Established 1877
Listings ontributed by Alan Stubbs
This Cemetery is actually in Scotland County, south east of the town of Gibson, NC and south west of 
the town of Laurinburg, NC. Sandra Elliott   6-12-2012. Contact: Myrtle Bridges
Tombstone						Additional Information

Isaac Mason						Husband of Anna Jane Capel 
B. Sept. 2, 1814					Son of Isaac & Rebecca Everette Mason
D. Aug. 5, 1877					CSA
Age 62 9mo 3da

Annie Jane 						Anna Jane Capel Mason
B. Jun. 2, 1818					Dau. Of William Coppedge & Anna Baldwin 
D. May 11, 1899					Capel
Wife of Isaac Mason
Age 80 10m0 9d

Edmond J. Mason					Son of Isaac and Anna Jane Capel Mason
B. Nov. 9, 1847					Husband of Sophronia Jane Wright 
D. Feb. 19, 1920					CSA

Sophronia J. Mason				Sophronia Jane Wright Mason
B. Sept. 24, 1847				Wife of Edmond J. Mason
D. Mar. 12, 1928

Bertie B. Gibson				Bertie Bell Mason Gibson
B. Dec. 18, 1880				Wife of Floyd Pittman Gibson
D. Jan. 3, 1918

Floyd P. Gibson					Floyd Pittman Gibson Husband of Bertie Bell Mason
B. Dec. 12, 1880				Obit: Floyd P. Gibson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
D. Feb. 16, 1919				Gibson, of Rockingham, died at an Asheville Sanatorium
						Sunday morning, where he had been seeking to recover
						his health. The remains were brought to Rockingham
						Tuesday morning and carried to Mason's Cross, near
						Gibson, for interment.
							Mr. Gibson was born Dec. 12, 1880. He was married 
						Dec. 18, 1901, his wife dying Jan. 4, 1918. Four children
						survive: Willie, Elmo, Nannie C., and E.J. He was a member
						of the Methodist church and his friends will learn of
						his demise with sincere regret.
						Rockingham post-dispatch, 20 Feb. 1919 (Bridges)

Elmo F. Gibson					S/B Floyd Elmo Gibson
B. Dec. 22, 1904
D. Nov. 26, 1926

James C. Mason					James Capel Mason	Husband of Mary Gibson 
 1846-1938						B. Feb. 11, 1846
						            D. May 29, 1938
							He was last living Confederate Veteran in 
							Scotland County.

Mary Gibson Mason					Wife of James Capel Mason

Jesse B. Mason					Jesse Baldwin Mason
1852-1931						B. Oct. 30, 1856?
						Husband of Elizabeth Jane Gibson

Eliza G. Mason					Elizabeth Jane Gibson
1852-1931						Wife of Jesse Baldwin Mason

Oscar W. McManus					Husband of Margaret Irene Mason
B. Feb. 12, 1883
D. Jan. 2, 1969

Margaret M. McManus				Wife of Oscar W. McManus & Daughter of 
B. April 27, 1876					James Capel & Mary Gibson Mason	
D. Oct. 18, 1959

Francis N. McManus				Niece of Oscar W. McManus
B. Dec. 5, 1913
D. April 28, 1989

Mary Presley Bostick
B. May 8, 1896
D. Dec. 10, 1946

Presley Thomas Bostick				Husband of Mary F. Gibson
B. Mar. 30, 1859
D. Sept. 18, 1927

Mary F. Gibson Bostick				Wife of Presley Thomas Bostick
B. Jan. 11, 1861
D. Oct. 2, 1936

Gladys Gibson Bostick				Dau. of Presley Thomas & Mary F. Gibson 
B. 1903						Bostick
D. 1920
Dau. of P.T. & M.F. Bostick

Ruby Earnestine Bostick				Dau. of Presley Thomas & Mary F. Gibson
B. 1900						Bostick
D. 1915
Dau. of P.T. & M.F. Bostick

Francis Smith Bostick
No other information

Jesse M. Bostick
B. 1882
D. 1908

James E. Bostick					Husband of Charlotte F. Bostick
B. Dec. 15, 1880
D. Nov. 25, 1963

Charlotte F. Bostick					Wife of James E. Bostick
B. Jul. 3, 1879
D. Jan. 22, 1965

Martha Coble					Martha Mason				      
B. Jan. 28, 1839 					Dau. of Isaac Mason & unknown Hicks
D. April 10, 1919					Wife of Peter N. Coble

Peter N. Coble					Husband of Martha Mason
B. Jan. 21, 1840
D. Jun. 23, 1898

Anna Lee Coble					Dau. of Peter N. & Martha Mason Coble
B. Aug. 15, 1878
D. May 10, 1890
Dau. Of PN & Martha Coble

Infant Son of Wilson & Margaret Stubbs

Volney Claude Mason				1st Husband of Hattie Stubbs Mason Shwnes
B. Sept. 22, 1878
D. Sept. 9, 1928

Hattie Stubbs Mason Shwnes			Wife of Volney Claude Mason
B. Dec. 31, 1882
D. Feb. 16, 1966

Nancy Ann Jones					She was a nurse that helped with the Mason 
1852-1921						family.

James I. Mason
B. Jun. 29, 1887
D. Aug. 7, 1887
Son of J.B. & Eliza Mason

Mary Etta Mason		
B. July 10, 1880
D. Sept. 25, 1882
Dau. Of J. B. & Eliza Mason

B. & D. Nov. 30, 1885
Infant Dau. Of P.R. & Octavia Mason

P. R. Mason						Pleasant R. Mason
D. Dec. 1, 1899					B. Aug. 3, 1849
49 yrs. 3 mos. 27 days				Son of Isaac & Anna Jane Capel Mason

Ann Hurley						Ann Mason Daughter of Isaac & Rebecca
B. 1812-1877						Everette Mason & Wife of Samuel Hurley
		  					B. Mar. 19, 1812

Vinnie V. Mason					Daughter of William I. & Nancy Ann Gibson
B. Oct. 13, 1888					Mason	
D. Nov. 19, 1889
Dau. Of Wm. & Nancy Mason

In Memory of
Nancy Ann Mason
Dau. Of James & Nancy Gibson
B. Jul. 12, 1854
D. Jul. 10, 1906
Wife of W I Mason

Parks Chappell					Husband of Eliza Jane Chappell
B. Feb. 19, 1842					School Teacher
D. Oct. 26, 1890					CSA
Age 48 8 mos. 7 days

Eliza Jane
D. Oct. 19, 1882
Wife of Parks Chappell
Age 35 ? mos. 1 day

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