Photos courtesy of Arthur Greene, Jr.

Surveyed by Woodford Sherrill and Jack Ingram
From Highway 73 toward Mt. Gilead, turn right on Everette Chapel Road; then turn right at Concord Church Road.  
Take next right on Capel Mill Road.  Cemetery sign is approximately one mile on left.  The cemetery is overgrown 
and in woods with some grave sites being marked only by PVC pipe in the shape of crosses.  Some headstones are dark 
and not readable.  Our interest in this cemetery is that my husband, Donald M. McIntyre's grandparents and uncles are 
buried there.  That data is as follows, and their headstones being more recent, are readable: Elizabeth McIntyre
The location description provided by Arthur Greene  March 22, 2017
Contact: Myrtle Bridges

McIntyre, John M.  born 11-30-1869, died 2-13-1944 
McIntyre, Mary Willie  born 4-29-1880, died 12-7-1964 - w/o John M. McIntyre 
McIntyre, Fred E.  born 6-3-1911, died 6-27-1942 - s/o John M. McIntyre 
McIntyre, Daniel Bernard  born 9-16-1903, died 10-20-1979 - s/o John M. McIntyre

Helene, born 6-24-1871, died 6-13-1906 - w/o H. G. Morton (does not list a maiden name)
Ewing, Frances  2-27-1848   7-25-1917	 
Ewing, Thomas  7-20-1845	  6-21-1918	 
Sanford, Alberta Ruth  1-15-1915  4-20-1923  Daughter of Frank and Carrie Sanford
Sanford, Benford F.  7-22-1919  9-27-1920  Son of Frank and Carrie Sanford
Sanford, Thomas Ewing  10-19-1912  7-17-1914  Son of Frank and Carrie Sanford

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