The Magnolia Cemetery of Elon, North Carolina
Recorded by Betsy Watson Wall of Elon NC  27244
In memory of
Mr. Robert Lee Wall and Mrs. Theo Martin Wall
(In-laws of Betsy Watson Wall)

Listings that Include Branches Of Service

  Alley, Laurence Arnold COR US Navy WW II +  
  Armstrong, John Charles  
  Ausley, William F. USN G M 34th Squardron PT 509  
  Baker, Warren Lee Korean Conflict US Army  
  Baynard, Elizabeth Lane PN (SW) US Navy Korea  
  Blue, Sidney Scott PFC US Army WW II +  
  Blue, Woodrow Stewart  US Army WW II +  
  Brown, James Lyall Corp. US Army WW II +  
  Bryan, Marvin A. US Army WW II +  
  Burton, Arthur Thomas  
  Butler, Charles William  CMS GT US Airforce Vietnam  
  Byerly, Walter Lewis, Sr World War II  
  Carter, Eugene Edward  Pfc.43 Signal Co WW II +  
  Cockman, Winfred Terry U.S. Navy veteran  
  Colwell, Woodson S. PFC 181 Ord Depot Co WW II  
  Cooley, James Oscar Sgt. U.S. Army WW II +  
  Corn, Homer Yates, Sr. US Army Corp World War II  
  Cox, Walter Eugene, Jr. A 3 C U.S. Air force Korea +  
  Cunningham, Horace Herndon Army  
  Day, Robert Benjamin SM 2 US Navy WW 11  
  Deal, Dexter Carroll Sgt. US Army WW II  
  Dunn, Harold Thomas, Sr. US Army  
  Fields, Clyde Lee, Sr. PHM3 US Navy + WW II  
  Fogleman, Lawrence E., Jr. US Air forces +  
  Fortune, Carroll Deane  U.S. Army, Air Force, WWII, Korean Conflict  
  Garrison, Nathaniel WWII, US Navy  
  Gibbs, Robert Burns A 3 C US Air Force Korea  
  Grant, Marvin Henry U.S. Army Finance  
  Greene, Lee Scott  Tech 4 US Army WW II  
  Gribble, Robert Alan  US Navy-Vietnam + Hus. & Father  
  Gunn, Richard W., Sr. US Army Korea  
  Harrison, John E. “Jack” US Army WW II, Korean War  
  Harrell, Dan B., Jr. US Army 103rd Infantry  
  Hickman, Gerald Ray A 1C US Air Force  
  Holt, Dewey T. U.S. Army Air Corps  
  Hook, Gerald Edge ACAD US Navy WW II NC +  
  Irwin, Robert Neal US Army  
  Johnston, James William Capt. U.S. Army +  
  Johnston, Lemuel Roy Dr. Ist Lt 19 FLD ARTY BRIG  
  Kelly, George Charles LT Col US Air Force  
  Kimery, Harold Dail, Sr. US Army Korea  
  King, James Wilbert Pvt. US Army WW II +  
  King, Jerry Wayne US Navy  
  King, Marvin Lee Army  the Korean War  
  Kirkman, Ernest Newton Cpl US Army Air forces WW II  
  Lackey, Roy Otis US NAVY +  
  Long, Robert Edgar US Army  
  Longest, Walter Ronald, Jr. Sgt. U.S. Army WW II +  
  Lowe, Wilkes E., III FT G3 US Navy  
  Loy, Keith Barrett WWII Merchant Marines  
  Loy, Manuel Durwood US Army  
  Loy, William Erwin, Jr. 4th Inf Div WW II  
  McCauley, Larry Bauman RM 3 US Navy  
  Montgomery, Harvey WWII  
  Neese, Lawrence Ervin, Jr. AV CAD US Navy  
  Nix, Paul Oliver Military 1940-1948 Bronze Star  
  Olsen, Robert Edward, Jr. SP3 US Army Korea "CHINK" +  
  Pacifico, James E. US Army World War II  
  Perdue, Hobert Lee, Sr. DDS Lt CMD US Navy WW II +  
  Perry, Walter Clark, Jr. KM3 US Navy WW II +  
  Phillips, Edgar Wilburn Sgt US Army WW II +  
  Porterfield, John R. SI US Navy WW II +  
  Robertson, John C. US Airforce +  
  Saunders, Joseph M. CPL CO A4 Regt NC VA Inf +  
  Slott, Edwin Frederick World War II  
  Smith, Fred  "Snuffy" "Snuffy" US Navy WW II +  
  Smith, John Ray US Army Medic  
  Smith, Thomas LaFayette S1 US Navy WW II +  
  Smith, Walter Lemuel S1 US Navy WW II +  
  Snead,  Berkley B. PFC US Army  
  Snyder, Burtice O. Lt. Colonel, USAF  
  Spence, Charles Edward PFC US Army WW II  
  Spohn, Joseph R. Sgt. Army Air Forces WW II Pa.  
  Toombs, Lawrence J. Tech 5 US Army +  
  Underhill, James Thurman WWII Army Air Corps  
  Wall, Charles Dwight S Sgt. US Army WW II  
  Wall, Robert Lee WWI  
  Washburn, James C., Jr. WWII Pilot Lt. US Army Air Force  
  Washburn, James C. III S. Sgt. US Army  
  Ward, Alfred F. Vet of Civil War Co C 2nd NC Reg.  
  Weddle, Walter D. Pvt. 4 Va. Inf. SP Am War  
  William, Harold Goble Cpl US Army WW II  
  Williams, Vernon Lee NC SN US Navy +  
  Williams,  W. Leaford, Jr. S2 US Navy WW II  
  Wills, Leroy Henry SPC US Army +  
  Wood, Billy Francis Sgt. US Army WW II  
  Young, Edward John, Jr. Lt. Jg. US Navy  
NORWEGIAN ARMY Stousland, Olav [From Obit]  

Note: * Veterans are not always noted on stone, but are so remembered by this writer or family members of the deceased. To report anyone left off the military, with proof, please contact



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