Surveyed by Woodford Sherrill and Jack Ingram
The Old Saron Church Cemetery is located near Ellerbe, North Carolina. From the current Saron Baptist 
Church go West on Saron Church Road, Road No.1319, .9 mile and take a right on a gravel road.  Go .1 
mile on this road until the first road that forks left. Go 200 feet on this gravel road and then go 
150 feet West into the woods. There are a number of stones marking graves and some graves with no marker. 
Directions and additional exact information on some headstones are shared by 
Hassie Jones, Cheraw, SC. Remember that this cemetery is on private property and permission should be 
obtained before going to this cemetery. Thanks! Myrtle Bridges

Almond John P.  d. 8/23/1858 age 82 years 
Almond Naomi  b. 7/01/1817 -  d. 8/25/1877 
Bostick Alice Eugenia  d. 8/30/1863 3 y-1 m-15 days dau. of S. W. & Mae Bostick 
Bostick Benjamin  b. 8/11/1849 d. 1853 Son of Tristran & Sarah A. Bostick
Bostick Cornely b. 7/21/1850 d. 9/13/1853 Son of Tristran & Sarah A. Bostick
Bostick	Corneilia	9/26/1801	5/3/1853	w/o Tom Bostick
Bostick	Cornelia J.	7/21/1850	9/13/1853	d/o Tristram & Sarah A. Bostick
Bostick Elijah  b. 4/14/1802 d. 11/30/1842  Aged 40 years -7 mos.- 16 days
Bostick James  b. 3/10/1800 d. 9/10/1854	 
Bostick	Mary Ann	2/18/1853	9/1853	d/o Tristram & Sarah A. Bostick
Bostick Naomi d. 7/--/1852 in 79th year of her age  Wife of William Bostick Sr.
Bostick Naomi b. 9/26/1804 d. 11/23/1853 Aged 49 yrs-1 mo-28ds wife of William Bostick
Bostick Naomi A.  b. 5/8/1839 d. 10/5/1847  Dau of Tristian & Sarah A. Bostick
Bostick Sarah A. d. 1/30/1884  aged 67 yrs. Wife of T. Bostick
Bostick Sarah Ann b. 2/18/-- d. 9/--/1853  dau of Tristram & Sarah A. Bostick
Bostick Sarah E. b. 9/16/1845 d. 10/5/1847  dau of Tristran & Sarah A. Bostick
Bostick Tristram d. 10/16/1876  Aged 71 yrs-6 mo-6 days 
Bostick William b. 10/15/1768 d. 8/2/1829
Bostick William D. b. 9/23/1834 d 6/2/1854  Son of Tristran & Sarah A. Bostick 
Bostick William T.  b. 5/4/1834 d. 8/--/1840
Boyd Calvin Norman b. 7/29/1853 - d. 10/10/1853 
Boyd Eliza Norman  b. 5/29/1812 - d. 8/18/1853  The beloved consort of David A. Boyd
Boyd James Turner b. 12/29/1850 - 3/23/1851
Boyd Laura James b. 5/8/1846 - d. 3/25/1851
Burke Cora E. b. 12/1/1869 - d, 6/24/1894 
Capel Martha A. D. b. 6/30/1836 - d. 3/22/1858 Wife of P. B. Capel
Crouch Cora L. b. 8/27/1876 - d. 2/5/1878
Crouch James  b. 12/20/1874 - d. 4/29/1875
Crouch John B.    Co. E 38 N, C, Inf, CSA
Crouch William A. b. 1/14/--  Son of J. S. & J. A. Crouch
Townsend James Benjamin b. 5/24/1860 - d. 12/13/1862  Son of W. D. & L. J. Townsend
Townsend John H.  b. 5/19/1836 - d. 11/14/1840  Son of Sol & Naomi Townsend
Townsend Lucian A. b. 2/5/1848 - d. 10/11/1862  Son of  Sol and Naomi Townsend
Townsend Solomon b. 9/11/1797 - d. 6/20/1873  Aged 75 yrs-9 mo's-9 days

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