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"Many years ago I was taken to this cemetery by my late father-in-law, who was the son of the Sallie McNair McNeill listed here. I guess you would say it was near Laurel Hill, and not too far from the old McNair place, where the mill was. I will try to get better directions if I can, it was hidden in woods then." Catherine McNeill     Posted March 24, 2004 by Myrtle Bridges

Sacred to the memory of John Morrison
Who departed this life Dec. 2, 1838
aged 76 years 

Erected  to the Memory of Mary
Consort of John Morrison
Died Aug 7, 1829
aged 60 years.

A wooden marker

A short distance away
Charles and Addis sons 
of J.H. and Isabel Lee
died 1900, and 1903

Shockley Gibson

Kelly infant.

Another group
Sara E. Currie
March 18, 1833-Nov.6, 1892

Duncan C. Currie
Died Nov. 18, 1893
aged abt. 71

Two infants of J.K. and Minnie Currie
David Lamar and Sally P.
either no dates or failed to copy

Another group, part ot the rest of the burials, all seem to be one grouping from here to the end of listing.
In Memory of Elizabeth Buchanan
Died Dec. 31, 1871
Aged about 70(?) years

In Memory of John Buchanan
Died 24 Aug., 1866
Aged  96 years

In Memory of Sarah, wife of John Buchanan
Died Nov 2(?),1856
aged about 70  years

In Memory of Mary Ann Buchanan
who died May 1831
aged 1 yr. and 1 mo.

Sacred to the Memory of
Mrs Mary Buchanan
who was born June 29, 1806
died May 10, 1830
aged 23 yrs, 10 mos. 11 dau.

All of the rest are enclosed within an iron fence.
In Memory of
Margaret, Consort of Gilbert McMillan
Who died Nov 7, 1817
Aged 42 Years

In Memory Of Archibald
son of Gilbert McMillan
who died Oct, 1823
aged 25 years

In Memory of Gilbert McMillan
who died March 10, 1832
aged  6(?)9 years.

Margaret, dau. of Gilbert and Margaret McMillan
who died Oct 26th,1844
aged 45 years

In Memory of Wm. B. McMillan
June 3, 1858
Age 48

In Memory of  Margaret A. M. Patterson
died Dec. 25, 1855
aged 27 yrs, 4 days

John Patterson
Born Aug 10,1789
died Nov 14,1848
aged 59 yrs, 3 mos.,4das.

In Memory of Elizabeth 
dau. of Gilbert McMillan and consort
of John Patterson
died 28 April, 1833, aged 41 yrs.

In Memory of James Patterson
Born Sept 30th 1793
died Dec 19th, 1868

Katharine, consort of James Patterson
died July 26, 1849
aged 50 years

Eliz. C., dau of James and Catherine Patterson
born Nov (?), 1831
Died Feb.(?) 1863

In Mem. of Sarah J., dau. of James and Catherine Patterson
born March 18, 1828
died March 14(?), 1865

The following group consists of six headstone with initials, centered by one quite large monument with all of the names and dates on it, as follows:
Hector McMillan
born about 1814
died May 1, 1862

wife, Margaret
born 1815,died June 3, 1901

Mary Eliza McMillan
born Oct 17, 1836, died Nov. 15, 1857

Wm. F. McMillan
Born Sept 27, 1838
Died April 26, 1860

Sarah M. McMillan
born July 26,1840
died June 25, 1862

Henrietta McMillan
born May 12, 1842
died June 9, 1864

Ellen McMillan
born May 15, 1846
died May 27, 1863

Sallie McMillan second wife of Gilbert McMillan dau. of James Patterson
(the above stone was buried so deeply and firmly I was unable to read the rest)
Mary Jane
wife of G.M. Patterson
died Feb 28, 1867, aged 28

James A. Patterson
born Nov 25, 1823
died Aug 27, 1872
Mark the perfect man.

Sallie McNair
wife of John K. McNeill
born  Aug 9, 1856
died July 20, 1889

In Memory of 
Flora, wife of N.A. McNair
born Feb 3, 1823
died June 25, 1858
also their infant child.
Note: Concerning the last two above: Flora was a dau. of Gilbert McMillan, married Neill Adams McNair in 1854. Sallie McNair was her only surviving child, She married John Knox McNeill from the Waukulla section of Robeson Co. She also died rather young, leaving about six children, and was buried by her mother.

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