1754 Tithable List for Tyrrell County, North Carolina


The links below are to a transcription of the 1754 Tyrrell County Tithable List and an index to the list. The original document is preserved at the State of North Carolina Archives in Raleigh. This transcription was copied as it appears in the Washington County Genealogical Society News, Third Quarter, 2010 on pages 12 - 14. It shows a list of heads of househods in the district of the various justices of Tyrrell County and the number of tithables in each household. An important distinction to be made is that this list includes all tithables as distinguished from only land owners.

Tithables were defined by a 1749 law as all white males age 16 and above and all male or female negroes, mulattos, mustees and persons of mixed blood to the fourth generation age 12 and above.

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