(Sometimes called GIBSON-BARRINGTON Cemetery)
Surveyed by Woodford Sherrill and Jack Ingram

Take #381 south of Hamlet, turn left on Grace Chapel Church Rd., then turn right on Eddies Lane.  The cemetery is 
on the left inside the land owned by a business, and behind a chain link fence.  The cemetery can only be accessed 
during regular business hours.  The cemetery itself is inside another chain link fence.  The business cleans the 
cemetery periodically. Sandra Elliott  5-21-2012   Contact: Myrtle Bridges

Barrington Henry J. 	9/27/1868	1/30/1889	 
Barrington J.E. 	10/6/1861	3/18/04	 
Barrington Mary Maude	7/4/1838	5/25/1890	d/o L.W. & Rebecca J. Barrington.
Gibson Norman Infant died at birth  1892 - 1892  s/o W.L. & Effie J. Gibson.
Gibson J. Preston	9/18/08	10/17/10	s/o W.L. & Effie J. Gibson.
Gibson John Wesley	12/25/1841	9/23/18
Gibson Lucy 	10/12/1862	6/8/45		 
Gibson Matilda	8/22/1865	9/10/1876	d/o Noah H. & Nancy J. Gibson.
Gibson Nancy J.	 June 17, 1827	October 08, 1906  w/o Rev. Noah H. Gibson.
Gibson Nancy M.	11/22/1900	4/30/1901	d/o S.T. & A. J. Gibson.
Gibson Noah H. Rev. 	12/30/1832	7/18/11	 
Gibson Norman	12/20/1885	7/1/1887	s/o Robert & Lizzie Gibson.
Gibson Norman Larence	2/16/1893	5/28/09	s/o S.T. & Annie J. Gibson.
Gibson Ralph	3/10/1898	6/12/01	s/o S.T. & Annie J. Gibson
Gibson Sarah	10/17/1870	10/2/1871	d/o Rev. Noah H. & Nancy J. Gibson.
Gibson Stephen T.	11/14/1857	7/18/01	s/o Rev. Noah H. & Nancy J. Gibson.
Gibson Mack	 2/25/57	No Date	s/o Andrew & Annie Gibson

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