Transcribed From Notes of Elisha Morris of Laurinburg, North Carolina 

Contributed by Jim Utley Contact Myrtle Bridges

 July 11, 2009

There is no record of their birth in Scotland or the time of their arrival in America. The records of their deaths were kept and are as follows: John Stewart died March 24th, 1860 Occupation: Gunsmith Jennet Nicholson Stewart died January 1st, 1862 1.) John Stewart, Jr, no record of date of birth or death. He left Richmond County in the 1800's and was a merchant in the State of Louisiana, near New Orleans. He was robbed and murdered. There is no record of his descendants. 2.) Daniel Stewart, son born May 10th, 1810, died April 28th, 1886. His wife or consort was Flora McInnis Stewart, born January 15th 1813, died October 29th 1892. To this union were born as follows: a.) Roderick Stewart, a son, called Rory, born 1842 and died during the Civil War of measles. b.) Jennette Stewart, called Jenny , born May, 1844, died December 29, 1882, married William Graham. Their Post Office was Rockingham, NC. To this union were born as follows: Lula, a daughter, married John Adcock. Sallie, a daughter married Jack McIver. Mamie, a daughter, married a Thornburg. Daniel, a son, married Ada Cole. Arcie, a son, never married. c.) Margaret, a daughter, born September 1846, died February 19th ,1884 who married Daniel W. Watson, Wolf Pit Township, Rockingham, NC. To this union was born a daughter, Neilly (Cornelia) who never married and died in early womanhood. Kenneth A. Watson was the only son of Margaret Stewart Watson and Daniel W. Watson. A daughter Alice Watson, who married Henry Gardner. To this union were born three handsome sons. Their names are as follows: Daniel W. Gardner, Jessie James Gardner and Henry Letha Gardner of Rockingham, NC. d.) Mary, a daughter called Polly, born March 23rd, 1850, died December 7th 1935, married Elisha Morris December 29th 1879, Jackson Springs, NC. To this union were born eight children. Three died in infancy. Annie Florence, daughter, was born January 6, 1884. She married Gaston McCallum July 5th 1905. To this union were born a daughter, Mary McCallum, Miami, Fla. A son Stewart McCallum, died in infancy. A son Halbert McCallum married Pansy Bryant in 1930. To this union was born, Betty a daughter, Martha Ann, a daughter, Billy Bryant, a son Mary Agnes, a daughter, a son Ned, a son Herbert G. Jr, a son Fairly Lee. Margaret, a daughter, married Alvin Chappell. To this union were born two sons, Steve and (?) . Margaret McCallum Chappell died August 31st, 1941 in Candor, NC. Elizabeth, a daughter of Annie Florence Morris McCallum and Gaston, married Mac McKennon living in Miami, Fla. Nell, another daughter, died in infancy. James McCallum, youngest son married Helen(?) Four children were born to this union in Hamlet, NC. Three sons Sandy, Jimmie, Craig and one daughter, Donnie. Mary Jane Morris, called Mamie, second eldest daughter of Elisha and Mary Stewart Morris, married Clyde Jernigan, A son was born to this union and died in infancy. Clyde and Mamie live in Richmond, Virginia. D.B. Morris, oldest living son of Elisha and Mary Stewart Morris, was born October, 30th 1890. He married Ruth Hindnell of Washington, NC. To this union were born the eldest daughter, Ruth Owen, born April 30th 1918 who married W.O. Truitt of Greensboro, NC. To this union was born a daughter, Shirley Owen Truitt. W.C. Truitt passed away May 20th, 1954 in Greensboro, NC. Harold A. Morris, eldest son of D. Baxter and Ruth Hudnell Morris, married Roberta Beckler of Chicago. They live at 1235 Hawthorne Road , Winston-Salem, NC. He is in the claim department of McLean Trucking Co. of that city. Daniel Baxter Morris, Jr, youngest son, born June 14th, 1926 married Hazel Cruse of Andrews, NC. He is a technician and announcer at a station in Brevard, NC. James Carl Morris, second son of Elisha and Mary Stewart Morris married Florence Hay of Richmond, Va. To this union were born two sons, James Carl, Jr., and Robert Howell. James Carl Morris died March 16th 1949 and is buried in Richmond, Va. Roderick Fairly Morris, the youngest son of Elisha and Mary Stewart Morris married Berta Coggins of Bear Creek, NC. To this union were born a son, Lawrence Preston. He married Rebecca Pate of Rowland, NC. Gene Hellen, a daughter, married Rev. Joel Mattison, Presbyterian minister. They Live in Bethlehem, Pa., where he holds a pastorate. James, the youngest son, is a student in high school in Laurinburg, NC. e.) John Stewart, a son, born September, 1858, never married and was killed during a cyclone on February 19th, 1884. He was visiting his sister, Margaret Stewart Watson and Daniel Watson near Rockingham. He and Margaret were killed instantly by the cyclone. f.) Duncan Alexander Stewart (known as Duke) was born July 15th 1862 and died June 2nd 1942. He married Ella E. Pankey August 15th 1889 Ella Pankey Stewart was born August 10th 1865, died December 18th 1938. To this union were born John Franklin Stewart, eldest son, born December 26th 1890 and died May 27, 1896. Arthur Guy Stewart, second eldest son was born February 11th 1893, Jackson Springs, NC. He married Willie Long March the 8th 1922. To this union was born one child, Mary Elizabeth Stewart who married Carl Alred, December 16th 1945. To this union were born three children Viz: a son, Richard Alred, a daughter, Lyndia, a son Tommy, PO Candor, NC, Route 1. Home, Ellerbe, NC. Kenneth Elbridge Stewart, third and youngest son, was born June 1st, 1895. Married Helen Milliken November 25th, 1926. To this union was born 6 sons, Kenneth Eldridge Jr., Robert, David, Frank, Jimmie and Paul. Robert Stewart married Mildred Reynolds and to this union was born a daughter. 3.) Alexander Stewart, born February 14th, 1814 and died May 2nd, 1899. His wife or consort was Annie McRae born Nov 1st 1820 and died September 7th, 1910. To this union were born as follows: (L)ibbie Stewart, a daughter, born 1849, died 1931. She married Lauchlin McKinnon. No children of this union. John Knox Stewart, a son, born August 19th, 1851, died July 4th, 1931. His wife Anna Bell Thomas Stewart born October 14th 1856, died April 24th, 1919. He was the only one of the above family to leave any descendants, who are as follows: Elizabeth Ann Stewart Walton, she died August 23, 1936. Alexander Stewart, a son, never married. Mary Bell Stewart Blue, daughter died January 25th 1931. John Calvin Stewart, married, wife and one daughter. Do not have the name of either. Enola Stewart Cole, Jackson Springs, NC. Married Charles Cole, son Paul Harrison Cole. Dock Jr. Stewart, son, never married., born April 21, 1854, died November 7th, 1889. Hugh D. Stewart, son, born November 10th (?), died July 31, 1928. Never married. 4.)Mary Stewart, a daughter, born 1818 and died May, 1883. She never married. 5.) James Stewart, another son , was born 1820 and died October 19th, 1884. He married Mary McDonald of Moore County. Their son, James Lane Stewart died August 28th, 1866. 6..) Elizabeth Stewart, a daughter, born 1822, never married, died 1899. 7.) Kenneth Stewart, another son, born 1823, only record states that he died September 14th, 1866. 8.) Malcomb Bethune Stewart, born October 30th, 1827, died March19, 1894, married Mary Calhoun , near Maxton, NC, March 30th 1854. To this union were born 2 daughters and two sons-Eldest child, a daughter, Annie Jane, born January 30, 1855, married Dennis S. Jernigan, June 29th 1873. To this unions was born a son, Edwin a son, Paralee(?), a daughter Katie, a daughter and Marvin, a son and the youngest of the family of Dennis Jernigan. John M. Stewart , son, died in infancy. Robert Lee Stewart, son, died in infancy. Robert Lee Stewart, son, born February 1, 1868 died December 26, 1890. He never married. Catherine Elizabeth Stewart (Currie) was married to James Burder Currie Oct. 2nd, 1890. To this union were born Marie, a daughter who married Williams Purcell of Wagram, NC. To this union was born a son Williams, Jr., who married and lives in Charleston, SC. A daughter Katherine Stewart who lives at home. Flora Currie, a daughter, married Malcomb Walters. They live in Raeford, NC. James Burke Currie died 1925. Catherine Elizabeth Currie died March 27th, 1945. 9.) (William) Martin Stewart , born 1829, never married, died 1906. This so far is (the) most complete record I can get of the John Stewart and Jennet Nicholson Stewart descendants.

Notes from the transcriber, James F. Utley, GGG-grandson  of John Stewart & Jennet Nicholson Stewart:
1.) The above records were sent to me by David Stewart, a cousin, of Ellerbe, NC in 2004.  
2.) The Morris branch of the Stewarts lived in Laurinburg, NC, where they ran a feed store. I believe the store is still there. 
3.) Several years after my great grandmother, Margaret Stewart Watson died, her husband, Daniel W. Watson , married Laura Hinson.  
4.) Mary Jane (Mamie) Morris married my great uncle, Clyde Jernigan, so she was both my aunt and cousin. 
5.) According to my father, Eugene Foster Utley, Jr., my mother, Sara Catherine Watson had an Uncle "Luke" who spoke the 
Scottish language (Gaelic). I have since found out that this uncle was Duncan "Duke" Stewart. According to David Stewart 
of Ellerbe, Uncle Duke used to sit in the last row at the old    Mt. Carmel Presbyterian Church so he could spit his tobacco 
out the window. 
6.) The story of  John and Jennett Stewart's first son Roderick Stewart being robbed and murdered in New Orleans intrigues me 
and I would like to find out if he had a wife and children and descendants who are living today.

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