Cumberland County, NC

Cumberland County Battalion
Detailed Men NC

Company Muster Roll
Jany. 17, 1865 to (not dated)

This information appears on the record for each solder:
"(Name) appears on Company Muster Roll of the organization named above, in Rockfish and Beaver Creek Factories for Jany. 17, 1865 to (not dated).

When: Jany. 17, 1865
Where: Fayetteville
By Whom: E.O. Cumberland"

Co.  Rank              Name
A   Private          Adams, J.Q.
B   Private          Adcock, J.W.
A   Private          Adcock, W.H.
B   Private          Allen, Loyd
B   Private          Alred, C.J.
B   Private          Baker, J.B.
B   Private          Baker, M.A.
A   Private          Baker, Robert
A   Private          Ballard, Henry
B   Private          Bethea, N.C.
A   Private          Biggs, Alex
A   Private          Biggs, Philips
A   Private          Booker, Richard
B   Private          Brandt, George
B   Private          Brewer, Josiah
A   Private          Brown, Alex
B   Private          Brown, D.
A   Private          Brown, David
A   Private          Brown, John
A   Private          Brown, Neill
A   Private          Canada, Joseph
B   Private          Carpenter, William
B   Private          Carter, John
A   Private          Cral, Charles B.
B   Private          Davis, Bryant
B   Private          Davis, Frank
B   Private          Davis, J.
B   2 Lieutenant     Davis, J.B. (place not stated)
B   Private          Davis, J.C.
B   Private          Deal, Wily
A   Private          Deaver, J.C.
A   Private          Edwards, Henry
B   Private          Ellis, R.T.
B   Private          Elmore, J.H.
B   Private          Everett, James
A   Private          Fairchile, William J.
B   Private          Faucett, Alex
B   Private          Fellows, George
A   Private          Gibson, Luke
B   Private          Gill, Thomas
B   Private          Graddy, Charles
A   Private          Guiton, Thomas
A   Private          Hair, J.D.
A   Private          Hair, W.C.
A   1 Lieutenant     Hall, H.G.  (place not stated)
A   Private          Hamilton, T.
A   Private          Henderson, Duncan
B   Private          Hendricks, A.J.
B   Private          Hendricks, J.M.
B   Private          Herring, Samuel
A   2 Lieutenant     Hilliard, George W. (place not stated)
A   Private          Hodgin, Henry
B   Private          Holmes, J.F.
A   Private          Holt, James
A   Private          Holt, R.B.
A   Private          Honicut, G.W.
A   Private          Honicut, Henry
B   Private          Hopkins, J.W.
B   Private          Houston, J.T.
B   Private          Johnson, Alex
A   Private          Johnson, John
A   Private          Johnson, W.G.
B   Private          Jones, James
A   Private          Kinlaw, Isham
A   Private          Kinlaw, Stephen
A   Private          Kivett, W.Y.
B   Private          Lee, Alex
A   Private          Lockany, Wilson
B   Private          Macherus, A.R.
B   Private          McAlister, James
B   Private          McArther, J.D.
B   Private          McDonald, A.J.
A   Private          McDonald, Edwin
A   Private          McDonald, J.A.
A   Private          McDonald, Thomas
A   Private          McDonald, W.O
A   Captain          McDougald, D. (place not stated)
B   Private          Smith, J.A.
B   1 Lieutenant     McKenzie, W.W. (place not stated)
A   Private          McLauchlin, Neill
B   Private          McMaster, John
B   Private          McMillan, W.J.
A   Private          McQueen, Peter
B   Private          Melton, James
B   Private          Monk, J.R.
B   Private          Moore, W.B.
A   1 Sergeant       Morgan, John
A   Private          Morgan, M.
A   2 Lieutenant     Morgan, Mark (place not stated)
A   Private          Morrison, Malcom
A   Private          Munore, Duncan
A   Private          Mustlewhite, Jesse
A   Private          Mustlewhite, West
B   Private          Nixon, James L.
B   Private          Oldham, C.W.
A   Private          Pattisol, Baxter
B   Private          Peoples, J.R.
A   Private          Philips, J.C.
B   Private          Philips, K.
B   Private          Porter, W.H.
B   Private          Ray, A.S. 
B   Captain          Rencher, W.C. (place not stated)
B   Private          Reynolds, James P.
A   Private          Riddle, Alex
A   Private          Riddle, Wiley
B   Jr. 2 Lieutenant Scanlin, R.T. (place not stated)
B   Private          Sewell, M.H.
B   Private          Sheppard, E.
B   Private          Sheppard, James
B   Private          Shoaber, H.N.
B   Private          Stackhouse, T.F.
A   Private          Stickland, Duncan
A   Private          Strickland, Kenneth
A   Private          Strickland, Rasford
B   Private          Sutton, Loyd
B   Private          Talbot, J.N.
A   Private          Townsend, Debery
A   Private          Townsend, F.M.
A   Private          Townsend, J.F.
B   Private          Turlington, William
A   Private          Vink, William
A   Private          West, B. F.
A   Private          West, Daniel
B   Private          Williams, Richard
B   Private          Wilson, Odum
B   Private          Winn, C.H.
B   Private          Wishart, E.
A   Private          Worrell, Elisha
A   Private          Worrell, L.L.

These names have been transcribed from microfilm roll M270-566.

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