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My name is Blake Tyner and I am the Robeson County NCGenWeb coordinator. I am the curator of the Robeson County History Museum. Please contact me with questions, comments of suggestions.

The 948 square miles that make up Robeson County has a rich history that goes back farther than 1787 when it was carved out of Bladen County, the Mother County. It was created because the residents of the area felt that their center of government needed to be closer, and that the huge county of Bladen was simply too unwieldy. It was named for Colonel Thomas Robeson, hero of the Revolutionary War Battle of Elizabethtown.

The county is called “The State of Robeson” not only because of its size, but because of its fierce independence and self-reliance. Situated in the verdant southeastern section of North Carolina, Robeson is bisected by Interstate 95, and is located near Fayetteville and Fort Bragg, the country's largest military installation.
Unique in its equally balanced tri-racial population, the county combines in a rich heritage the Native American Lumbee tribe (largest Native American tribe east of the Mississippi), the African American community, and many descendants of the numerous Scottish and European settlers who arrived before and during the Revolution. Over the centuries, these people have worked together to create a culturally diverse community.

It is my belief that all the present and former citizens of Robeson County in their own way have added to the history of our county. This site will house original transcribed documents, historical photographs, biographies and links of interest concerning the people of Robeson County.

Please check back often to see what has been added.

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