Surveyed by Woodford Sherrill and Jack Ingram

From Hamlet; 177 south to Battley Dairy Rd.south, go about 8 miles to with in a quater mile before Battley Dairy Rd reconnects to 177 south, turn right into the very next drive way after white Jim Walter house on the right (Amanda Pearse/Julius Pearse property) there will be a grove of trees but no house on this property. Follow the drive way around into the wooded area, go about .10 (one tenth) mile into the woods following this road and the Mumford cemetery is at the end of this road. Lyon Bell    Posted by Myrtle Bridges

Freeman Jane	9/5/1851	5/5/07	w/o J.O. Freeman
Freeman	Rozie A.	1808	1887	Mother of W.K. Freeman
Mumford	Tony M.	  No Date	6/12/1890	 
Mumford	W. H.	8/3/1853	4/27/1881	 
Mumford	William Washington	2/2/1880	7/18/07	s/o George W.& Martha Mumford
Mumford	Millie	2/28/1828	2/5/09	w/o T.M. Mumford
Mumford	Lancelott	1860	12/14/1884	s/o Tony M. & Millie Mumford

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February 25, 2002