Bible Records of Old Donald MacRae

Larry Cates generously shares his research notes on the McRae family. This data has been posted on this site because of the familiar MacRae names known to be in Richmond county. If you have anything to add please email him. Thanks! Myrtle Bridges. June 22, 2002

The earliest family mentioned in the following Bible record lived in Fayetteville from 1778.  Old Donald 
MacRae was a tailor with a shop on Dick and Gillespie Streets.  His son Finley, my ancestor, was also a tailor, 
sharing his shop for a while and then moving off to Montgomery County where his wife's family lived.

I do not have a copy of the original record.  The following manuscript is from a copy of a transcription owned 
by the Tennessee State Library, made originally by Annie S. Hackney in June of 1938.  She was working for the 
Maury County Bible, Family and Tombstone Records, Historical Records Project and made her copy from the Bible, 
then in the possession of Mr. T.W. Crowe of Columbia, Maury Co., TN.  

The Bible was printed by A. Paul, 72 Nassau St., New York, 1824.
Original Parantage of Donal MacRae born in Scotland.
Elizabeth McRae was born 20th May, 1762
Rodrick McRae was born -- Novr. 1764
Alexr. MacRae was born 14th June 1766
Findley McRae born 1768
Duncan McRae born 16th May 1769
Marsy [Mary?] McRae born 20 Dec. 1770
Ann McRae born 15th March 1773
Christopher McRae born in Fayette Ville North Carolina 24th July 1777
Margaret McRae born July 1779
Farquhard McRae born 20th Decr. 1781
Deaths of the original family of Donald McRae Deceased in America.
Ann McRae wife of Dond McRae Departed this life 23rd Dec. 1781
Donald McRae Departed this life 3 June 1789 3 O'Clock P.M.
Alexr. McRae a native of Scotland in Strath Glass Shaire of
Ross was maried to Rachel Helton of Orange County 8th Sept. 1796.
Donald McRae was born 10th Oct. 1797
Nancy McRae born 10th March 1799
Susanna P. McRae born 1st Feby 1801
Margaret R. McRae born 2nd July 1803
Elizabeth C. McRae born 21st Feb 1805
Duncan G. McRae born 22nd June 1809 [should be 1807]
Farquhard McRae born 22nd Augt. 1809 
Alexr. H. McRae born 3rd Octr. 1811
Deaths in the family of Alexr. McRae
Rachel McRae wife of Alexr. McRae was born 1st Jany 1773--she departed this life 15th Septr. 1823  Aged 50
years Eight months and 14 days
Alexander McRae Seignour departed this life 27th Decr 1843 Aged 77 years 6 months & 10 days
Daniel McRae departed this life April 5th 1852 aged 51 years 7 months and 10 days
Farquard McRae departed this life 13th May 1854 aged 45 years 3 months & 9 days
Alexander McRae Jr. Departed this life December 7th 1866 Aged 55 years 2 months 4 days
Marriages in the family of Alexr. McRae
Nancy McRae was married to Samuel McAdams the 18th Jany 1819
Susanna P. McRae was married to John R. Tolaferro 10th March 1819
Elizabeth McRae was married to Claborn Terril Hillard the 9th June 1830
Margaret McRae was married to John Stephenson the 11 of February 1829
Duncan McRae and S.E. Raimey was married 25th March 1840
Robert Alexander McRae was Born 21st March 1841
Martha Rachel Henrietta McRae was Born 26th of August 1842
Duncan McRae was Born 22 September 1845
Robt. Alex McRae Departed this life 26th March 1841 age 6 days
Sarah E. McRae departed this life 6th July 1848  Age 28 years 11 months & 22 days, was born 26th August 1819
Duncan McRae Sr. departed this life November 29th 1868 Aged 61 years 5 months and 7 days
Joseph Cook McRae was born May the 6th 1802

I will add the following notes about the earliest family members:

Roderick McRae (of Donald) (Nov 1764--8 Apr 1850) Moved first to Robeson Co., NC, then settled in Marlboro Co., 
SC. He married Margaret McRae (1777--Aug 1842)

Alexander McRae (of Donald) moved to Orange Co., NC, then to Maury Co., TN where he died as described above.

Findley McRae (of Donald) (1768--c. 1817) moved to Montgomery Co., NC, mid 1790's.  He had previously married,
c. 1788 Flora McRae, daughter of Duncan McRae of Montgomery County.

Duncan MacRae (16 May 1769--10 Feb 1837) m. Rhoda Young (1773--6 Jan 1854) and remained in Fayetteville where 
his family became very prominent citizens.

Ann McRae (b. 15 Mar 1773) married a McLean near Fayetteville, perhaps in Moore County.  He is usually thought 
to have been named Duncan McLean.

Christopher McRae (24 Jul 1777--1798) never married and supposedly died at sea.

Margaret McRae (b. Jul 1779) m. Henry Cook of Orange Co., NC

Farquhard McRae (20 Dec 1781--1819)  Never married.  Died in the Great Fire at Wilmington, late in 1819.

I am working on a book concerning this McRae family and their cousins in Montgomery County.  I would welcome 
any input from interested parties. Larry Cates
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