Surveyed by Woodford Sherrill and Jack Ingram
The cemetery is located on West City Ave. (U.S. Hwy 1) about 7 miles southwest of Aberdeen, N.C. just past 
the town of Pine Bluff and over Drowning Creek bridge just before Special Forces Way.  It is tucked behind 
a nursery business and can't be seen from the road.  The exact GPS coordinates of the driveway entrance to 
the nursery in front of the cemetery are 35.058737  -79.495465 
Info. shared by Mike Good and Marjorie Prevatt

The additional listings and remarks shown in RED are from the Historical Records Survey of North Carolina, 1937-1938 
by Mrs. Myrtle Porter Hamer.  Contact: Myrtle Bridges  December 1, 2014

Hailey Sallie	No Date - OCT 28 1945 	w/o J.L. Hailey   m/o Winnie Hailey Tyner   
Hailey Silvester	3/30/1917	2/2/1919	s/o J.L. & Sallie Tyner Hailey
Tyner Ethel J.	12/5/12	4/3/1925	d/o John Calvin & Pearl A. Wilkes Tyner
Tyner Gaston D.	1886-1943  s/o James B. Tyner & Sarah Blue  h/o Mattie Lou Blue (1886-1946, dau William Malcolm Blue)
Tyner James B.  1853-1940  s/o James Tyner 1825-1865 & Juliann Council, b. Robeson County, NC h/o Sarah Ann Blue (Jun 8, 1849-Oct 11, 1903), abt. 1873
(dau. of Archibald Blue 1805-1865 & Mary McPherson 1810-, Richmond County, NC
Tyner James B.	10/15/1874	2/22/36	 s/o James B. Tyner & Sarah Blue Tyner b. Richmond Co.  h/o Winnie Hailey (not buried here)
Tyner James W.	Jul 6 1919-OCT 13 1943	WW11 NC Pfc 135th Infantry US Army  24 yr. old son of James B. Tyner and Willie Hailey
Tyner John Calvin	6/1882	3/9/80	s/o James B. Tyner & Sarah Blue Tyner
Tyner Pearl A.	10/13/1889	12/10/21	w/o John Calvin Tyner 
Tyner Mattie Lou 	1890	1946	 
Tyner Sarah A.	6/8/1849	10/11/03	 
Tyner Walter N. 	7/4/1903	11/7/1961  s/o Alexander Tyner, (brother of James B. 1853-1940)& Annie McDougald (1851-1941)
Tyner Robert Davis  Aug 9 1912-Sep 7, 2001   s/o James B. Tyner & Winnie Hailey. 

Memorial markers for three brothers who did not survive the Civil War. From what I can find out, they were placed in the Cemetery in 1970.
All are sons of Benjamin Tyner/Tiner 1790-1883 & Ada Whisenant 1789-1850  Robeson County, my 3rd Great Grand Parents. Marjorie Prevatt

Benjamin Tyner/Tiner III   CO F   3 NC INF   CSA   Nov 19 1828 - Aug 1862
James Tyner/Tiner   CO E   52 NC INF   CSA   1825 - Mar 13 1865
William Tyner/Tiner   CO F INF   CSA   1820 - July 18 1864

Other Unmarked Graves

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