Surveyed by Woodford Sherrill and Jack Ingram

From intersection of Richmond County SR1465 & SR1471 (Patterson Road), drive E on SR1471 about .3 mi. (i.e. toward Drowning Creek) to an old logging road on right. This leads 100 yds S through woods to end at McNair Cemetery. (1 mile northwest of Naked Creek) Ray Rimmer

The additional listings and remarks shown in RED are from the Historical Records Survey of North Carolina, 1937-1938 by Mrs. Myrtle Porter Hamer.

Gaddy Lena Florence	2/9/12	1/9/1938	w/o R.E. Gaddy
McNair Angus M.	12/27/1880	1/16/1899	 
McNair Colon	1/16/1881	8/26/1942	 
McNair Daniel Luther	12/27/1898	8/30/1934	 
McNair D.M.	1848	1929  A Mason
McNair Duncan	10/31/1883	6/24/1936	 
McNair Ethel Louise	  7/15/17	6/15/1918	 
McNair John Archibald	9/8/1837	8/18/1913	Age 78 years; s/o John & Nancy McAulay McNair
McNair Martha E. Cox	7/29/1842	6/10/23	d/o Clem & Katie Cox w/o William M. McNair
McNair Neill F.	4/11/1878	6/22/1927	s/o Wm. M. & Martha E. Cox McNair
McNair Sarah M. Patterson	1858	1936	w/o D. M. McNair
McNair Vada	  3/21/05	12/18/33	did not marry  d/o Neil & Margaret Jones McNair
"Vada and her oldest sister Mary were especially close.  Vada was another right arm for Maggie.  
In the 1922 flu epidemic, 18-year-old Vada came home from her job as a nurse to help Maggie with the 
sick young children.  All the children recovered.  Flu strains then were often deadliest for young 
adults.  Vada became ill and died, of "double pneu-monie" it was said.  Maggie kept Vada's photo on 
her wall until her 1967 death."  --Thelma M. Rimmer
McNair William M.	2/16/1883	3/25/1913	 
Patterson Isabell	5/27/1883	7/18/01	 
McNair Isabel	1814	7/26/56	d/o John & Nancy McF. McNair
McNair John	1770	4/1841	s/o Edward & Mary McNair Wife: Nancy McFarland
McNair Mary	  No Date	No Date	d/o John & Nancy McF. McNair
McNair Nancy McFarland	1770s	1830s	d/o John & Sarah McFarland w/o John McNair

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