"I have not connected my McKeller family to the others in NC. All my information is from Barbour County Al where they settled." Betty      Posted May 26, 2004 by Myrtle Bridges

NEILL MCKELLER born around 1796 NC died between 1860-1866 Barbour Co AL, married 
5 Jan 1826 Richmond Co NC {by J. L. Morris  Justice of Peace} SARAH MCINNIS born around 
1796 NC died between 1860-1866 Barbour Co AL burial site for Neill and Sarah not found   
[According to census records Neill could have been born anywhere from 1787-1796]

Known Children:
1. Martha Ann McKeller born 26 June 1836 NC died 20 Dec 1903 AL first 
marriage 25 Jan 1854 to James Seagers in Barbour County AL [I don't know what 
happened to James. Martha was living back at home with her parents in the 1860 
census.] second marriage 15 May 1861 to Stephen S Mooneyham in Barbour County AL, 
Stephen born 1833 GA died 26 Mar 1911 AL   Martha and Stephen are buried Salem 
Cemetery, Dale Co AL 

2. John A McKeller born 19 Dec 1839 AL died 31 Dec 1904 AL married 12 April 
1868 Barbour Co AL to Leacy Thomas born 6 April 1835 AL died 5 Dec 1908 AL John 
A and Leacy are buried Salem Cem 

3. Carolyn "Jincey" McKeller born 1840 AL buried Concord Cem Bar Co AL no 
marker first marriage 6 Feb 1862 to James Ramsey Barbour Co AL [no information on 
this marriage] second marriage to Jonas Clark 23 April 1874 Barbour Co AL 

Notes on Neill McKeller and Sarah McInnis: Most marriages were recorded in 
the county where the bride lived. So Sarah was could have been from Richmond Co. 
NC. Neill may have been from there also. They may have lived in the 
Ellerbe-Norman area. This is the area where the Mt. Carmel Presbyterian Church is 
located. This is also the area where the two McInnis sisters lived, who married 
Sarah's brothers, John B. and Hector McInnis. If the dates of birth are close to 
being correct, then Neill and Sarah were around 30 yrs. old when they married. 
There are three known children. According to the 1840 Barbour Co. AL census 
there was another male between the age of 10-15 years. He was not with the 
family in the 1850 census. He could have been a son, who either died or moved 
away. Martha was born 10 years after Neill and Sarah were married. If the other 
male was a son he was born from 1 to 4 years after the marriage. There would be 
a span of about 8 tears between his and Martha's birth. There is a good 
possibility there were more children. Since Martha Ann McKeller was born in NC in 
1836 and John A. McKeller was born in AL in 1839, the family must have moved to 
AL from NC about 1837 or 1838. The location of the first land bought by Neill 
McKeller in Barbour Co. Al. was located along Little Judy Creek.

Notes on Sarah McInnis:
Found her maiden name in the will of her brother, John B. McInnis, Barbour Co 
AL, he named a sister Sarah McKellar from Bar. Co AL, as one of his heirs, 
and according to the census records, there was only one Sarah McKeller in Bar 
Co., his other heirs were: sister-Effy Dawkins, sister-- Nancy McLean, 
sister-in-law Jane McInnis, niece-- Jane Danford [she inherited land known as Frank 
Miles place], niece-Matilda Currie [he left her the remainder of his estate, 
because she had taken care of him since his wife died] 

Notes on possible child of Neill and Sarah: [I have not been able to verify 
for myself that Malinda Jane was a McKeller and no proof if she was a daughter 
of Neill and Sarah] Genealogy sources I have had contact with say that Malinda 
Jane Danford wife of Joseph Danford was Malinda Jane McKeller. Malinda Jane 
and Joseph are buried at Antioch Cemetery Barbour Co AL. Tombstone records and 
census records would indicate that Malinda was born about 1820 in NC and died 
3 Nov 1891 Barbour County AL and that Joseph was born 15 Jan 1813 NC died June 
1896 Barbour County AL. 

Martha Ann McKeller daughter of Neill Mckeller and Sarah McInnis was born 26 
July 1836 NC died 20 Dec 1903 AL first marriage to James Segars 25 Jan 1854 
[don't know what happened to James, Martha was living at home with parents in 
1860] second marriage to Stephen S Mooneyham 15 May 1861 Bar Co AL Stephen born 
1833 GA died 26 Mar 1911 AL Martha and Stephen are buried at Salem Baptist 
Church Cem Dale Co AL 

Children of Martha and Stephen:
1. John M Mooneyham born July 1865 AL died 1947 AL married 18 Oct 1888 
Barbour County Al to Emma Kennedy born May 1870 died 1948 [Emma was the daughter of 
Thomas G and Elizabeth Kennedy] John and Emma are buried at Salem Baptist 
Church Cemetery 

2. Neal Monroe Mooneyham born 26 Dec 1866 died 18 Sept 1937 married 7 Dec 
1889 to Alcy "Ailcy" A Phillips born 11 April 1867 died 2 Feb 1939 buried Salem Cem,

3. Henry Noah Mooneyham born 10 June 1869 died 22 Mar 1947 first marriage to 
Ellen "Ella" Jane Casey 2 Jan 1890 Ellen born 18 Feb 1872\1874 died 31 Aug 
1912 second marriage to Mrs Lizzie Wilkes 4 July 1913 Lizzie born 6 Sept 1885 
died 24 Dec 1955 all three are buried Salem Cem Dale Co Al

4. Martha Jane Mooneyham born 8 March 1872 died 3 Feb 1885 buried Salem Cem 
Dale Co Al

5. Daniel T Mooneyham born July 1874 died 1910 married 22 April 1894 to 
Clifford "CLIFF" Kennedy born Feb 1873\1876 died 1910 buried Salem Cem, [Cliff was 
the daughter of Claude Kennedy and Mary Ann Elizabeth Stokes]

6. Simon "Sim" Moonyham born 20 April 1877 died 30 Mar 1930 married in 1906 
to Etta Segars  born 19 Sept 1880 died 18 Mar 1957 buried Salem Cem
Notes for Stephen Mooneyham: Stephen Mooneyham's parents were Stephen and 
Mary Mooneyham. They are buried at Salem Cem. Dale Co. Also buried next to 
Stephen and his parents is his sister Adeline Mooneyham
Stephen Mooneyham died 20 July 1888, age about 93 yrs
Mary wife of Stephen Mooneyham died 12 July 1897, age 86 years
Adeline Mooneyham b 1823 or 1828, d 15 April 1907

Family of John A McKeller and Leasy Thomas:
1. Neil William McKeller born 3 April 1869 AL died 24 Aug 1925 AL married 19 
Dec 1890 in Barbour Co Al to Frances Matilda Kennedy born 17 Nov 1870 TX died 
6 Feb 1954 AL [she was the daughter of Claude Kennedy and Mary Ann Elizabeth 
Stokes, she was the sister of Cliff Kennedy who married Dan Mooneyham] [she was 
the first cousin of Emma Kennedy who married John Mooneyham] [Neil's middle 
name at birth  was Obediah but he changed it to William, do       not know why] 
Neil and Fannie are buried at Salem Cem Dale Co AL

2. Daniel Abram McKeller born 19 Oct 1871 Bar Co AL died 17 Feb 1951 Jakins 
GA married 15 Oct 1893 Bar Co AL to Mary Frances "Fannie" Williams born 15 Jan 
1871 Covington Co AL died  4th or 5th  Jan 1951 Jakins or Donaldsonville, GA 
[her parents were William J. and Cathran Williams] Daniel and Fannie buried at 
Mt Olive Church, Bascom, FL

3. John Elec McKeller born 11 Oct 1874 died 8 Nov 1946 married  6 April 1899 
Barbour Co AL to Sarah Catherine Kennedy born 4 Aug 1874 AL died 24 May 1948 AL 
[she was the daughter of Claude Kennedy and Mary Ann Elizabeth Stokes, Kate Kennedy 
McKeller, Fannie Kennedy           McKeller, and Cliff Kennedy Mooneyham were 
sisters, they had another sister Emma Kennedy who married Charlie Doster] John and 
Kate buried Salem Cem Dale Co AL

Family of Neil William McKeller and Fannie Kennedy:
1. Archie Lee McKeller born 9 Sept 1890 Bar Co AL died 4 Mar 1975 Chatt  FL 
[the first              census record on Arch recorded him being born in 1891, 
and this is probably the right date]

2. Gussie Matilda McKeller born 16 Sept 1892  Bar Co AL died 17 Dec 1893 
buried Salem  Cem Dale Co AL

3. Johnnie Lafayette McKeller born 5 Aug 1894 Bar Co AL died 30 Dec 1935 AL 
buried Salem Cem Dale Co Al 

4. Girlie Leisey McKeller born 26 Sept 1896 Bar Co AL died 11 Oct 1989 Ocala 
FL buried Antioch Cem Barbour Co Al

5. Ala Lokie McKeller born 26 Aug 1898 Bar Co AL died 31 July 1993 Litha 
Springs GA buried Pea River Cem Barbour Co Al

6. Cellie Clifford McKeller born 2 Sept 1900 Bar Co AL died 12 June 1988 
Ozark AL buried Salem Cem Dale Co Al

7. Jessie McKeller b 4 Sept 1902 AL d 11 Aug 1937 Clio AL buried Salem Cem

8. Nealie Aubrey McKeller b 15 Aug 1904 Bar Co AL d 14 April 1972 AL married 

2 May 1942 Barbour Co AL to Odie Lou Evans b 1 March 1918 AL d 1 Sept 1976 Bar 
Co AL buried Salem Cem Dale Co AL [Odie was the daughter of Buckana "Buck" 
Evans and Minnie Flora Cox, they are buried at Antioch Cem, Bar Co AL] Neil and 
Odie were the parents of two daughters Betty Jane McKeller [Chidree] b 11 Oct 
1945 Bar Co AL resides Ozark AL and Minnie Rebecca McKeller resides PA

9. Shellie Roy McKeller b 15 Sept 1907 Bar Co AL d 16 Jan 1943 WW11

10. Lewie Brackin McKeller b 26 Jan 1910 Bar Co AL d 4 Oct 1976, Dothan AL 
buried Salem Cem

Family of Daniel Abram McKeller and Mary Frances Williams
1. Daniel Carlie McKeller b 22 March 1893, Bar Co AL, d 4 Jan 1959
2. Charlie Alexander McKeller b Barbour Co Al
3.Katie Ann McKeller b 9 Feb 1897 Bar Co AL d 15 Sept 1966
4. Harvey Abram McKeller b 25 July 1900 Bar Co AL d 24 Aug 1976 
5. Leasie Ellen McKeller b 25 Dec 1905 Bar Co AL d 10 Dec 1995
6. Cullie Ester McKeller b 11 Nov 1907 Bar Co AL
7. Fannie Mae McKeller b 28 May 1910 Bar Co AL d 13 Dec 1974
8. Dovie Jewel McKeller b 10 Oct 1912 Bar Co AL died 15 March 1999
Family of John Elec McKeller and Sarah Catherine Kennedy:
1. Vessie Lecie Mary McKeller b 3 May 1904 d 11 June 1989 Enterprise, AL
2. Verlie Becky Ander McKeller b 1908
3. Vera Johnnie McKeller b 21 July 1911 Bar Co AL d 24 Dec 1984 Bar Co AL
4. Nancy Jane McKeller b 1918
Family of Jincy Carolyn McKeller
1. Rudy ? Ann born 1865
2. Tildy born 1867
3. Annie born 3 May 1872 died 16 Oct 1945 married Robert "Bob" Grant Comander 
22 July 1894 buried Salem Cem
4. Sarah Clark born 1875
5. John Wilbur Clark b 20 May 1876 Bar Co AL d 4 Nov 1955 Houston Co AL
6. Dan Clark b 1878 Bar Co AL

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