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William James Tunstall still remains much of a mystery.  According to living relatives 
he "stowed away" on a ship to America as a young man.  He was the youngest son, and a "black sheep".  
He had a good education and fine handwriting. This account gives some possible answers to his parentage 
and siblings in England.  There is still nothing on when/where/why he arrived in America, and nothing 
about his early life either here nor in England.

William James Tunstall was "born in England" according to censuses 1870 of Horry County, SC and 1880 
census of Harnett Co, NC.  On his marriage certificate of 22 Jan 1871 in Richmond Co, NC he lists his 
parents as John and Diana Tunstall.  

On June 10, 1819 a John Tunstall marriage to Diana Collison is recorded at St Anne's of Liverpool, Lancashire, 
England.  From this union four children are christened at St George's in Everton:  Diana 16 November 1825, Emily 
20 March 1828, John Collison, 1829 and William James 1831. Everton was a suburb of Liverpool, the registration 
district was West Derby at the March 1840 death of a Diana Tunstall.  She could be the mother of W J Tunstall.

The birth date of William James Tunstall is recorded as 23 July 1831, his christening 23 August 1831.  This differs 
exactly one year from the 23 July 1832 birth date of his tombstone record for King Cemetery, Laurel Hill, NC.
William J Tunstall had two children in the 1870 census, Diana Emily 3 and William James 6.  There is a Sarah C Tunstall 
age 31, who died 16 Dec 1867 buried at Hebron United Methodist church cemetery in Bucksville, SC.  Is it possible that 
this was the lst wife of W J Tunstall and the mother of these children?  Emily at age 13 was with William J and his 2nd 
wife in Harnett Co census of 1880.  No further mention of this son. William J Tunstall died 24 April 1898 and was buried 
in Laurel Hill at King cemetery.  

Emily Diane Tunstall [1867-19 June 1919] was a child of William James Tunstall and his lst wife, Sarah ?.  She had an 
older brother, Wm James, Jr...both born in "Conwayborough", SC.  Found Emily buried in Burke county at the "Deaf and 
Dumb Hospital" in Morganton, NC.  Their records state that she was already a widow at the age of 18 when she was admitted 
there.  She lived there for 34 years til she died and is buried in the hospital cemetery, plot r21,g25.  Their records 
do not give the husband's first name.  She was admitted as a resident of Anson.  She had lived in SC in 1860 with her 
father, brother and Margaret Jenrette, 11 yrs old.  In 1870 she was 13 yrs of age living with her father and his 2nd 
wife Margaret Helen [PERMENTER] TUNSTALL. (This paragraph added December 8, 2012 by Z. Cline)

Zelia H. Cline

The union of William J Tunstall and Margaret Helen Permenter was blessed with these children: 
1 Orilla Buck Tunstall [see James Floyd Gibson bio].

2 Mary Helen Tunstall was born 3 July 1875 and died June 5, 1905.  She is buried in King cemetery, Laurel Hill, NC.  
On Dec 17, 1890 she married  Noah Gibson.  She was the mother of Helen Walters Bailey, Mattie Belle McCormick, and 
William J Gibson, Sr.  

3 Margaret "Maggie" Tunstall was born 8 June 1879, and died 4 July 1921.  She was the wife of Zack Wright with whom 
she had Archie, Hallie, Harvey, Ollie, Buddy, Matthew, Mark, Pearl and Hunter Wright.

4 William Alexander Tunstall was born 29 Dec 1882 and died 21 Feb 1953.  He is buried at Marks Creek Presbyterian 
cemetery.  He was first married to Anna Justice with whom he had Buelah Mae, Laura Belle and Sullivan James Tunstall.  
He 2nd married Blanch Peele whose son was Edward Alexander Tunstall.

5 Sarah Ellen Tunstall was born 24 August 1884 and died 14 March 1966.  She is buried at Hillside cemetery.  On 12 Nov 1912 
she married Samuel W Bailey.  This union was blessed with Mary Belle, Jessie, Burnice, Lewis, and Franklin.  
She 2nd married Noah Gibson.  
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