 May 1926. He married Cora Bounds who was born 15th February 1872 and died 22nd June 1931. + 2 Mary Ann Terry. 3 Rachel Terry was born 25 December 1870 and died 25 January 1932. She married James K Watson. 4 Frances Terry was born 26 October 1874 and died 8 February 1940. 5 Flora Terry was born 16 September 1877 and died in October 1959. 6 Nettie Terry was born 5 November 1879 and died 29 November 1918.
MARY ANN TERRY Mary Ann Terry was born 12 September 1869 and died 27 March 1940. On 2nd February 1888 she married Calvin White Gibson, son of Daniel White Gibson and Harriet Gibson. Calvin W Gibson was born 24 August 1864 and died 28 September 1940. They are buried in Champ Terry Cemetery in Roberdel. Their children were: 1 Nathan A Gibson was born 11 July 1889 and died 15 March 1939. 2 Roberta G Gibson was born 8 November 1890. She married Charlie Covington. She was Postmaster of Roberdel. 3 Johnsie F Gibson was born 13 September 1893 and died 24 December 1967. 4 Nellie G Gibison was born 30 November 1894 and died 25 November 1969. She married Steve Kanaris. 5 Harriet Gibson was born 22 September 1897 and died 25 November 1965. 6 Mary Ann Gibson was born 13 March 1899 and died 18 November 1990 in Miami, FL. She married Steve Gentry. They are buried in Sumter, SC. + 7 Dora Harding Gibson. 8 Elisha Calvin Gibson was born 10 May 1906 and died 5 March 1987. He married Annie May Smith. 9 Beatrice Lula Gibson was born 21 December 1903 and died 14 November 1999 in Maxton, NC. She was a schoolteacher. She married Roland Seals. 10 Daniel Nelson Gibson was born 6 September 1909 and died 9 May 1972.

James Floyd Gibson (1895-1974) and Dora Harding (Gibson) Gibson (1901-1993).
Dora H Gibson was born 26 October 1901 in Richmond County, NC 
and died 6 April 1993 in Mecklenburg County, NC.  On 23 August 
1924 she married James Floyd Gibson, son of Stephen Covington 
Gibson and Orilla Buck Tunstall. James Floyd was born 15 November 
1895 and died 27 December 1974 in Richmond County, NC.  He operated 
the Gibson Hardware Store in Hamlet. 
Their children:  1 stillborn  daughter 28 September 1927.
	             2 Stacy Floyd Gibson Sr.

This marriage joins a line of descendants of Thomas Gibson and his 
brother Nelson Gibson who were progenitors of the Gibson line in 
Richmond County, NC.

* Temporary Notice to Researchers
Eli Terry Gibson [son of Luke Gibson and Elizabeth J Terry] was born 
March 24, 1817 in Richmond Co and died October 1, 1892 in Kemper, MS.  
He married Elizabeth P Terry October 31, 1841 in Richmond Co, NC.  
Elizabeth was born 6 June 1825 in Richmond Co, NC.

  Children of Eli and Elizabeth Terry Gibson are:

Sarah Jane Gibson was born Dec 18, 1842 in Richmond Co, NC
Mary Ann Gibson was born March 14, 1844 in Richmond Co, NC
Martin William Gibson was born June 11, 1846 in Kemper MS
Edmund D Gibson was born June 1, 1848 in Kemper, MS.
Elizabeth Terry Gibson was born January 21, 1850.
Eli Terry Gibson, Jr was born March 10, 1852.
Emily Roxanna Gibson was born January 1, 1855.
John Terry Gibson was born November 23, 1856.
Philemon Gully Gibson was born May 10, 1860.
Frances T Gibson was born September 24, 1862.
Ellen P Gibson was born April 28, 1865.
James Cornelius Gibson was born October 19, 1867.

END NOTES Richmond County Register of Deeds, Rockingham, NC. Revolutionary Pensions A Transcript List of the US for 1813 (Baltimore, 1994, Genealogy Publishing Company, reprint) p 42. NC State Archives, "Revolutionary Army Accounts", Vol IX, p 98, f1, Entry #8. Will of Nelson Gibson, Clerk of Court Richmond County, NC, Probate July 1823, Book I, p 238-40. Will of Nelson Gibson, II, Clerk of Court's Office, Richmond County, NC. Joe McLaurin, Richmond County Record August 1994, Issue #18 p 337. Stephen Bradley, NC Militia 1861-65 from the Secretary of State's Office of NC. IGI microfische from LDS. Honeycutt, James E and Ida C, History of Richmond County, NC (Raleigh Edward & Broughton , 1980 2nd edition) WPA listing, NC Archives,Raleigh, NC The Champ J Terry cemetery is located in Roberdel on property that once belonged to this family. Many of the family members are buried here. The home place of Calvin White Gibson was nearby. Bible Records of Dora H Gibson. She lists all the family births, deaths, marriages.

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