Surveyed by Woodford Sherrill and Jack Ingram
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This HINES cemetery has been referred to as the REYNOLDS Cemetery. There are two Hines cemeteries on this road. 
The other one is a black cemetery. John McGee Hines was born 26 March 1845 and died 16 April 1917. His father was Joseph 
A. Hines born in South Carolina (1798-1861) according to census and will. His mother was Sarah Catherine Garrett (1809 - abt. 
1861) by census and will. She was born in NC. John McGee was buried on the homeplace thus the name "Hines Cemetery" which was 
later known as the "G" Hines Cemetery. The Reynoldses are buried there because Dannelly Belle is Joseph Hine's granddaughter.  
Source: Faye Reynolds  March 22, 2014 

Hines Joe	1775	1858	 
Reynolds Daniel S.	9/14/1833	8/7/1884	s/o W.L. & D.B. Reynolds
Reynolds Dannelly B. Baldwin	10/28/1862	11/8/1896	w/o David Lee Reynolds
Reynolds David Lee	9/15/1861	1/13/1897	W.O.W
Hines Gee	1844	Dec-16	s/o Joe & Sally Hines
Hines John	1842	1862	s/o Joe & Sally Hines
Hines Sally	1860	No Date	w/o Joe Hines

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