Surveyed by Woodford Sherrill and Jack Ingram
Contact: Myrtle Bridges  Feb. 25, 2002

"Found the McKinnon cemetery at Osborne.  Took more knocking on doors than wondering through the woods. Finally found an elderly 
black gentleman who knew exactly where it was. Also remembered people coming from Florida for many years to clean up the cemetery. 
He said no one came for a long time and a Mr. Neil Smith started taking care of it, but he was not sure if that was the correct name. 
After Mr. Smith died, no one had been in many years. I can attest to that. 

Two of the largest markers had fallen or been pushed over. Nothing was broken or missing. I have a feeling the bases settled and the 
tops fell over. Most of the markers need a very good cleaning so much lichen and moss. Some look like they had been rubbed with chalk 
or flour but on closer examination it was lichen.

We saw no evidence of any burials in a long time. Capt George W. McKinnon's CSA marker which had been placed ground level directly in 
front of his original tombstone. I do not know when it was placed there but there was plenty of pine straw and leaves to indicate it 
had been several years."  

Directions to McKinnon cemetery at Osborne, NC: 
It is exactly 4 miles south from where hwy 177 from Hamlet crosses hwy 74 bypass. Approximately 100 feet from the NC/SC state line 
turn left onto Holmes Rd. It is a dirt road and marked pvt to keep through traffic out. Continue down Holmes Rd for approximately 
one quarter mile driving next to pasture land. As soon as pine and black jack oak start on the left, you need to start looking. 
There are no signs identifying the cemetery. However, there is an old pointed 4x4 wooden post and hog wire fence around the perimeter. 
The part of fence closest to Holmes road is down, but can be seen. There are no provisions made for parking so I just pulled over 
enough so others could pass. The cemetery is an easy walk, but does need a good cleaning of underbrush to remove large amounts of 
poison oak plants.  Gerald L Pait   May 24, 2015

McKinnon Artela Frances	6-15-1858	3-5-1866	d/o George W. & Margaret M. McKinnon
McKinnon George W.	6-15-1825	8-29-1897	 s/o Sarah Campbell McKinnon
McKinnon George W.	10-7-1899	11-25-1921	s/o W. W. & Littla F. McKinnon
McKinnon Grace E.	11-22-1905	12-25-1957	  d/o William Washington McKinnon & Littla Frances Boahn McKinnon (d/o Charles L. Boahn 1845-1930 and Mary Steen b. 1847)
McKinnon John T.	12-11-1870	6-8-1937	 s/o George W. and Margaret McKinnon
McKinnon Littla F.	1-22-1872	2-22-1945	  w/o W. W. McKinnon
McKinnon Margaret M.	8-14-1826	6-11-1899	w/o George W. McKinnon (1825-1897)
McKinnon Mary Littla	1-5-1877	3-6-1915	w/o John T. McKinnon
McKinnon Sara Catherine	11-20-1851	8-30-1855	d/o George W. & Margaret M. McKinnon
McKinnon W. W.	9-30-1857	2-15-1929	 
Walters	Sara	(April) 1821	11-1-01	w/o George W. Walters (b. April 1821) d/o Sarah Campbell McKinnon
Watson William B.	1-4-1891	10-10-1891	s/o Alex & Rebecca J. Watson

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