Surveyed by Woodford Sherrill and Jack Ingram
This cemetery is located on Freeman Mill Road south of Hamlet off Hwy 177. Turn west off #177 and the cemetery 
is on a side road that veers to the left side. It is visible after you turn onto Freeman Mill Road.  It has a 
chained link fence around it.  Nell Brown

Freeman Ida	1872	1875	d/o G.J. & Mary A. Freeman
Freeman	Rebecca	  6-30-1893	  9-2-1965	
Freeman	Samuel C.	3-1-1832	10-8-1872	CSA 38th Regt.
Freeman	Thomas	1869	1875	s/o G.J. & Mary A. Freeman
Freeman William	  5-2-1801	  1-6-1877	
Freeman	Willie	1861	1863	s/o G.J. & Mary A. Freeman
Freeman W.M.	   8-31-1860	  9-12-04	
Register Martha Freeman	 5-1-1868	5-19-1893	 
Willoughby Henry J.	  9-12-1835	  4-9-26	CSA Co.'H' 43rd Regt.
Willoughby Mary Ann	  10-191-1839	5-18-11	w/o Henry J. Willoughby
Willoughby Polly M.	  1799	  1877	  w/o Willis Willoughby
Willoughby Willis	1785	1871	

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