Located near Jackson Springs, Moore County, NC
Shared by Trisha London

The Patterson Family Cemetery is SE of County road 1123 junction with county road 1122. Four cedar trees mark the spot. Cemetery is well kept.

Lauchlin Patterson (no dates)
Donald Franklin Patterson 1892-1965
Lucinda Ann McDonald wife of J.F. Patterson (1866-1952)
John Franklin Patterson (1868- 1941)
A.Alex Patterson (1875-1957)
Daniel E. Patterson (1844-1919)
Flora Jane Currie wife of Daniel E. Patterson 1845-1919)
Infant of D.E. and Flora Patterson 1877-1877
Mary V. Poole 1900-1904
William J. Poole 1863-1938
Margaret Patterson wife of Archibald Patterson 1846-1910
Archibald Patterson 1829-1897
Infant of A. and Margaret Patterson 1867-1869
Allen McDonald son of A. and M. Patterson 1866-1891
Marshall Otis Lomas, son of M.E. and C. J. Lomas 1917-1920
Sarah Jane Patterson 1835-1886
Duncan Patterson -came from Scotland. Received grant from King
Mary McNair Duncan , Duncan's first wife
Sarah McLane, Duncan's second wife
Edward Patterson 1789-1866
Sarah Patterson 1799---- Edward's wife

Included in my notes are the following names. I do not know where these
folks are buried. However I believe they lived in the Jackson Springs
Township of Moore County, NC

Ernest Edward Patterson born 10 Aug 1910. Son of John E. and Dora Auman Patterson

John William Patterson born 2 Sept 1892, son of John A. Patterson and Nora Jane Sears

Walter Lee Patterson born 19 Jan 1894, son of John A. Patterson and Nora Jane Sears

Lalan Mary Patterson born 22 Feb 1902. Daughter of John Edward Patterson and Dora Auman

Alice Eugene Patterson born 15 July 1911 daughter of John Franklin and Lucinda Patterson

James Martie Patterson born 3 June 1909, son of John Franklin and Lucinda Patterson

Sarah Blanche Patterson born 23 Sept 1895 daughter of John E. Patterson and Dora Auman

Florence Evelyn Patterson born 1 March 1896 daughter of John F. and Lucinda Patterson

Letha Mae Patterson born 2 April 1920 daughter of Eugene Patterson and Mary Oldham

Mary Christine Patterson born 29 Jan 1901, daughter of John F. Patterson and Lucinda 

John Archibald born 16 may 1903 son of John A. and Lucinda Patterson

James Britton Patterson born 10 March 1855 Harnett County, NC and died 19
Feb 1930 Moore County. Thought to be the son of John William Patterson who
was born 10 April 1833 and died 1 July 1904. John William was married to
Mary Jane Gilbert on 5 April 1854 in Cumberland County, NC . Mary was born
March 1832 and died 13 Nov 1913. Their son James Britton Patterson was
married twice. first to Isabella C. McNeil and later to Lonnie Frances
Rogers. This in my line and would appreciate hearing from anyone who might
have links. Trisha London
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