Surveyed by Woodford Sherrill and Jack Ingram
This cemetery is in Rockingham, NC. It is off Long Drive near the apartments behind the CVS store. John Long    Contact: Myrtle Bridges

Dawkins Nancy J. McRae	1830	10/6/1866	w/o George Washington Dawkins
Long Eli	4/18/1813	7/25/1864	 
Dawkins	George Washington	12/7/1827	11/15/1853	s/o George & Sally Touchberry Long Dawkins w: Nancy J. McRae
Long Elimun	1/15/1815	8/25/1868	w/o E.D. Long
Long Elisha	1806	1886	1st Martha Davis 2nd Martha McKinnon
Long Eliza Jane	11/6/1847	6/20/1856	d/o E.D. & Elimun Long
Long Sally	3/16/1852	7/16/1870	d/o E.D. & Elimun Long
Long W. C.	9/7/1858	7/12/1884	 
Long William	2/20/1844	11/18/1860	s/o E.D. & Elimun Long
Long E. D.	4/18/1815	7/25/1864	WPA 1937

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