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"I have worked real hard on the Donaldson line. It is certainly not complete since I still have not found two of John & Sarah's children (Peter & William), plus, have not discovered who Sarah was before her marriage, but I have so much on John Donaldson, that if his other children's decendants ever come along, they will have something to work with. Plus the other names that accompany this work may help someone."  Joanne.

John Donaldson, baptized on Nov 23, 1745, NEWCASTLE ALL SAINTS CHURCH,
Father John, no mention of mother.From Northumbria, England

Born in England 1745 (Source: THE SOUTH CAROLINA HISTORICAL AND GENEALOGICAL MAGAZINE, July 1901, vol. 2, 
No. 3.--SC Archives report Nov. '99) Source of birth:  Rev. War records

John Donaldson mentioned in the Ledger book of Ely Kershaw & Co. of the Cheraw Dist., first in 1772, in the 
ledger book among the inventory of sundries sent to Chatham, "A trunk Belonging to Mr. Donaldson & a
Portmanteau Mr. Woodmasons".  Then, in April, 1773, "a trunk and 2 cases for Mr. Jno. Donaldson" (I purchased 
a copy of the ledger  from the SC Historical Soc.)

1773, Aug. 6, buys land from William Russ (220 acres /Mentions that Donaldson  is a store keeper of Craven Co., 
SC) Land is located on the south west side of Great PeeDee in the county of Anson, on the mouth of Barber's
Creek. Deed proved in Anson Co. Oct. Court 1774, proved by oath of Ely Kershaw, in the presence of Ely Kersahw, 
Isaac Ross and Francis Boykin. (According to an Anson Co. Deed Bk 4, page 164, this land was later  sold by
Donaldson's widow, Sarah and her second husband,  Daniel   Hicks to Charles Sparks in June of 1783.)

Land Purchases by John Donaldson: Anson Co. Deed Bk K, pages 297-300, 1774 March 16, buys 100 acres from 
Thomas Dickson. 1774, April 29, buys 100 acres from Stephen Jackson One source of the land transactions of J. 
Donaldson can be found in "Anson Co, NC. Abstracts of Early Records" by McBee, page 95

Also found on page 138, "Anson Co.,NC Abstracts of Early Records", ....Oct 23, 1779, Law passed in H.C. 
dividing Anson Co., Richmond Co. created. Commissioners: Henry Wm . Harrinton, John Donaldson, Wm Legate, 
John Coal, Robet Wells, Robert Thomas, and Richard Pemberton, Esquires and comm. to erect court house, prison 
and stocks.

1775,  On a list of men elected as church officers for St. David's Parish, but name was stricken.  Had already 
started buying land in Richmond Co., NC on the border with SC
1774, April 11, 1774, buys land from Wm. Benson, 150 acres, 1774, Sept 17, land conveyed to J. Donaldson, 
Merchant, by Morgan Brown, Sr. & Elizabeth his wife containing 300 acres, beginning at a stake that divides 
North Carolina and South Carolina, in the Co. of Anson for 75 pounds on the east side of the Pee Dee River
1779, Jan 13,  400 acres 1779, Jan 13, 100 acres from Morgan Brown, Jr., NE. side of P.D, and on both sides of 
Mark's Creek.  1779--June 22, and then runs north to and with the Mill tract- thence east on the line of the 
400 acre tract to a pine, etc. also part of a tract of 400 acres from M. Brown, Sr., & wife, Eliz.

A total of seven tracts of land sold by Sarah Hicks in 1789 to Joseph Kershaw  for 1400 pounds sterling (due 
the estate of Eli Kershaw) that John Donaldson originally bought:  (1750 acres)
John Donaldson was 1st Lt. in 2nd Regiment of Horse Rangers, (1775), under Capt. Samuel Wise and Col. 

1775, June 17th, Commissioned the 18th. 1st Lieutenant 3rd , S.C. , ; Capt. 16 May, 1776,  (Source :"
Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army during the War of the Rev April, 1775-Dec. 1783"., 
by Francis B. Heitman, pub. 1982, reprint of  1914)

Enlisted in Rev. War April 2, 1776, 5th SC Regt.  (on record at National Archives/copy in files here)
Became Col. of Militia after moving to NC.( 5th SC Regt.) This Regt. was later renumbered the 3rd.

In some Colonial books at the Archives, J. Donaldson was a member of the Second Assembly/Congress (prior to 
the Declaration of Independence) for SC. The British Govt. had collapsed prior to 1776 and the South Carolinians 
put together a governmental body consisting of elected members from the various districts.  John Donaldson 
represented St. David's.
In his pension application, John McCutchen mentioned that after repelling the British during the Rev. War, 
he contracted an illness and was sent to a hospital in Charleston and  then was sent for by Col Thompson.  He 
was carried by wagon to Camden by John Donaldson and Eli Kershaw, both Capt. in the Continental Army.  His 
pension approved 1834.  McCutchen died in Jackson Co., Ala in Jan 1835.  Sent to me by Larry Mc.
Also went to http://www.rootsweb.com/~usgenweb/ussearch.htm and entered "Donaldson" and started going 
through archived files which contain the name and came across the following:

                      Application of William Ricketts

           With affidavits of Charles Hinson and William Jarman.

  (from National Archives pension application file S9078 [North Carolina])

State of North Carolina  }      October Session 1833
        Anson County     }
On this 16 day of October 1833 personally appeared in open Court before
the worshipful Court of Pleas and Quarter Sesions now sitting William
Ricketts a resident of the County and State aforesaid aged 85 years a
soldier of the Revolution who being first duly sworn according to law
doth on his Oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the
benefits of the act of Congress passed June 7th 1832.
     I enlisted in the County of Anson State of North Carolina the month of
December 1775 for eighteen months under Captain John Donaldson, Col.
Thomson's Regiment and was marched to Cherau and Campden So Carolina and
from thence to the 10 mile house near Charleston thence to Sullivan's
Island where we were stationed when it was beseiged by the British under
Sir Henry Clinton and Sir P. Parker in June 1776 and continued until the
enemy left the Coast when there appeared to be no further use for us at
that place. I was then ordered back to Charleston and was marched to
Campden and Columbia So Carolina and from thence to Savanah State of
Georgia thence to Altamahaw River to St Tilla[?] to St Mary's and to St
John's against the Indians then counter marched to Altamahaw River where
I was stationed for some time. took some Indian prisoners and brought
them to Savanah. I was from thence marched to the 10 mile house near
Charleston So Carolina where I was discharged by Col. William Thomson on
the 1st day of June 1777 having served out the term for which I enlisted
of eighteen months. (http://searches.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/ifetch2?/u1/data/nc+index+94921969+F)
1779 buys a Negro wench named Jude aged about 25 yrs and a quantity of inch plank for 500 current money .

1779, February, Montgomery County was formed from the northern part of Anson and in October of the same year, 
Richmond County was organized from the section east of the Pee Dee. 1779-John Donaldson -Was the first 
appointed sheriff of the newly created Richmond Co., NC (from Anson Co.) until an election was held 1779

1779, 12/27, John Donaldson present at first meeting of the Richmond Co. Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions; 
John D. was appointed first  Richmond Co. sheriff and served until Ed Williams became first elected sheriff.

1780, Dec. Qualified as administrator of estate of Nicholas Stone.

Source: NO ORDINARY LIVES: Will of John Donaldson written June 2, 1780, probated Dec. 17, 1781 (Birthdate of 
1745 would make him only 35 yrs. old at death.) Recorded in Richmond Co.,NC  Courthouse, Rockingham, NC

Wife, Sarah, remarries Daniel Hicks

Children mentioned in will:  John, Peter, William

   In the name of God Amen.  I John Donaldson of Anson County North
Carolina, Planter being of sound and disposing mind and memory do constitute
this my last will and testament and desire it may be received by all as
such.  first, I most humbly bequeath my soul to God my maker beseeching His
most gracious acceptance of it.  I give my body to the earth from whence it
was taken in full asurance of its resurectiion from thence at the last day
as for my burial I desire it may be decent without pomp or state at the
direction of my dear sife and my Executors.  As to my worldly estate I will
and positively order that my debts be paid.  After my lawful debts is paid I
give bequeath and order that all my estate real and personal be equally
divided between y beloved wife Sarah Donalson and my three son (viz John
Donalson Peter Donaldson & William Donaldson) . As to my wife Sarah
Donalson's part She is to hold it or posess it during her natural life at
the expiration of which her part is to be equally divided between my three
sons, John, Peter, & William Donaldson.  I do also appoint my good friends
Missuers  Ely Kershaw and Duke Gleen Esquire as my excutors with my wife
Sarah Donaldson, whom I appoint as exeutrix.  They the above Executors and
Executrix are hereby ordered and required to pay all my lawful debts and to
sue for all debts due my estate and that they make titles for lands to the
amount of my lawful debts at the expense of my estate.  In witness where of
I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 2nd day of June, One thousand and
Seven hundred & 80.
                                                               (signed) John
Donaldson (seal)
Signed , Sealed and delivered in presence of us, Poindexter Tuloch, John
 Richmond County, December Court 1781, The last will and testament  of John
Donaldson dec'd of said Co. was proven in open court by the oath of John
Jones, Esq. and that he saw the other subscribing witnesses assign the same.
Wm. Love, Clk
1786:  Daniel Hicks & wife, to Joseph Kershaw, Camden, (Richmond Co. Deed BK B, p. 319-325) mentions 
Sarah Hicks, wife of said Hicks and Executrix to the estate of the deceased John Donaldson of the county of 
Richmond and state of North Carolina 1400 pounds sterling due the estate of Eli Kershaw & Kershaw, Chesnut & 
Company, do sell 1750 acres of land  N.E. side of Pee Dee /seven tracts of land known as Brown's Mill and 
Brown's plantation lying in Richmond Co.NC granted to John Donaldson Jan. 13, 1779 , near "Mark's Creek".

226. Ely Kershaw RWV was born about 1743 in Sowerby, West Riding, Yorkshire, England. He died Dec 1780 in 
Enroute, to Bermuda, under exile. Ely married Mary Cantey on 19 Nov 1769 in Camden, Camden District, SC.  
(Kershaw was a merchant in Cheraw Dist before the war.  He was listed in the above will of John Donaldson as 
"Kershaw and Donaldson were close in age, and had a lot in common as well. They were both from 
the northeastern  part of England, and might have even known each other at an earlier time.  He may have even 
worked for the Kershaw Co. over there and purchased supplies for them.  There is no telling."    Joanne

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