Many thanks to Karen Stowe for sharing her records with us. The original of this letter can be found in English Records - British Public Records Office, Audit Office Papers, 1765-1790, Loyalist Claims, Box 4. Campbell, Donald 1784.

If you can supply further information about Donald/Daniel Campbell please contact: Myrtle Bridges.   Posted October 18th, 1999.

To the Commissioners appointed by Act of Parliament inquiring into the Loyalty 
& Services of the American Loyalists,

The Memorial of Donald Campbell of the County of Cumberland, North Carolina 
Humbly shewith that your memorialist is one of the Loyalists who, to suppress the 
Rebellion in America took up arms in defense of his Majesty's government in North 
Carolina in the year 1776, and after the Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge, was taken 
prisoner and used with the
utmost severity by the enemy from whom at the hazard of his life he found means 
to make his elopement, and by the help of some friends, kept himself disguised till 
the approach of Lord Cornwallis' Army whom he joined at Cross Creek in said province, 
and did duty under Col. Hector McNeil during his different routes in that province.

That your memorialist on the evacuation of Wilmington, proceeded with the Army to Charles Town,
 leaving his wife and family behind, who sometime thereafter reported to him in the most 
 deplorable conditionn, plundered of all their effects, even the cloaths off their backs.
 That on the giving up of Charlestown, General Leslie was pleased to order your memorialist 
 & distressed family a passage to Jamaica, where he now remains. And whereas your 
 memorialist in consequence of his loyalty is deprived of all the property he acquired
 in America by the adherents of Congress as will appear more particular in the following schedule. 
 He therefore prays that his case may be taken into your consideration in order
 that he may be enabled, under your report, to receive such aid or relief as his losses & services 
 may be found to deserve. And your memorialist will ever pray.
 The 12th March 1784
 Claimant abroad

(List of belongings taken from Donald Campbell)

500 acres of land in three different lots full improved, Cumberland County, N. 
Carolina (80 pounds, sterling money)
5 head of horses (50 pounds, sterling money)
33 head of horned cattle (49 pounds, sterling money)
16 head of hogs (about 4 pounds, sterling money)
8 acres of crop (17 pounds, sterling money)
Household furniture and plantation utensils (27 pounds, sterling money)
Complete chest of carpenters tools. (21 pounds, sterling money)
Book accounts and notes of hands (130 pounds, sterling money)
Receipt for cash taken from my wife by the Rebels (10 pounds, sterling money)

Endorsed N1392 / Memorial / Donald Campbell of Cumberland County N. Carolina / 1784 / Received 13th March 1784 / A Claim 

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