This cemetery is located  off  SR #1607, approximately .7 mile from intersection of State Rd. #1623, 
north of Hamlet CSX Terminal Station.  Most graves have markers with inscriptions legible.

This record has been generously seasoned in May 1996 with the memories of Mary Campbell Chappell (1817-2003).  
If anyone has knowledge of more recent burials here, please share them with us. 
Thanks! Myrtle Bridges

This list was updated September 27, 2004 with burials since 1996. Many thanks to Kevin Williams for tediously recording them.
(See below) The additional listings and remarks shown in RED are from the Historical Records Survey of North Carolina, 1937-1938 by Mrs. Myrtle Porter Hamer.
Angel Virginia U. 10/26/1921 - 6/12/1992 wife of Wallace G. Angel "Virginia Ussery Angel, d/o Zack and Mary McDonald Ussery, died in Florida." 
Angel Wallace G. 7/13/1911 - 2/20/1993
Angel William L. Jr. 2/28/1965 - 5/5/1986 "He was  killed in an auto accident in Florida."
Bell Infant  Died 1925  Infancy
Bell R. son of Julius Bell 1911 - 1919
Billingsly James Edward  4/18/1914 - 3/22/1977
Black Albert William 1/22/1933 - 6/5/1972
Black Sally Bundy 11/5/1937 - 6/5/1972 "Sally and husband Albert William Black drowned while fishing in Ledbetter Lake, Rockingham, N. C. She was
daughter of Marvin and Ruby Bundy."

Blue Adelaide McLean 8/1/1930 - 6/28/1983  "Adelaide married Grover Blue. She and her twin sister, Adeline, were the youngest daughters 
of Mr. Lawrence and Hazel Smith McLean."

Blue D. Thomas 2/27/1876 - 10/26/1954
Blue Emma 2/17/1885 - 10/8/1964
Blue Haywood 5/15/1857 - 8/22/1938
Blue Sallie wife of Haywood Blue 11/2/1866 - 7/13/1935
Blue Jimmy Ray son of E.F. & Evelyn Blue d. 1/16/1954 - Infancy "Evelyn is the daughter of Ernest and Beulah Terry Wilkes."
Bowman Gladys Mae 4/10/1920
Bowman Jack 1/4/1911 - 11/30/1978
Boyle William Patrick  12/23/1906 - 1/7/1982
Boyle Barney White, Jr. son of Barney W. and Anchea Boyle  2/1/1972 - 2/3/1972
Boyle Charles A. 1/8/1903 - 4/22/1973
Boyle Beaulah M. 1/23/1904 "She was the wife of Charles A. Boyle and she died  May 1996."
Boyle Edward Burke Born in Ardara County, Donegal, Ireland  1/6/1857 - 8/17/1936 
Boyle Flora Jane Wilkes wife of Edward Burke Boyle 3/7/1867 - 12/28/1946 "They were the parents of Nancy Boyle McRae, Mrs. Florence McRae, Mr. John A. Boyle."
Boyle James E.  3/9/1901 - 12/23/1949
Boyle Lela C. wife of James E. Boyle 12/26/1903 - 4/1/1966 "Lela was a Cameron."
Boyle John Arch 8/29/1904 - 11/21/1992
Boyle Stella White wife of John Arch Boyle  9/19/1913 - 10/17/1983
Boyle Judy Lynn  12/27/1958 - 4/2/1980  "She was a daughter of Henry and Bernice Norton Boyle. Judy was killed as she worked alone in 
a store between Hamlet and Rockingham. Killer unknown." 

Boyle Mary Sue Holley  6/6/1934 - 10/28/1978 "Mary Sue was the wife of Robert Boyle, oldest son of John A. and Stella White Boyle."
Brown Carl Douglas  6/4/1980 - 7/8/1980  "Infant son of Doug and Rachel Chappell Brown. Rachel is the niece of Dora and Elmore Chappell, 
who reared her. Her parents are Reid and Linda Chappell."
Brown Mary Lathan dau. of Harold and Ruth Sullivan Lathan  4/6/1955 - 10/14/1983
Brown Willa McKay 8/26/1893 - 8/29/1972 "She was our Avon Lady."
Brummell, Beaulah Taylor 11/12/1918 - 1/11/1989 "Beaulah was a daughter of Henry Taylor & Lulu his wife. Lulu was a sister to Mr. Bud 
Currie. Other members of her family are buried in Florida."

Brummell David M. son of Beaulah T. Brummell  1/22/1936 - 4/22/1987
Bullard George C.  8/19/1901 - 2/8/1963 "He was a relative of the McDuffie family. That is about all I know."
Bullard Annie M.  7/23/1903 - 3/16/1971
Bundy William Marvin 3/24/1905 - 7/28/1974 "Marvin married Ruby Terry, daughter of Edward & Minnie Terry, about 1934."
Butler Clarence 9/10/1916 - 8/31/1970  "He was a son of Uncle David & Mary Steen Butler."
Butler Ethel Mae wife of Clarence Butler 5/13/1912 - 6/10/1972 "She was a McPherson."
Butler James 6/8/1861 - 12/19/1941 "He was my maternal grandfather."
Butler Cornelia 12/19/1925 - Aged 49 " She was the wife of James B. Butler, daughter of David Odom, and she was my maternal grandmother."
Butler David  11/25/1891 - 2/17/1968 "Uncle Dave was the oldest son of James and Cornelia Odom Butler."
Butler Mary Steen wife of David Butler  4/28/1890 - 8/27/1962
Butler James Erwin 11/11/1943 - 4/20/1963 "James was the oldest son of Lonnie E. and Bonnie Brown Butler. He died of cancer at age 19."
Butler Julia Ann wife of John Butler  5/19/1914 - 2/8/1958 "Julia Ann Taylor was a daughter of Morgan Taylor."
Butler John 10/22/1896 -12/2/1980 "Uncle John was the 2nd son of James and Cornelia Odom Butler and my mother's brother."
Butler John Washington  son of J.W. and S.E. Butler  6/20/1872 - 1/20/1873 "You know that's the baby's grave right between the two cedars 
where our people were buried. We always wondered who that baby was."He was not related to the Butlers we knew." 

Butler Lonnie E. 6/5/1910 - 1/12/1970 "Uncle Lonnie was the youngest son of James and Cornelia Butler."
Butler William Frank  died 4/1970 
Butler Mary J. "wife of R.L. Butler  2/8/1867 - 7/19/1903 "I think she was Mary Isabel, a Wilkes relative."
Cabellero Nancy Jane  6/13/1936 - 1/24/1964 "She was a niece of Mrs. Nan Boyle McRae."
Campbell Catherine Jane Died 8/10/1914. w/o Daniel W. Campbell. Age 85. "Catherine was my paternal grandmother. She was a daughter of 
Angus Finlayson and wife Catherine of Cumberland County."
Campbell Mary Elizabeth Norton Chappell, December 30, 1917 - September 10, 2003
Campbell Daniel W.  10/29/1816 -10/15/1872 "Daniel was my grandfather, a son of Norman Campbell (d.1820) and wife Sarah. His brothers 
and sisters were Margaret Watson, Christian Smith, John Campbell and Angus Alexander Campbell.

Campbell Bessie Butler wife of Norman A. Campbell  8/25/1898 - 8/1/1961 "She is my mother, 2nd daughter of James and Cornelia Odom Butler."
Campbell Norman A. 8/2/1863 - 3/1/1935 "Daddy was the only son of Daniel W. and Catherine J. Finlayson Campbell."
Campbell Daniel William WW11 9/12/1919 - 5/1/1979 "Dan was my only brother."
Chappell Alma C. wife of Fred C. Chappell  9/14/1918 -11/4/1987 "Alma Clark, daughter of Tom Clark. Alma's mother died at her birth.  
She was reared by Mr. and Mrs. Pleasant Clark, her grandparents."

Chappell Fred C. 3/10/1913 - 9/6/1975 "He was the oldest son of Katie Wilkes and Oliver Frank Chappell."
Chappell Millard F[ilmore] 5/19/1914 - 4/30/1980 "Mick was the second son of Katie Wilkes and Oliver Frank Chappell. He married Bessie 
Cameron. After Bessie died Mick and I married."

Chappell Glen P. b. .. d. 3/20/1966 "Son of Fred and Alma Chappell" 
Chappell Leonard  5/26/1916 - 4/18/1994 " Son of Frank and Katie Chappell"
Chappell Hula Burns wife of Leonard 12/2/1932 - 11/12/1987
Chappell Katie Wilkes wife of Oliver Frank Chappell 2/4/1891 - 5/19/1961 "She was the daughter of John Wilkes."
Chappell Oliver Frank 1/24/1887 - 7/21/1970
Clark Annie wife of Eli Clark d.1893 "The Clarks always lived close to us, the Campbells, and were good friends of ours."
Clark Eli  Died 1890.
Clark Maggie Grant 1899 - 1969 "She must have been a daughter of Maggie and P. C. Clark."
Clark Maggie wife of  P. C. Clark  9/15/1863 - 7/17/1936
Clark P. C. 8/15/1862
Clark Tom  1897 - 1929 "He was the father of Alma Clark Chappell."

Currie L. Prince  1886 - 1949 "Lawrence Prince, 'Bud' Currie lived near the Henry Taylor Family. His death cert. shows he was 
b. Jan 30, 1886, d. May 24, 1949 s/o Daniel Scott Currie & Lucy Ann Norton, Informant, Mrs. L. P. Currie "
Currie Synthia Ann b. 5/23/1842 - 3/23/1929 d/o Daniel Currie (1811-1888)& Katherine Watson (1808-1903) (Katie d/o Alexander G. (-d. 1828)& 
Mary Watson (1782-1857) Alex & Mary bur. Scottish Cemetery, Rockingham, Richmond County) " M. Bridges

Dawkins Brian Joseph  Infant son of Robert and Carolyn Dawkins 12/9/1974
Dawkins James A. 5/10/1905 - 12/9/1960
Dawkins Sallie Williams wife of James A. Dawkins  9/22/1905 - 10/12/1982
Dawkins James A. Jr. son of James A. and Sallie Dawkins  10/6/1928 - 7/19/1954 "James was killed in a motorcycle accident."
Dawkins Luther F.  7/24/1898 - 6/14/1962 "Now Luther F. Dawkins, you see, was from an entirely different Dawkins family."
Dawkins Thelma A. wife of Luther F.  4/15/1899 - 12/26/1977 "Thelma was a daughter of Mary Isabel Wilkes, who was a daughter of John Wilkes. 
Her sister was Mrs. Hamilton, who Mick and I went to see to get some of my research information."

Dickerson Caroline S. wife of Joseph H. Dickerson  1844 - 1917 "They were real nice old folks who lived in our community. They were 
Northerners. He was with the Union Army. They came to Marks Creek after the Civil War. They liked it down here and never went back North."
Dickerson Joseph H. 1843 - 1921
Dickerson Emma L. dau. of Jos. H. & Caroline S.  1/12/1870 - 9/2/1952 "Miss Emma was a good, loving and valuable member of Marks Creek Church."

Duncan Claude Marion  8/5/1905 - 1/28/1972 "He was the son of Mamie Duncan Currie before she married Bud Currie, her second husband."
Duncan Reedy Cameron  2/12/1902 - 11/22/1966 "She was a daughter of Duncan Cameron, sister of Bessie Cameron Chappell, w/o Claude Marion Duncan."

Dunn Ben Tilman  1896 - 10/30/1932 "He was the husband of Edith Clark Dunn."
Dunn Edith Clark  1907 - 1962

Erxleben Adelaide Williams   8/14/1925 - 5/4/1960 "Adelaide was the youngest daughter of Arthur P. and Roxie McDonald Williams. She was killed in 
auto accident."
Erxleben Albert Arthur son of Adelaide W. Erxleben 11/4/1944 - 11/7/1944
Ezzell Audrey Ussery  4/20/1924 - 11/11/1983 "Audrey was another daughter of Zack and Mary McDonald Ussery. Virginia Angel was her sister."

Finlayson Alexander W. Born May 25 1825 Died Sept 3 1899 "He was my great uncle, a brother of Aunt Mary Finlayson and my Grandmother, 
Catherine J. Finlayson Campbell. His military records state: Alexander Finlayson, Private, resided in Cumberland County where he enlisted at 
age 41, August 20, 1863 for war. Assigned to Co. B, 56th Regiment North Carolina Troops. Reported present through June 1864. Deserted on 
August 2, 1864. Returned to duty prior to Jan. 1, 1865. Captured at or near Hatchers Run, Va. April 2, 1865. Confined at Point Lookout, 
Maryland April 6, 1865. Released at Point Lookout on June 27, 1865 after taking Oath of Allegiance. Source: North Carolina Troops 1861-1865 
Vol. XIII Infantry A Publication of NCArchives"
Finlayson Mary sister of Alexander W. b. May, 1823 - d. October 13, 1910

Goodwin Clarence E.  6/30/1917 - 6/17/1984

Gurganious Adrian P.  1866 - 1939 "He Married Catherine McDonald."
Gurganious Catherine  1868 - 1907
Gurganious Geneva  1901 - 1918 "Geneva was the  daughter of Adrian P. and Catherine."

Gwynn Ella Wilkes  7/24/1922 - 4/10/1940 "She was a  daughter of Mr. Tom Wilkes. She died young too."

Hanselman Robert F.  12/25/1909 - 2/9/1987
Hanselman Lucille Lathan wife of Robert H. b. 9/26/1914

Hartman C. 2/14/1854 - 8/4/1935 "I can't remember his name, but he was from Virginia. He and Mary lived in 
Virginia for a while after they married."
Hartman Mary 6/9/1868 - 10/16/1946 "Mary McLean Hartman was the oldest sister of Mr. Lawrence McLean. They were children of James W. McLean 
and Catherine McDonald McLean."

Hayes Wyndie Brown  10/4/1961 - 7/15/1987 "Wyndie was a daughter of Harry & Emma Lou Brown. She was a nurse and also died in auto accident."

Hubbard Howard D.  12/23/1900 - 2/17/1965 
Hubbard Beaulah Tunstall wife of Howard 3/20/1904

Huguelet Clinton R.  3/4/1906 - 2/17/1965 "Clinton was a son of Jules Huguelet. He inherited Huguelet's Jewelry Store of Hamlet, N. C."
Huguelet Ruth Pate wife of Clinton 1/13/1912 - 6/8/1979 "Ruth was loved by everyone who knew her. She was the daughter of Elijah and Elizabeth 
(Mrs. Lizzie) McLean Pate. Elizabeth was Mary Hartman's sister, daughters of Catherine McDonald and James W. McLean. Another sister, Jeany is 
buried in Mary Love Cemetery Hamlet, N. C."

Kelly Edwin James  WW1  9/16/1888 - 2/18/1964 
Kelly Infant  12-31-1921  12-31-1921  s/o E.J. & Margaret Kelly
Kelly Infant  10-20-1923  10-20-1923  s/o E.J. & Margaret Kelly
Kelly Maggie McRae wife of Edwin J. Kelly  1/7/1900 - 6/29/1982 "Maggie was a sister of John, Henry, Robert, Scott, Luther, George, Nancy, 
Mattie and Walter McRae, children of Mr. Sanburn McRae and Martha McDonald McRae."

Lathan Irene W. 4/12/1922 - 12/30/1993 "She was the daughter of Fred Williams and married Morris Lathan."
Lathan Morris Everett  4/14/1920
Lathan Harold W.  11/17/1927
Lathan Ruth S. wife of Harold W. Lathan  5/7/1925 - 9/14/1956
Lathan Mary  4/6/1955 - 10/14/1983 "Mary was a daughter of Harold and Ruth Lathan."
Lathan Clonnie M.  2/23/1902 - 1/25/1979
Lathan Dauphan Columbus WW11  1917 - 1974
Lathan Donald Allen son of H. A. & Jewel Lathan  10/23/1949 - 11/1/1956 "Donald was killed as he jumped off the school bus and was hit 
by a car as it passed the bus."
Lathan Jewel McNair  8/2/1920 - 12/30/1972 "Jewel was the mother of Donald Allen. She was a Rockingham girl."
Lathan Laura Tyner wife of Wm. W. Lathan  12/25/1887 - 11/24/1957 "They were the parents of Harvey, Lucille, Hubert, Earl, Morris, Harold, 
Mary and Willie Lathan."
Lathan Lawrence 1/19/1848 - 8/8/1937 "Lawrence was a member of a different Lathan family."
Lathan L. C.   10/10/1869 - 5/25/1948
Lathan Lilly  5/25/1880 - 12/6/1950
Lathan Myrtle B.  11/28/1901 - 4/8/1986
Lathan William W.  6/14/1884 - 1/15/1977

Lee Alice Nora wife of Jesse Lee  1886 - 1938
Lee Herbert 12-18-1907 - 4-21-1908 son of Jesse and Alice Nora Lee  
Lee Jesse  1875 - 1947 "Jesse was related to the McDuffie family."

Lewis Guy Herbert   January 19, 1880 Idaho   May 13, 1942  County Home  h/o Hattie Wall "He lived over on the 'McKenzie Hill' for awhile. 
McKenzie Hill is on the N.A. Campbell land, about one mile South of the Campbell homeplace."  See more here

Lynch Carolyn  12/25/1939 - 1/22/1940 "Carolyn was a member of the Wilkes family."

Maness Georgia wife of M. A. Maness  1882 - 1954 "This was a family who lived in our community for many years. They had moved to Richmond 
County from Georgia. They had two boys, Arthur and Alma. Mr. and Mrs. Maness were nice neighbors. They lived in a house east of McDuffie's; the 
same house in which Mr. Dannie and Mr. Willie, the Wilkes twins, were born. This being the former home of Mr. George (Wash) Wilkes  and Jane"
Maness M. A.  1862 - 1943

McDonald Alexander  1896 - 1907 "He was a member of Alma McDonald's family."
McDonald Alice wife of A.R. McDonald  6/29/1854 - 4/24/1912
McDonald A.R.  12/25/1855 - 4/15/1907
McDonald Archie  1827 - 1913
McDonald Archie B.  1873 - 1926
McDonald Buddie  2/21/1899 - 3/20/1900 s/o N.D. & Etta McDonald
McDonald Charlie D. 9/14/1891 - 1/29/1947 "He was a brother of Charlotte, Roxie, Alma and Helen McDonald." 
McDonald Angus Campbell  6/9/1903 - 10/13/1963 "He was another brother of Alma McDonald."
McDonald D.H.  7-17-1865 - 2-19-1903 w/o W. McDonald
McDonald Elida wife of D. H. McDonald  12/12/1874 - 5/28/1957 "She married (2) Martin Terry. Elida was a McLean before marriage."
McDonald  Dora E. 12/21/1887 - 5/20/1890
McDonald Frances Oliver Died 1/2/1940  Aged 100  "2nd wife of John Allen McDonald. Mr. John Allen's first wife was Mary McKinnon, daughter 
of Alexander McKinnon.
McDonald Frederick D. son of D. H. & Elida McDonald  4/7/1898 - 11/18/1956
McDonald William C.  1866 - 1928 "William Calvin"
McDonald Harriet Campbell wife of William C. McDonald   1873 - 1922
McDonald Hazel J. wife of Randolph McDonald II  8/31/1911 - 1/25/1952 "She was a Campbell too."
McDonald Randolph II 1/4/1911 - 1/29/1983 "He was the youngest son of William C. 
and Harriet C. McDonald."
McDonald Henry  1859 - 1894
McDonald Infant daughter of Nancy McDonald d.10/17/1955 "Nancy McDonald married an English."
McDonald Jenet McGilvery  1835 - 1926 "This was Alma McDonald's grandmother."
McDonald John  1845 - 1906
McDonald John A.  CSA  12/12/1825 - 6/23/1904
McDonald Mary McKinnon wife of John A[llen] McDonald  2/14/1830 - 1/30/1887 "This family was related to my own Daddy somehow."
McDonald John C. WWI  1/25/1896 - 12/17/1941
McDonald John R.  8/15/1865 - 12/6/1890
McDonald Lonnie  1907 - 1939 "Lonnie was a son of W. C. & Harriet McDonald. The second from the youngest. Randolph was the youngest."
McDonald Peggy Ruth  d. 3/29/1939 1 year "She was the daughter Nancy Carol McDonald English too.  She didn't live but one year. Nancy Carol 
is the oldest daughter of Randolph and Hazel McDonald."
McDonald Peter McK. son of John A. and Mary McDonald  2/26/1860 - 9/27/1903 
McDonald Rebecca C.  9/19/1867 - 6/6/1943 "Rebecca  was a Campbell too."
McDonald I.(T.) Emery  son of N.D. & Etta McDonald  3/21/1902 - 10/6/1902
McDonald Walter R.  2/5/1889 - 5/22/1890
McDonald Willie G.  5/26/1900 - 6/26/1963 "He was killed in an automobile accident."

McDuffie Aleen Marie dau. of J.H. & V.R. McDuffie 2/26/1903 - 3/16/1903 "She was a daughter of Mr. Jim and Van Riggan McDuffie."

McDuffie Clem Herbert son of J.H. and V.R. McDuffie  1/2/1907 - 5/1/1932 "Clem was drowned. He and Randolph and Lonnie McDonald were out 
on Ledbetter lake in a boat. The boat capsized and Clem went into the water. They say he went down three times but they were unable to save him. 
That was the saddest funeral I ever remember going to.  I was about twelve years old and had been to funerals before, but that had not affected 
me so much.  It was real sad for many years because 'Mr. Jim' kept coming to our house and talking about Clem."

*McDuffie Duncan F.  6/28/1851 - 12/1919 (see below)
McDuffie Henry R.  11/19/1905 - 6/25/1954 "Mr. Jim's son who married Helen McDonald."
McDuffie Helen M. wife of Henry R. McDuffie  5/16/1905 - 9/5/1989 "Helen was a sister to Mrs. Alma McDonald McDonald, Mrs. Roxie McDonald 
Williams, Mrs. Charlotte McDonald Gibson and Mrs. Mary McDonald Ussery."

McDuffie James H.  2/27/1872 - 8/31/1943 "James H. McDuffie, that was 'Mr. Jim'. He died by accident too.  He fell off a barn over on a 
hill near where Beulah Wilkes lives. He went out there after he was too old to do it.  Let me see how old he was. He was seventy-one.  I 
remember when he passed Mr. Sam Terry's house to take the roof off that barn and 'Mr. Sam' said "Now Jim, you know you're too old to do 
things like that," but, he went right on up there and started ripping off that roof. That's when he fell. Scott McRae had to come and take 
him to the hospital. He described what a bad condition he was in.  It was so pitiful. I hated that so bad."

McDuffie Murdock  7-5-1828 - 2-14-1913(2-8-1895)  CSA 
McDuffie Penelope  12/24/1837 - 11/9/1907 "Murdock and Penelope McDuffie were the parents of 'Mr. Jim'.  I think that's right."
McDuffie Rosa E.  3/4/1861 - 2/20/1944 "Miss Rosa was Mr. Jim's sister."
**McDuffie Vann Riggan 9/6/1876 - 3/10/1920. "wife of James Henry McDuffie. She died Flu Pneumonia. b. Wake County, NC, dau. T.O. Riggan of Warren County, NC and
Sarah M. Saint, also of Warren County, NC"  
McKay Annie E.  6/28/1860 - 1/15/1937
McKay John O.  7/31/1848 - 2/14/1913 "John O. and Annie E. were married. John O. was a  member of the 
McKay family of Marston, N. C."
McKay Archibald W.  12/29/1894 - 2/25/1970
McKay Olive McNair wife of Archibald W.  8/7/1893 - 1/5/1984 "Mrs. Olive McKay was 
an out-standing Richmond County Teacher, just loved by everybody. That was a nice family."
McKay Margaret Louise  10/7/1933 - 10/12/1983 "She  must have been Osca's wife."
McKay Oscar John WWII  6/6/1925 - 10/20/1987

McLean Angus 1/23/1838 - 9/14/1914 "He was a brother of Mr. James McLean, Mr. Lawrence's Daddy. He married Sarah E. Oliver in 1867." 
(Richmond County Tax Records show Angus McLean paid $1.00 tax on a license to marry Sarah Oliver on Feb. 12, 1867.)
McLean Sarah E. d. 8/15/1924 - Aged 77
McLean J.W. CSA 2/27/1832 - 3/13/1911 "James Washington McLean and Catherine J. McDonald was his wife. She was a sister of Archie McDonald, 
closely related to the Randolph McDonald family."

McLean Catherine J. wife of J. W. McLean  7/11/1841 - 11/26/1927
McLean Lawrence 12/17/1875 - 6/28/1952 "He was a son of James and Catherine. His wife was Hazel Smith from Pennslyvania.  They don't know 
anything about her family. She was an orphan, and she moved about from one place to another. She had two brothers. Howard Smith and Mr. Henry 
Smith. Mr. Howard Smith stayed in Penn., but Mr. Henry lived with Lawrence and Hazel for years." 
McLean Hazel Smith wife of Lawrence McLean  7/27/1892 - 3/23/1963
McLean Owen  8/1/1878 - 3/29/1904 "Owen was a very young man of twenty three when he was killed in a home in our community."
McLean Owen Franklin 12/26/1912 - 11/27/1964 "Owen was the oldest son of Mr. Lawrence McLean. He married Etta Pearson. Owen was struck in 
the eye by a nail and had to have a glass eye.  That was another bad thing."
McLean Etta P.  5/18/1915 - 2/24/1954

McLean Jamie Owen son of Owen F. and Etta P. McLean  8/4/1935 - 5/2/1956 "I remember when Jamie was born. Owen and Etta lived in a house 
over on Boyd Lake road. I was a teenager myself and I went over to see him as soon as he was born. What happened to Jamie was one of the worst 
things. Owen just could not get that out of his mind. Jamie had just started to college at N. C. State and he was walking home at night from 
somewhere and sombody came along in a car and hit him and knocked him down an embankment where he died. He was a fine young man and it seems 
like such a shame that things like that happen to such good people." 

McLean James Washington 11/21/1914 - 3/29/1980 "James was a son of Mr. Lawrence and Hazel S. McLean."
McLean Elder Taylor wife of James W. McLean  6/15/1915 - 12/28/1990
McLean Joyce dau. of James W. and Elder McLean  5/17/1949 - 8/11/1949
McLean Susan Diane dau of W. C. and Gay [Sims] McLean  4/20/1954 - 6/25/1979 "Susan was killed in an auto accident. W.C. grieved over that 
pretty bad. He was the next to the youngest son of Lawrence and Hazel."

McLean Vivian dau. of Lawrence and Hazel S. McLean  1/13/1919 - 6/11/1920 "Vivian was just a year old.  They talked about her a lot. I 
think she died of pneumonia, but I'm not sure. They just greived over that."

McLean Duncan  2/1/1879 - 1/25/1951 "He and Ethel, Emma, Fannie and Clifford McLean are relatives of Mr. Lawrence, but distant relatives. 
Brothers and sisters of John H. McLean who married Miss Ida May Cameron. John and Ida lived in our community but the others lived up near Addor." 
[Addor is a locality of  Pine Bluff, N.C.]
McLean Ethel Smith  4/10/1899 - 1/9/1959
McLean Emma 1879 - 6/15/1952
McLean Fannie  1878 - 3/24/1956
McLean Clifford  11/14/1867 - 3/24/1928
McLean John H.  1/16/1882 - 11/29/1955 
McLean Ida May  4/3/1886 - 8/18/1932
McLean Kate  10/10/1868 - 3/8/1957
McLean Wade Cameron son of John H. and Ida May McLean 12/4/1919 - 9/18/1979 "Wade was their only son. He died of cancer. Ida was a sister 
of Mr. Dan Cameron."

McPherson Catherine Ann 10/22/1853 - 12/31/1914 wife of John McPherson  "Now these people were related to Sarah Terry. I don't know just 
how. Sarah married Mr. Charley Terry, oldest of the Samuel Terry family."

McPherson John  12/7/1830 - 6/12/1918
McPherson John II 11/20/1861 - 4/14/1936
McPherson Ida James  10/19/1905 - 3/19/1967
McPherson Martin  4/13/1870 - 2/11/1948
McPherson Rebecca  7/17/1901 - 1/7/1981
McPherson Virginia M.  12/21/1868 - 12/24/1944

McRae Ruth T. wife of George D. McRae  10/4/1911 - 1/11/1992
McRae Henry Clay  8/16/1891 - 5/9/1979
McRae Florence Boyle wife of Henry Clay McRae  10/13/1897 - 4/27/1973 "Florence is a sister to Nan Boyle McRae. They were sisters who 
married brothers; and if Mrs. Nan had children they would have been double first cousins. Mrs. Nan always wanted children."
McRae Clay O. 12/4/1921- 3/31/1987 "Clay Oliver and Eugene McRae were sons of Mr. Henry & Florence Boyle McRae."
McRae Eugene B.  9/20/1929 - 7/4/1986 
McRae George D.  5/4/1906 - 4/29/1992
McRae John Daniel   WWI  6/6/1895 - 9/23/1952 
McRae Nancy J. Boyle wife of John Daniel McRae  2/22/1896 - 3/14/1985
McRae James Scott  6/22/1903 - 3/31/1984 "Scot was another brother of John and Henry."
McRae Letha Wilkes wife of James Scott McRae 10/29/1903 - 7/17/1986
"Jane Smith Wilkes was Letha Wilkes McRae's grandmother. Letha's mother was Rebecca Terry, daughter of Samuel 
Terry. Her brothers were Sammie Terry, Eddie Terry, Martin (no children), Charley & Ben. Letha's Daddy was 
Willie Prince Wilkes, twin brother of Dannie Malloy Wilkes. Dannie's only daughter was Ina Mae Wilkes who 
married "Mac" Steele."
McRae Martin Luther  12/15/1904 - 4/24/1986 "He was another brother of John, Henry and Scot McRae. 
Luther lived at the 'Homeplace' and Robert lived in Charlotte, N. C. after he married."
McRae Sanburn Wilkes  4/22/1869 - 10/24/1943 
McRae Martha Ann McDonald wife of Sanburn Wilkes McRae  5/4/1870 - 6/14/1952 "Martha Ann was a sister of 
Mr. Scot McDonald.  She was Leonard McDonald's Aunt."
McRae John O.  9/9/1834 - 3/31/1909 "This was Mr. John Oliver McRae. He was Mr. Sanburn McRae's Daddy."
McRae Nancy Wilkes wife of John O. McRae 11/5/1838 - 5/5/1914 "Nancy was the daughter of George Wilkes. 
She was the mother of the Williams and the McRae families."
McRae Nancy Belle  8/2/1901 - 1/4/1976 "She was a sister of Henry and John McRae. 
She had a sad life too because she was 'head over heels' in love with Nello Ormsby. 
He was kin to Bertha and Leeman Ormsby's family. He was working on the federal building, 
that big brick building where the Rockingham Police Dept. is now. A storm came up while 
he was up there working, and I don't know if the wind did it, but he fell off and was killed. 
Nancy already had her hope chest full of all kinds of things to start housekeeping because they 
were ready to get married. Nancy never married."
McRae Walter R. son of S. W. & Martha A. McRae  12/22/1910 - 8/23/1931 "Walter was the 
youngest son and he was killed in a wreck."

***McSween Sarah wife of Daniel McSween  1771 - 1881! "Now they've got that date wrong.  She lived a long time but not 110 years. She was 
a Stewart. She had two sisters, Margaret & Effy Stewart. They came in and inherited a big plantation here with a lot of slaves. She had the 
most slaves and cows in this community."

Moree Sallie Blue wife of Will E. Moree  8/5/1899 - 3/8/1950 "The Morees are connected with the Wilkes 
family somehow, but I don't know just how it is."
Moree Will E.  7/9/1900 - 9/28/1970

Morrison Alsy sister of M. L. Morrison  10/31/1836 - 2/7/1912
Morrison M. L.  6/12/1837 - 1/16/1928
Rebecca Morrison wife of M. L. Morrison  1837 d. 3/22/1908  "They were Mrs. Sarah Morrison Terry's parents." 
Morrison John Franklin  5/24/1870 - 6/17/1917
Morrison John Chester  9/4/1908 - 4/24/1991 "John Franklin & John Chester Morrison were also family members, but I'm not sure how related." 

Norton Robert Troy "Robert was born July 26th, 1920 and died Nov. 29, 1994. He and I married in 1938. Our children are Martha Lois, Myrtle 
Faye and Robert Gerald Norton. Robert was a son of Charlie David Norton and Mattie Brown. Mattie Brown was a daughter of Robert L. Brown and 
Ella Frances Pate."

Norton Stanly Carlton  12/6/1963 - 6/29/1980 "Stanly was the son of Alfred & Linda McDonald Norton. He died in an automobile accident."
Norton Thos. Garland 11/1/1938-1/6/1939 son of Clayton & Janie Mae (Roscoe) Norton 

Odom Charles Floyd  1/20/1897 - 5/10/1977 

O'Heron Gordon Francis  7/3/1931 - 2/6/1986 "He was the husband of Earlene Ormsby." 

Ormsby Earl M.  8/15/1906 - 11/14/1971  "He was the husband of Bertha Williams Ormsby." 
Ormsby William Earl 9/26/1929 - 4/17/1930 son of Earl M. & Bertha Ormsby "Their first son who died of pneumonia when he was about two 
years old."
Ormsby Jean Cox wife of Edward Ormsby  5/13/1944 - 2/16/1987 "She and her son Leeman Edward were killed in auto accident."
Ormsby Leeman Edward son of Edward and Jean Ormsby 11/10/1980 - 2/17/1987
Ormsby Leeman Eldridge  6/22/1908 - 8/27/1954  "He married Beulah Williams."
Ormsby Beaulah Williams 4/17/1910 - 1/10/1993 

Palmer Nellie Mae  3/23/1920 - 5/8/1944  "I don't know who she was." 

Pate Elizabeth McLean wife of Elijah Pate  3/9/1874 - 12/19/1941 "She was a sister of Mrs. Mary Hartman,  
Mrs. Jennie Henderson  & Mr. Lawrence McLean, children of James W. & Catherine McDonald McLean." 

Pate Elijah 5/9/1878 - 2/22/1936 "He was the husband of Elizabeth McLean. Their children were Hubert 
Stephen and Ruth Pate Huguelet." 
Pate Hubert S. Son of Elijah & Elizabeth Pate 12/28/1914 - 1/26/1940 
Pate S.K.  7/9/1845 - 4/13/1930  Co. T. 3rd NC Jr. Res. CSA  "I feel he was some of the same family, but 
don't know just what the relationship was." "He was Simeon K. Pate, grandson of Willoughby and Aseneath (Smith) Pate through 
their son Lewis. He was Elijah's 4th cousin, and 3rd cousin once removed from Stephen Wall Pate who married Mary Jane Williamson."Joe Scarborough

Peele Jack  5/23/1930 - 4/15/1986 "Jack was the son of Blanche Peele Hubbard."
Peele Ralph S.  4/24/1915 - 2/3/1959  "He was Jack's uncle and brother of Blanche."

Presnell Maggie Butler 2/19/1894 - 4/1/1964 "Aunt Mag was my mother's only sister, the oldest daughter of 
James & Cornelia Odom Butler."

Proveaux Alice Stutts 2/7/1912 - 3/2/1995 "Alice was the wife of Martin Proveaux. They were the 
parents of Barbara Proveaux Partington."
Proveaux Martin 9/14/1913 - 4/11/1995 "He was a son of Martin M. & Lenora Wilkes Proveaux"
Proveaux Martin M. 7/5/1862 - 7/20/1928  "Martin M. & Lenora C. were parents of Martin, Ethel and 
Perry Proveaux.
Proveaux Lenora C. wife of Martin M.  5/30/1880 - 1/17/1935
Proveaux Ervin McDowell  4/5/1924 -1/9/1927 "A brother of Martin, Ethel & Perry Proveaux."
Proveaux Infant son of Martin & Alice Proveaux  b. 7/22/1936 "Their first child who was born 
Proveaux Perry W.  9/12/1918 - 10/23/1955 "A brother of Martin and Ethel Proveaux who died in an 
automobile accident."

Roscoe Daniel T.  7/27/1878 - 5/10/1932
Roscoe Nora A. wife of Daniel T. Roscoe  3/26/1881 - 6/13/1971 "Nora was related to the Tunstall family, 
I think." 

Samuels William Edward  1/17/1901 - 2/19/1982 
Samuels Mattie McRae wife of William Edward Samuels  3/30/1908 - 3/8/1973 
"Mattie died near the home of Mr. A. P. Williams.  Automobile accident."

Sears Oris Paul WWII  12/25/1923 - 8/28/1984 "He was related to the Chappell family, I think." 

Smith Allen D.  1908 - 1962
Smith Christian 1810 -1878 "She was the 2nd oldest sister of my grand daddy, Daniel W. Campbell." 
Smith Infant  8-13-1922  8-16-1922  son of I.B. & Wilbur Smith 
Smith Eddie Lee  4/2/1910 - 4/18/1923 son of I.B. & Wilbur Smith
Smith Infant  11-1-1924  11-1-1924  dau. of I.B. & Wilbur Smith
Smith Edna R. dau of John C. & Maggie Butler Smith  2/1915 - 6/1916 "Aunt Mag's third husband was Alson Presnell."
Smith F.B. Jr.  8/13/1922 - 8/16/1922
Smith Henry A.  7/28/1896 - 7/4/1960  "Henry was the brother of Mrs. Hazel McLean." 
Smith Bessie G. wife of  Henry A. Smith  7/19/1902 - 9/6/1976
Smith I.B. 9/29/1872 - 3/21/1940
Smith Jessie J. 1913 - 1984 "Jesse was Aunt Mag's son by John C. Smith"
Smith Mary McDuffie wife of Pleasant Smith  7/11/1859 - 4/2/1928 
Smith Myrtle  3/7/1895 - 12/28/1934
****Smith Pleasant  3/22/1849 - 4/13/1904 "Mr. Pleasant helped Daddy build our house at the old place about 1884. He was another person who 
was loved by the community members." 
Smith Sallie M. 1866/1933 "She was the wife of William W. Smith. I heard it said that they were kin to Daddy." 
Smith William W.  1860/1931
Smith William Stacey 1905/1971 "He was a son of W. W. Smith."
Smith Mildred T[aylor] Peele wife of (1) Ralph Peele (2) Daniel Luther Smith  5/31/1921 - 9/9/1983 "Daniel L. Smith says he is kin to us. 
He is in a nursing home now."
Smith Walter son of Jessie & Flossie Smith d. 9/20/1953 

Snead Sarah Webster dau. of Aubrey M. & Lillie A. Webster  7/22/1943 - 12/25/1961 "Sarah Emma married a Snead. She died in an automobile 
accident. She left a baby boy."

Steele McKay A. WWII  9/24/1906 - 2/6/1953 
Steele Ina Wilkes wife "Mac" Steele  2/6/1910 - 2/6/1953 "Ina was a cousin of mine. Her great grandmother Christian Smith, and 
my grandfather Daniel W. Campbell were sister and brother."
Steele Mary Jane  dau. of McKay & Ina  3/16/1948 - 2/6/1953 "This family died as a southbound train hit their automobile near Marston, N.C."
Steele William L.  9/29/1904 - 2/11/1991
Steele Maggie Blue wife of William L. Steele  5/12/1914 - 9/19/1993 "Maggie was a member of the Blue family of Hoffman, N. C."
Taylor Infant  10-21-1928  10-21-1928  s/o S.V. & R.G. Taylor 
Tennant James Curtis son of J. L. & Margaret (Chappell) Tennant 1/29/1960 - 5/11/1988 "Curtis drowned in the Hamlet waterworks pond. That was real sad."

Terry Charley  12/22/1868 - 8/4/1943 "Charley Terry was the husband of Sarah Morrison Terry. They were parents of Virginia and Rebecca Terry. 
Neither of these girls married. Virginia is buried at Marks Creek, but Rebecca was buried where she was living near High Point. She went to work 
up there and lived with a lady and died there."
Terry Sarah Morrison wife of Charley Terry  7/4/1872 - 10/12/1943
Terry Virginia M. dau of Charley & Sarah M. Terry  5/24/1906 - 1/18/1943
Terry Charlie Lee son of Charley & Sarah M. Terry 12/14/1910 - 2/23/1912
Terry Sarah Eva dau of Charley & Sarah M. Terry 5/10/1913 - 5/31/1915
Terry Martin J.  7/9/1874 - 9/26/1956 "He was one of our community Terry brothers. There was Mr. Sam and Mr. Charlie and Mr. Ed and Martin 
and Mr. Ben Terry. Ben lived near Bennettsville, S. C. They were sons of the oldest Samuel B. Terry. Their sister, Rebecca, was Letha Wilkes McRae's 
Terry Milton H. WWII  5/26/1917 - 5/24/1975 "He was called Hilliard Terry, or 'Hig'. He was a  son of Mr. Sam Terry."

Thompson Alexander  1870/1923
Thompson Bruce H.  6/17/1929 - 1/7/1970 "He married Bernice York, a daughter of Hugh Irving & Mamie Wilkes York."
Thompson Celey  4/15/1882 - 6/10/1940 "I don't know who she was, but I think she was the mother of Gracie Thompson. I know this family 
lived in Cognac." (Marston, N. C.)
Thompson Emma Dawkins 1st wife of James F. Thompson  4/10/1936 - 11/12/1976
Thompson J.C.  9/23/1890 - 6/24/1939
Thompson M.G.  4/14/1874 - 5/18/1932
Thompson Tommy T.  12/7/1905 - 6/24/1987
Thompson Myrtle C. wife of Tommy T. Thompson  8/31/1915 - 9/9/1974

Tucker Lizzie K. wife of M.W. Tucker  2/2/1897 - 5/1/1982 "The mother of John Tucker who married Lorene Ussery. Lorene is a daughter of 
Zack & Mary McDonald Ussery." 

Tunstall William A. 12/29/1882 - 2/21/1953 "He was Blanche Tunstall Hubbard's first husband."
Tunstall Sullivan J. son of William A. Tunstall  3/11/1909 - 2/5/1981 "Sullivan James 
Tunstall was a son of William A. Tunstall's first marriage."

Tyner Alexander  6/8/1851 - 9/20/1941 
Tyner Annie wife of Alexander Tyner  3/1/1865 - 9/20/1936 "Alexander was a relative of Lee Tyner of Hoffman, N.C."
Tyner William Rover  1874 - 1941

Ussery Zach E. 12/10/1899 - 1/6/1978 
Ussery Mary McDonald wife of Zach E. Ussery  1/12/1901 - 2/11/1975. "She is a sister of Alma, Helen, Charlotte, Roxie, Charlie, Willis, 
Angus, Lonnie and Randolph McDonald."

Vandercook Henry H.  1868 - 1905 "He was somehow connected with the Curries."

Venable Ronald Wayne, Jr. 4/29/1968 - 8/6/1984 "This was something else sad, and still sad to me. I think Ronnie and Carol still grieve 
about what happened. They went to work and he started to work on a peach farm and was riding in the back seat of the car and he was asleep. 
They were crossing one of those Derby roads and had a bad accident and he was killed. I don't know how they lived through that. They have 
one daughter, Julie. She just graduated from nurses school which is part of Queen's College in Charlotte, N. C."

Vuncannon Annis  5/25/1855 - 12/18/1952 
Vuncannon Eller Luck wife of Annis Vuncannon  1882 - 1934
Vuncannon Eula R. wife of Victor W. Vuncannon   5/26/1913 - 3/17/1992
Vuncannon Lula Dawkins 2nd wife of Annis Vuncannon  5/18/1901 - 2/22/1959
Vuncannon Victor W. son of Annis & Eller Vuncannon  7/20/1913 - 9/11/1980

Walker Amber K. dau. of Thomas J. & Kay M. Walker  1/8/1982 - Infancy "Kay is the daughter of W.C. McDonald and his wife Edna Earl Smith. 
She is my 3rd cousin, you know. Tommy's mother was a Mercer."

Walters Georgia  3/28/1885 - 3/7/1954
Walters, John F. son of Georgia Walters  10/27/1911 - 9/18/1932

Waters Willie W.  5/10/1903 - 7/23/1979
Mary Clark Waters wife of Willie Waters  4/18/1903 - 8/24/1967 "She was a sister to Tom Clark, who 
was the father of Alma Clark Chappell."
Waters Lee son of Willie & Mary Waters  1/16/1927 - 2/22/1927
Waters Infant son of Willie & Mary Waters  1/31/1929 -  Infancy

Watson Henry W.  died 11/30/1909  Aged 45 "Henry Watson lived with my grand daddy. He was related to us in some way."

Webb J.H.  1867 - 1938 "He was a good community member and well respected."  
Webb Alice S. wife of J. H. Webb  1863 - 1939 "She was related to the Leonard McDonald family."
Webb Sallie Betty  10/18/1867 - 6/22/1918

Webster Aubrey M. WWI  2/22/1895 - 6/30/1969
Webster Lillie Alice Dunlap wife of Aubrey Webster 4/24/1909 - 2/25/1980 "Miss Lillie was one of the 
best ladies I ever knew.  She was a sweet lady. Mrs. Shula Dunlap was her sister."

Williams Colon V.  3/23/1869 - 8/4/1926
Williams Sallie J. McRae wife of Colon V. Williams  12/12/1872 - 11/22/1948 "She was the daughter of 
Nancy Wilkes and John Oliver McRae."
Williams Annie Bell 11/28/1899 - 6/9/1900  dau. of C.V. and S.J. Williams  
Williams Arthur P.  10/7/1894 - 12/9/1976 "I can remember him ever since I was about six years old. He paid a lot of attention to me. I 
hung around my Daddy's legs you know, while he was talking to Mr. Arthur. Daddy was an older Elder when Mr. Arthur got to be an Elder of Marks 
Creek. He was an Elder when he died. He was a valuable community member and church member.  He married Miss. Roxie McDonald, a sister of Miss 
Mary, Mrs. Charlotte and Alma McDonald."

Williams Infant  dau. of J.L. & Montie McI. Williams  2/11/1921 - Infancy. "They were Sarah Smith's parents. Montie was a McIntosh and  
had the name of being a lovely person. "They say Sarah is a lot like her mother, a very quiet and controlled personality. That's the way 
Sarah is. John & Montie had two children, Sarah and Leon."
Williams Roxie McDonald wife of Arthur P. Williams  5/3/1893 - 6/4/1964
Williams Colon Ray 3/8/1898 - 10/1/1956 "Colon Ray was a brother of Mr. A. P. Williams."
Williams Jessie M. wife of Colon Ray Williams  6/2/1905 - 1/12/1993 "Mrs. Jessie was a McDonald too, but 
a different set."
Williams Scott W.  11/5/1902 - 11/24/1950 "He was a brother of Mr. Arthur. P. Williams."
Williams Elmer Wilson wife of Scott W. Williams  4/12/1908 - 4/16/1985 "She was a very pretty woman. Her husband  Scott W. was killed. 
They found him dead in the snow beside a road. They didn't know what happened to him."
Williams Fred A., Sr. son of Sally & C.V. Williams  3/29/1901 - 12/10/1966 "Fred was another brother of Mr. Arthur P. Williams. I used to 
remember who he married. Anyway, Irene Williams was their daughter.  She married Morris Lathan."
Williams Raymond W.  3/7/1917 - 11/22/1973 "Raymond W. was the youngest son of C. V. & Sallie Williams."
Williams Carolyn H. wife of Raymond W. Williams  1/31/1922 - 9/7/1967
Williams Cecil Jerome Korea 1/26/1931 - 9/3/1951 "I think he was a son of Scott Williams."
Williams Scott W. Jr. (Infancy) son of Scott W. & Elmer Williams 1/21/1926 -1/22/1926
Williams John L. 7/11/1893 - 3/9/1943 "He was killed when struck by a train."
Williams Montie McIntosh & Infant wife of J. L. Williams  11/16/1892 - 10/25/1923
Williams Charles A. 3/23/1908 - 7/1/1986 "He is the husband of Ruth Williams. She's living down in Georgia now.  They lived in Winston 
Salem in 1955. Both of them were teachers. Charles was from an un-related Williams family."
Williams Bernard H.  7/11/1909 - 5/1/1964 "He is from another Williams family. He was another of Marks Creek's Deacons."
Williams Gladys M. wife of Bernard M. Williams  3/13/1911 - 5/17/1993 "She was Gladys Mercer, a sister of Ruby Mercer Baucom.
Williams Noah B.12/29/1894 - 2/25/1961 "Noah B. Williams lived in Hoffman, N. C. His wife was Eva Wilkes."
Williams Eva W. wife of Noah B. Williams  7/4/1895 - 4/6/1983
Williams Mary Ann Wilkes wife of D. D.Williams  11/8/1868 - 9/22/1941 "She was of the same family."

Wilkes Neal Archie  3/9/1864 - 11/23/1927 "Neal Archie was the father of Ernest Wilkes."
Wilkes Mary C. McDonald his wife 4/9/1872 - 4/26/1947 "She was a sister of Mr. 
Scott McDonald who was father of Leonard McDonald."
Wilkes Neal Ernest  10/25/1910 - 3/9/1985
Wilkes John  3/7/1837 - 8/9/1913 
Wilkes Christian Campbell wife of John Wilkes  1838 - 12/3/1900 
Wilkes Angus Campbell  7/17/1860 - 11/13/1929 "He was a son of John & Christian Wilkes.  
He did not marry."  See his photo
Wilkes Flora Jane  4/24/1862 - 1/13/1936 "Flora Jane was also a daughter of John & Christian Wilkes. She never married."  See her photo
Wilkes William Alexander  9/28/1871 - 11/11/1946 "Another son of John & Christian.  
He didn't marry either."
Wilkes George Died 3/9/1900 aged 87. "I think his wife was Mary Jane 'Polly' McInnis. They had a big family. "
Wilkes George Washington Sr.  9/7/1840 - 6/25/1929 Spring Hill, Scotland County of Arterio Sclerosis. Informant, J.A. Wilkes, Wagram, NC. 
"This is Mr. 'Wash' Wilkes. His first wife was Jane Smith.  Margaret Jane Watson was his 2nd wife. 
See his photo
Wilkes Margaret J. wife of George W.  4/10/1854 - 4/11/1945 
Wilkes Catherine  1846 - 1918 "Catherine reared Mr. Dannie & Mr. Willie, the twins, after their mother, Wilkes Jane Smith, the daughter 
of Christian Smith, died when they were born. Catherine was a sister of Mr. Wash Wilkes."
Wilkes Mary J.  7/21/1843 - 10/25/1895 
Wilkes Dillie Port  WWI  8/26/1893 - 7/7/1970 "He was a brother of Miss Maggie Wilkes."
Wilkes Maggie J.  1884 - 1973
Wilkes Carl W.  5/25/1918 - 3/4/1985 "A member of the Willie Port Wilkes family."
Wilkes Daniel Malloy son of Jane Smith & G. W. Wilkes  3/7/1874 - 1/30/1935
Wilkes Mary Ann wife of Daniel M. Wilkes  8/26/1870 - 11/27/1940 "She was a McRae. She was a 
sister to Miss Sally and Mr. Sanburn McRae."
Wilkes Willie Prince twin brother of Daniel M. Wilkes  3/7/1874 - 9/18/1942 "He married Rebecca Terry, 
one of the daughters of  Mr. Samuel B. Terry."
Wilkes Rebecca T. wife of William P. Wilkes  3/26/1873 - 10/22/1922
Wilkes D.E.  6/14/1869 - 2/11/1929 "Another member of this Wilkes family."
Wilkes John B.  9/21/1890 - 10/12/1928
Wilkes John D. son of J. & G. C.Wilkes  11/12/1864 - 12/17/1895 
Wilkes John W. son of J. D. & M. C. Wilkes 7/1886 - 12/24/1888
Wilkes Lucy Amandy  7/19/1844 - 5/29/1882
Wilkes Mary Died 6/20/1890 - aged 82
Wilkes Mary Butler  4/16/1862 - 1/31/1933 "She was a daughter Robert Butler who married Mary Isabel Wilkes the daughter of John Wilkes."
Wilkes Mary E. wife of D.E. Wilkes  11/11/1865 - 11/15/1937
Wilkes Mattie E.  3/27/1912 - 3/3/1917
Wilkes Thomas B.  6/20/1877 - 3/28/1959 "He was a brother of George Wilkes. He married Miss Mittie Sanders. They had a big  family of children."
Ella Wilkes Gwynn 7/24/1922 - 4/10/1940 "Ella was a dau. of Thomas B. and Mittie Wilkes."

Wilkes Mittie wife of Thomas B. Wilkes 7/11/1897 - 6/13/1957
Wilkes Ruth Infant dau of T. B. & Mittie Wilkes  3/5/1934 - 3/25/1934
Children of G. W. & Mary J. Wilkes: Wilkes Percy  12/25/1885 - 10/14/1888  and Wilkes Murphy  2/24/1888 - 10/22/1888 "Percy and Murphy 
are children of George Wilkes and Mary Jane McInnis. She was Mr. R. Carol McLean's grandmother."  

Wilkes James A. 7/25/1875 - 3/10/1950 "He was a son of Mr. Abraham Wilkes, Mrs. Nan Boyle McRae's See his photo 
grandfather. He married Miss Penelope Wilkes who was a daughter of Mr. 'Wash' Wilkes."
Wilkes Penelope A. wife of J. A. Wilkes  8/31/1878 - 9/23/1958
Wilkes James A.  2/10/1910 - 4/13/1986
Wilkes Emily W. wife of James A. Wilkes  3/17/1911 - 9/6/1990 "Emily White Wilkes was a sister to Stella 
White Boyle, the wife of John A. Boyle."
Wilkes Ruby Vest  9/20/1920 - 3/16/1993 "Ruby was a sister of Alice Hudson and Mrs. Mamie York.  There were several brothers and sisters."

York Hugh Irving 12/8/1903 - 6/23/1961 York Mamie Wilkes  12/27/1905 - 6/2/1989

Yow H. Jackson  7/1/1862 - 1/9/1929 
Yow Mollie McLean wife of Jack Yow  8/10/1876 - 10/13/1948 "She was a sister of John McLean and 
the 'Addor' McLeans. Most of them did not  marry.

People who have died since 1996 or were missed on previous list.
Blue, Emily Anne   April 8, 1995 (Infant)
Bowman, Gladys Mae G.   1918 or April 10, 1920 (?)   -  1995
Boyle, Beulah M.   January 23,1904 (?)   -   March 27, 1996
Boyle, Daniel Ernest   May 09, 1938   -  April 14, 2002
Brown, Emma Lou Daniels     March 14, 1922    -  March 03, 1998
Bullard, William Haws     February 09, 1926    -   September 08, 1996
Butler, John    October 22, 1896   -  ( d. not recorded)  John is thought to be a son of James B. and Cornelia Odom Butler.
Bundy, Ruby T. (Terry)    October 01, 1909   -   March 27, 1999
Chappell, Elaine Sparks  (illegible) 20, 1950 - January 16, 2002
Chappell, James Elmore  January 02, 1911 - March 17, 2000
Coan, Mary Lois   September 02, 1926 - June 25, 2002
Daniels, Maggie   September 22, 1904 - July 28, 1995
Dawkins, Son of Robert & Carolyn (dates?)
Dick, Lawrence Alexander  October 17, 1915 - June 27, 2000
Greene Sr., Phillip R.   August 03, 1944 - December 12, 1999
Hanselman, Lucille Lathan   September 26, 1914 - April 13, 2002
Goodwin, Fannie Love   June 28, 1920 (d. not recorded)
Helms, Celia McLean    March 05, 1921 - May 14, 2000
Helms, Coy C.  April 07, 1920 - June 17, 1997
Hubbard Blanche Tunstall   February 07, 1912 - July 18, 2001
Lathan, Howard W.   November 17, 1927 - December 15, 2002
Lathan, Hubert Alton   November 19, 1916 - March 27, 2001
Layton, Mary McLean   April 12, 1923 - April 05, 1997
Lisk, Jesse Lee   August 30, 1928 - December 21, 2001
Love, Efird E.   April 03, 1924 - November 20, 1992
Matherson, Martha J. Chappell   April 18, 1941 - September 03, 1996
McDonald, Alma McDonald   March 08, 1909 - March 11, 2004
McDonald, Daniel Leonard   November 25, 1911 - April 16, 2004
McDuffie, Henry Riggan (Sonny)   November 06, 1930 - September 22, 1996
McLean, Lawrence                            2004
Morrison, Jessie   September 04, 1908 - December 11, 1996
Ormsby, Bertha Williams   June 24, 1907 - February 07, 1907
Ormsby, Effie Marie   March 17, 1931 - January 07, 1998
Phillips, Braxton William    June 28, 1994 - July 10, 1994
Phillips, Polyanna Cobb   December 12, 1996 - September 26, 1996
Presslar, Martin L.   January 06, 1927 - April 12, 1997
Robinson, Richard Thomas (Tom) Jr.   August 20, 1929 - August 02, 1999
Scholl, Elaine M.   October 20, 1916 - June 24, 1999
Scholl, Paul V. Sr.   May 27, 1913 - June 09, 1995
Sears, Florence   August 25, 1992 - October 21, 1989
Sears, Katie Chappell   March 21, 1964 - December 22, 1999
Sears, Infant Twins of Katie C. Sears
Smith, Infant Dau. of J. B.   May 13, 1938
Smith, Infant Dau. of J. B.   November 01, 1924
Springer, Phebe G.   December 13, 1906 - February 27, 2000
Tucker, Betty Jean Williams   June 03, 1931 - January 07, 1998
Wade, Linda Tharp Chappell   July 07, 1945 - July 23, 2004
Walker, Katherine Williams   December 05, 1936 - January 16, 2002
Walters, Eli Thomas (Pete)   December 14, 1935 - July 05, 2002
Williams, Nancy L. Butler   April 17, 1940 - February 19, 1999
Williams, Randall Jarvis   March 28, 1956 - July 02, 1997
Williams, Ruth Williams   April 29, 1912 - October 08, 2002


Cheraw chronicle. (Cheraw, S.C.), 11 April 1912
Aged Indian Doctor in Northern Part of Marlboro County
	Dr. Jessie S. Haire died at his home in Smithville township, near the state line, last Friday, of jaundice. The funeral services
 were conducted by Rev. Franklin Quick at Marks Creek church Saturday.
	Dr. Haire was 86 years of age according to James McArthur, who took the census in that township in April 1910 when Dr. Haire gave 
his age as 84.
	Dr. Haire was known as an Indian doctor and had an extensive practice in the sand hill section on both sides of the state line, 
and is said to have cured many ailments that were given up by other physicians. In his latter years he had associated with him his 
son Haas, in the practice of medicine and the operation of a drug store, under the firm name of Dr. J.S. Haire and Son.
	Dr. Haire was a well read man and an interesting character.-Pee Dee Advocate

Rockingham post-dispatch. volume (Rockingham, N.C.), 14 March 1918
Over the County
	*Mrs. Frances Terry, of Marks Creek neighborhood, is visiting relatives at McColl, S.C., and expects to be gone several weeks.
	*John McRae and John Cameron, at home on furlough from Camp Jackson, spent several days including Sunday with friends on route 1, Hamlet.
	*Mrs. Catharine Wilkes, whose home was with her nephew, Mr. Archie Wilkes, near Marks Creek Church, died suddenly late Friday 
afternoon of heart failure. The funeral was held at Marks Creek church Sunday morning and was largely attended. For fifty years she 
had been a devoted member of the Presbyterian church and was highly esteemed by all who knew her.
	On account of the funeral of Miss Wilkes, it was not practicable for Rev. Mr. Young, of Hamlet, to hold service expected last
Sunday afternoon at Marks Creek Church, but he is expected there next Sunday, March 17th, at 3 p.m., and it is hoped a large congregation 
will to out to hear him. Everybody is invited.
	Six thousand fruit trees were put out last week in the new orchard on the Hoffman road four miles northeast of Hamlet.

Rockingham post-dispatch. volume (Rockingham, N.C.), 13 June 1918
McPHERSON-John McPherson, aged 87 years, 6 months, died at Hoffman June 12th; funeral at Mark's Creek church today.

Rockingham post-dispatch. volume (Rockingham, N.C.), 30 Jan. 1919
Marks Creek Township
	L. Barrington died of pneumonia-influenza in Marks Creek Township on the 24th
	*Mr. Duncan McDuffie died in Florida Tuesday of last week, and the remains were brought to Marks Creek Presbyterian 
church for interment last Sunday.

Rockingham post-dispatch. volume (Rockingham, N.C.), 25 Sept. 1919
Pastor at Roberdel and Cameronia
	Rev. W.R. Coppedge has returned to the pastorate of Roberdel and PeeDee Presbytericn churches, after a lapse of 
several years. He was pastor of Cameronia from 1895 to 1907, and of Roberdel from 1895 to 1912. He has continued to 
serve Mark's Creek church, and will also serve Brainerd church at Roberdel No. 2.

Rockingham post-dispatch. volume (Rockingham, N.C.), 11 March 1920
	**The 22nd flu death is that of Mrs. J.H. McDuffie, which occurred March 10th at the home of her father, T.O. Riggan, at 
Cognac. The funeral was at Marks Creek church this afternoon, by her pastor. Mrs. McDuffie was a teacher of the Cognac school, 
and a most lovable woman who will be sadly missed in her community.

Rockingham post-dispatch. volume (Rockingham, N.C.), 02 Feb. 1922
Veteran Dead
	Mr. Alex McInnis died at the County Home Monday of cancer, and was buried Tuesday in the McDonald family graveyard near 
Ledbetter's. Mr. McInnis was 75 years old. He was a faithful soldier in the 7th battalion Confederate army, and was a member 
of Marks Creek Presbyterian Church. Rev. Mr. Coppedge officiated at the funeral.
	The newly organized chapter of UDC sent a wreath tied with the red and white, the Confederate colors, for his grave, this 
being the first official act of the new Chapter.

Rockingham post-dispatch. volume (Rockingham, N.C.), 26 Aug. 1920
Marks Creek Church
	An interesting series of meetings were closed at Marks Creek Presbyterian Church on Friday, Aug 20, resulting eleven accessions 
to the membership. The pastor, Rev. W.R. Coppedge, was assisted by Rev. H.M. Pressly, of Charlotte. Bro. pressly's preaching was earnest, 
evangelical and instructive. Though in his 75th year, he speaks with animation, and his sermons left impressions that will bring forth 
fruit for many years. The church seems to have been greatly strengthened by this series of services.

Rockingham post-dispatch. volume (Rockingham, N.C.), 30 Nov. 1922
	By virtue of the powers contained in a certain mortgage deed executed by Caesar McSween to Z.V. Pate on April 17th, 1915, and 
which is recorded in the office of Register of Deeds for Richmond county in Book 95 at page 92, default having been made in the payment 
of the note secured thereby, the undersigned mortgagee will, at the court house door in Rockingham, N.C. on Saturday, the 23rd day of 
December, 1922 at 12 o'clock, M., offer for sale to the highest bidder for cash the following described tract of land, to-wit;
	A tract of land in Marks Creek Township, Richmond county, N.C., being one-half of 100 acres formerly owned by Sarah McSween, deceased, 
known as the McKinnon land, lying on the North side of Chalk Fork creek, entered by David Allison in his entry of 32,000 acres February 
23rd, 1795, beginning at the beginning corner of said 100 acres and runs North 65 degrees West 25 chains to a corner; thence South 25 
degrees West 20 chains to a corner; thence South 65 degrees East 25 chains to a corner; thence North 25 degrees East 20 chains to the 
beginning, containing 50 acres, more or less. The above tract of land being the same tract was conveyed to Caesar McSween by Effie and 
Margaret McSween by deed dated October 9, 1883, and recorded in office of Register of Deeds for Richmond county, Nov. 2, 1885. This 
November 22nd, 1922. Z.V. Pate, Mortgagee. Bynum & Henry, Attorneys

The State Chronicle - Raleigh, NC - January 7, 1886
****Married on the 22nd instant, near Marks Creek church, at the residence of M. McDuffie, by Rev. A.N. Ferguson, Mr. Pleasant Smith 
and Miss Mary C. McDuffie, all of Richmond County, NC

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