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This cemetery is located off Wix Rd. on land owed at one time by the Gibson family. From Hamlet, NC take Hwy 177 South about four miles. Take a right on Wix Rd. Go about 1 mile, there was a dirt road on the left that goes to the cemetery. Directions by Linda Blakely, gg-grandaughter of Neil Archie Smith This cemetery is currently owned by Mr. Ed O'Neal, 281-684-9777. He has the property posted, so one should call ahead for access. Contact: Myrtle Bridges

Peele William Merritt	1909	8/15/91	 
Gregory	James	3/31/1892	1/24/04	 
Gregory	Gordon	3/12/1892	3/20/1892	s/o J.J. Gregory
Gregory	Lilly May	7/13/1881	4/12/1895	d/o W.R. Gregory
Gregory	Walinda Carolina	1837	9/22/1890	w/o A.A. Gregory
Hatcher	Jane	1/8/1849	11/31/1871	 
Leviner	Getson	11/30/13	5/7/15	s/o R.C. & Etta Leviner
Leviner	Hiram	5/1/1892	5/3/1892	s/o Hiram & Elsa leviner
Leviner	Martin	10/21/04	9/9/06	s/o W.J. Leviner
Leviner	Victoria	10/9/1873	10/13/1875	 
Milliken A. J.	11/2/1853	3/29/18	 
Milliken Infant	2/28/1898	7/12/1898	d/o A.J. & Mahala Milliken
Milliken Mahala	6/16/1860	8/9/1899	w/o A.J. Milliken
Wigg1ns	Eliza	11/15/1837	5/8/23	w/o Rev. J. W. Wigg1ns
Wigg1ns	J.(Joseph) W.	9/29/1837	10/30/11	
Wiggins	Crawford	9/14/1874	11/1/1896	s/o Joseph & Eliza Wiggins
Wiggins	Victoria	1/14/1880	11/26/1896	d/o Joseph & Eliza Wiggins
Of interest, three from these families, Joseph Wiggins, William Boyd Smith and Elbridge Milliken served in the same CSA unit in the war, 
spent the rest of their lives near each other, intermarried and ended here, still together.  (Elbridge is buried in the Millikin Cemetery, 
Hallmark Road, a few miles away.) Bob Burkett
Sessoms	Anly Bell	No Date	10/17/09	d/o R.H. & Mary Sessoms
Sessoms	Lucy F.	No Date	3/20/17	d/o R.H. & Mary Sessoms
Smith Elbert	6/17/1876	11/22/1878	 
Smith Elizabeth	1827	12/28/1881	 
Smith Harberd	1861	1865	 
Smith N. A.	1850	8/18/1893	s/o W.B. Smith
Smith William	5/2/1818	11/14/00	 
Wright Infant	3/15/1868	Infancy	Child of J.W.& E. Wright
Ater Caddie	No Date	3/25/72	 
Vamper Joseph	1946	4/15/68	 
Barns Jesse	No Date	Apr-50	 
McDonald Johnny	1940	11/29/67	 
Mininoll Timothy	No Date	10/6/75	 
Thomas Maggie Clark	3/10/1861	5/9/50	w/o Robert Thomas
Thomas Robert	7/7/1864	1/5/39	 
Thomas 	Virge	1/19/1886	5/11/54	 
Vamper Donald	No Date	1/13/21	 
Smith Margaret Page	5/10/34	2/6/94	d/o Richard M. & Marion Comstock Page w/o Gary A. Smith
Smith Whitford Hendley Jr.	1922	8/10/92	s/o Whitford H. & Vada Sanders Smith w: Edna Graham Smith

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