T. T. BOSTICK CEMETERY   ( May also be called TOWNSEND Cemetery )
Surveyed by Woodford Sherrill and Jack Ingram

For the record the GPS COORDINATES are: 35.096400 -79.763481.
Take #220 north from Rockingham, take the by-pass around Ellerbe.  From the by-pass, turn on the #73 west exit.  Follow 
this road to the intersection of business #220 north of Ellerbe.  Turn right, and pass Ellerbe Springs.  Take the next 
road to the left which is  Clayton Carriker Road, then take the first driveway to the left.  The cemetery is on private 
property behind the chicken houses.  Sandra    Contact: Myrtle Bridges

November 20, 2014  The additional listings and remarks shown in RED are from the Historical Records Survey of North Carolina, 
1937-1938 by Mrs. Myrtle Porter Hamer.

Bostick Beulah	7/29/1881	10/5/20	d/o Tristram T. & Elizabeth E. Bostick
Bostick	Elizabeth	5/17/1869	5/25/1890	d/o Tristram T. & Elizabeth E. Bostick (Death Cert shows burial in Townsen Cemetery)
Bostick	Elizabeth E.	5/17/1843	5/25/1890	w/o T.T. Bostick.
Bostick	J.H.	1876	1910	 
Bostick	Pearson Hamlet	8/19/1895	3/4/1896	s/o P.T. & D.C. Bostick
Bostick	Tristram T.	1/18/1841	3/30/15	 (Death Cert shows burial in Townsend Cemetery)
Capel Collier	2/14/1884	10/8/1884	s/o E.E.(C.W.) & E.F. Capel
Currie Virginia A. Bostick	7/15/1861	11/16/21(11-16-1926) 	d/o Tristram T. & Elizabeth E. Bostick  w/o J. C. Currie
Forbis Capt. J.H.	1/30/1826	2/9/04(2-2-1904)	CSA w: Narcissa J. Townsend
Forbis Narcissa J. Townsend	  4/17/1838	12/4/05(12-4-1904)	w/o Capt. J.H. Forbis
Henderson W. Ernest	11/16/1916(11-18-1916)	12/23/1919	s/o Will R. & Ora Townsend Henderson(C.L. Henderson)
Kean Fannie M.	2/7/1845	7/10/07(10-3-1907)	 
McAskill Carlisle Kean	8/4/1869	7/16/1888	s/o Murdock McAskill
McAskill(McGaskill) Murdock Chisholm(Murdock C.)	1834	5/4/1888	Elder in Ellerbe Springs Church
McRae Mary J.	7/5/1832	12/14/1910	 
McRae Sarah	 3/10/1830	3/21/1907	 
Parish Elizabeth	3/7/1815(7-7-1815)	6/14/1888(1-14-1888)	 
Quick Wincey	2/18/1830	5/13/1901	 
Stewart	Martha A.	3/23/1859	11/13/1936	w/o W.W. Stewart
Stewart	W.W.	1/6/1856	5/17/1825(5-12-1925)	 
Townsend Benjamin J.	No Date	8/10/1862	s/o Solomon & Naomi Townsend   CSA

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