Myrtle, There's a survey of the Leak(e) cemetery in Beatrice Mackey Doughtie's McDonald, Kimball, Wade, Leak -- Court, Bible, Church, Cemetery, Family Records, published 1971. I don't have this book (and it's long out of print) but I have excerpts from the cemetery survey. Annie Crenshaw     Myrtle Bridges

Beatrice Doughtie apparently used a transcript done during WPA years, since my late mother's LEAK research notes 
(done in 1960s) include things like this:

"Mary Patton's 1938 typescript has:
"Beneath this slab reposes 
the remains of Walter Leak Sen.
who was Born in Buckingham County, Virginia 
November 30th, 1761 and Died July 3rd 1844. 
At the age of 17 years he entered the service of his Country 
and served faithfully throughout The Revolutionary War."
and lists wife Hannah Pickett's inscription "On same stone."
"Hannah Pickett Leak, wife of Walter Leak
was born July 20 1766 and died in the hopes of 
a glorious immortality Sept. 1, 1809."

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