Originals donated to the North Carolina Department of Archives and History, Raleigh, N.C.

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John D. Cameron of Rockingham NC and Lelia Fowlkes of Rockingham were united in in the Bonds of Holy Matrimony at the residence of Lelia Fowlkes on the 5th day of February in the year of our Lord, 1905. In the presence of Thomas L. McRae and several others by the Revs. John Hall and Coffredge. Edwin D. Wilburn Sr. grandfather of Lelia W. Fowlkes died Feb. 14th, 1898 in Rockingham, NC. Born Feb. 19th, 1819. Araminta G. Wilburn, grandmother of Lelia W. Fowlkes died Jan. 2nd, 1905 in Rockingham, NC. Born Jan. 11th 1823. Willie M. Fowlkes was born in Fayetteville, NC June 17th, 1856. Lelia M. Wilburn was born in Rockingham, NC May 12th 1869. Minta Borden Fowlkes, first child of Dr. Willie M. Fowlkes was born in Rockingham, NC Feb. 2nd 1891. E. Wilburn and Willie M. Fowlkes, 2nd children of Dr. WM Fowlkes & LW Fowlkes was born in Rockingham, NC, April 3rd 1892. Hunter McGuire was born in Rockingham, NC, July 15th 1894. His twin brother died at birth. MARRIAGES
Hunter Mc Guire Fowlkes, son of Lelia W. and W.M. Fowlkes Sr. & Martha Braswell of Union City, GA were married. Dr. Willie M. Fowlkes and Lelia M. Wilburn were married Sept. 11th, 1889 in Richmond VA "at home". Lelia Wilburn Fowlkes and John Duncan Cameron were married Feb. 5th 1905 in Rockingham, N.C. at home. Minta Borden Fowlkes, daughter of L.W. & W.M. Fowlkes Sr. was married to Henry Maurice Purvis of Hamlet, N.C. Dec 12th 1911. Rockingham, N.C. Lucy Blake Fowlkes, daughter of W.M. Fowlkes & L.W. Fowlkes was married to John Watts of Cheraw, S.C. April 30th 1918. James Covington Wilburn, oldest brother of Lelia Fowlkes Cameron died Sept. 6th 1909. Born May 16th 1871. Born to Minta Fowlkes and Henry Maurice Purvis, a daughter, Lelia Cameron Purvis. Sept. 8th 1912. John Watts, husband of Lucy Blake Fowlkes Watts, died of Influenza. Dec 6th 1918 in Rockingham, N.C. Born to Wm. M. Fowlkes & Lula Rowe Fowlkes, a son, William M. Fowlkes Jr. Nov. 22nd 1919. Born to Wm. M. Fowlkes & Lula Rowe Fowlkes, a daughter, Lula Cameron, April 8th 1922. Edward Davenport Wilburn, 2nd brother of Lelia Fowlkes Cameron died in Washington City, Oct 30th 1924. Born Jan 12th, 1873. Sam H. Wilburn, 3rd brother of Lelia F. Cameron died in Richmond VA, April, 1930. Born Aug. 5th, 1876. DEATHS
Our precious little Wilburn died June 14th, 1893. Aged 13 months and 14 days. Twin brother of Hunter McG Fowlkes died at birth, July 18th 1894. Dr. William Morton Fowlkes Sr.… Our home made desolate at the loss of my beloved husband March 16th 1899 aged 42 years and 9 months. Born June 17th 1856. Our precious Angel Mother died Sunday Dec. 27th, 1903- 1.3 o'clock- Melia A Wilburn (mother of Lelia Fowlkes Cameron) Born March 2nd 1844-age 59 years. A precious one from us has gone…. (illegible)..we loved is still…..place is vacant in our home….(page torn) MARRIAGES (continued) William M. Fowlkes Jr. son of W. M. and L.W. Fowlkes was married to Lula Rowe of New Bern, N.C. Jan 12th-1919, Norfolk, VA. Lucy Fowlkes Watts-daughter of Lelia Fowlkes Cameron & Wm. M. Fowlkes was married to J. McCrea French of Atlanta, GA, August 20th 1925 at Waycross, GA. James Croom Fowlkes, son of Lelia Fowlkes Cameron and Wm. M. Fowlkes (decd) was married to Rebecca Haywood of Rockingham, N.C. Oct 11th 1925- in Rockingham, by Rev. A. McCullen. Born to Lucy Watts French and J. McCrea French a daughter, Jan 20th 1927, Lucy Watts French. (At Rex Hospital) Raleigh, N.C. Born to Rebecca H. and J.C. Fowlkes a daughter, Nov. 1st 1929 at Hospital in Bennettsville, S.C. named Rebecca Ann Fowlkes. Lelia Fowlkes Cameron, daughter of Lelia F. & John D. Cameron was married to Boyd Gasque of Rockingham, N.C. Born to Lelia & Boyd R. Gasque, a daughter, Martha Johnson Gasque. Dec. 13th 1927. Minne Bright Wilburn, only sister of Lelia Fowlkes Cameron was born Oct. 7th-1883 (Richmond VA) was married to Thomas L. McRae, Nov. 28th 1905 in Rockingham, N.C. Lucy Blake Fowlkes was born Jan 28th, 1896 in Rockingham, N.C. James Croom Fowlkes was born in Rockingham, N.C., Feb. 28th, 1898. Harry Wilburn Fowlkes was born November Eleventh, 1899. John Duncan Cameron was born Dec 20 1868, Laurinburg, N.C. Wm. L.E. Wilburn, Father of Lelia Fowlkes Cameron died Jan 10th 1909 in Rockingham, N.C. Born Feb 6th 1847. MISCELLANEOUS ENTRIES
I quit Smoking April 22nd 1915 on Thursday night at 9:30 o'clock "Pretty Night" "I have quit" "Nuf ced" Jim. Harry Wilburn Fowlkes, June 16th 1914, on Tues. night. Rockingham, NC. I went to Hamlet to work with Willie Fowlkes at Fox Drug Co.

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