Surveyed by Woodford Sherrill and Jack Ingram

This cemetery is located on Nicholson Rd., Rockingham, between Northam Cemetery Rd. and McNeill Rd.. There is a small sign and a chain across the driveway.
The cemetery is mowed and maintained. Sandra Elliott    Contact: Myrtle Bridges

Bryan Ila Covington	12/21/16	1/22/80	 
Covington Amanda	9/12/1848	3/18/29	w/o J. Euclid Covington.
Covington Esther C. 	8/28/1828	10/18/02	w/o Walter K. Covington. d/o J. C. & Sarah Everett
Covington Euclid A. 	4/30/1889	11/11/45	 
Covington Fred Everett	1/12/00	12/10/71	 
Covington Glenda Faye	3/6/50	No Date	 
Covington Ida Amanda	6/15/28	6/19/28	d/o Euclid A. & Mary A. Covington.
Covington James M.	1/5/1882	1/19/46	 
Covington J. Euclid 	12/8/1849	5/19/30	 
Covington Ledonia Ann	2/9/49	No Date	 
Covington Ledonia Parker	1/28/1886	4/23/31	w/o James M. Covington.
Covington Mary Helen	11/15/21	4/17/22	d/o Euclid A. & Mary A. Covington.
Covington Ruth A.	1/10/06	1/13/84	 
Covington T. Keener 	12/29/1883	10/23/04	s/o J. Euclid & Amanda Covington.
Covington Walter K. 	5/24/1824	10/23/1890	 
McKay Hattie A. 	11/17/1864	10/10/1893	 
Watson Sallie I.	9/17/1850	4/10/1886	Wife of W. S. Watson.
Everett	Bettie Rose	5/7/30	No Date

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