Surveyed by Woodford Sherrill and Jack Ingram
Leaving hwy 731 at Pekin towards Rockingham, Through xway..Last road on right Or Go to 73 turn around 
first left.Aprox 1/2 to 1 mile on left is a old community bld.Past about 200 yrds on left theres a logging 
road with a cable.Look up to top of the hill theres some tall trees. Aprox 200 yards.Where the road turns 
hard left theres some saw grass real thick in the corner.You have to almost trip on the stones as 
they are hidden in the weeds. If I can be of help I'll be glad to show 
anyone the whereabouts.  William Roy Harris

Bradshaw J.W.	7-6-1876	10-6-1918	 
Hadley Alfred	6-11-1839	1-8-1920	h/o Catherine Cheek
Hadley Catherine Cheek	4-8-1839	1-10-1916	w/o Alfred Hadley

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