I am researching the BROWN family from Stanly County, NC. I have traced them to Louis P. Brown about 1850. I also have information that they lived in Hoke County, NC. I would be glad to share info with others researching in this area. You may leave a message or call me at (713) 932-8182. Tom Potter 1306 Spillers Lane   Houston, TX  77043-4136    Posted Dec. 26th, 1999

I am looking for information about my Grandmother, Maude Jones Gibson, DOB 07-22-1902. She was born in Raeford, N. C. I am told her parents, James Reed Jones and Sarah Catherine McDonald, were buried in the Sandy Grove Methodist Church Cemetery. I can only find a listing for Sandy Grove Presbyterian Church so I am not sure if that is correct. I do believe that they were of the Methodist faith. Can you tell me if there is a Sandy Grove Methodist Church Cemetery and if possible, provide an address so that I can contact them. Thank you, Michael Gibson Jacksonville, Florida    Posted December 26th, 1999

I am seeking information on the Goodman and Brown families. Would especially like to know more about the Curtis Brown Goodman, born 10 January 1918, died 12 August 1973 who is buried in the Raeford Cemetery. I have an old Bible page for the Goodman and Brown families but cannot make a connection to those listed there. One entry is for a Curtis Goodman who died 18 February 1877. The Bible page was in the possession of my g-gmother Sarah Catherine Brown, daughter of J. A. Brown and Ann Goodman, who married Luther Hayes Everett. Any help appreciated. Kathy Duncan    Posted November 15th, 1999

Searching for the family of Rodia HANDON born 12/7/1883 Cumberland County died 1/7/1929 Pitt County daughter of Rev. J.W. HANDON and Isabella BARNEY, married Hood BLUE dates and locations unknown (Rodia was a widow when she died). Rodia and Hood BLUE had a daughter Caroline BLUE born 9/28/1900 in Hoke County, died 7/21/1985 in Pitt County. Caroline BLUE had a daughter Elizabeth BLUE born about 1916 in Lee County died 1994 in Pitt County. Elizabeth Blue had two aunts named Sarah PRATT & Letcy McCOY, who lived in the Fayetteville area. (Caroline Blue is the only name I have been able to find, but she used to say she was named for her aunts and her whole name was Caroline Isabella Ruth Matilda Love Devine Seymore Bell Carolina Blue.) [Revised from query posted 3/99. This is an African-American family] Jeffrey Meeks   Posted October 4th, 1999

Hello, my name is Judy Parks, married to Earl Parks. Earl's father was Walter Parks who lived in Raeford. I have been trying to get past the grandparents information. everyone is pretty closed mouth about the older family. Lot of Parks in that area. We have just had our 22nd annual reunion in Raeford last month. A clan of about 150 show up each year. I have been making a family tree for the reunion over the last couple of years. This yr. I added photo's of family members. I will share with you soon all the info I have. I know that Walter's dad was Milton Parks and was married to Lula Belle Presnell. Milton's mother's name was sally and had several brothers, I know that Sally and her parents are buried in a cemetry in Wagram, but don't know which one and have not been able for find info on internet about cemetries there. I know that the parents, Sally and brothers all came from the Randolph area before settling and farming in Raeford. Thanks for any info that you or anyone else can supply. Judy Parks    Posted September 6, 1999

I need to locate a genealogy book of McFadyen! One was published in the mid 80's. Gary J.    Posted September 5, 1999

My name is Carolyn McFALL, and I am researching my family history. I have pulled a paper off the internet which states as follows: "An early battle of the American War of Independence took place at McFall's Mill [on Raft Swamp] in Hoke County, North Carolina. Near this site was the Raft Swamp Church, now known as Antioch Presbyterian Church where McFalls hold their annual reunion."

This paper was dated February 14th, 1963. I wondered if you would know whether there is still a McFall reunion at the church, as this could prove to hold some very valuable resources for me. Or if you could possibly put me in touch with someone at the church who could give me some information about the McFall families there? Thanks very much in advance. Carolyn McFall    Posted September 2, 1999

Very nice page on the Galatia Cemetery. I see that there are some Walters gravesites there, but none of the ones I am currently investigating. Do you happen to know if this is the cemetery accross from the House of Raeford turkey plant? If not, do you know what that one is called and if there a surname list somewhere for it? I know that my father, grandfather, and grandmother are buried there with others of my branch of the Walters family, but I don't know the name of the grounds. Any help will be greatly appreciated, Tony Walters    Posted August 3, 1999

Looking for great-great grandparent's family members. Some family members say they were Lumbee. I don't know, therefore I am posting queries in Robeson, Hoke, Richmond, and Scotland Counties, because this is where Lumbees live, to see if I can discover any truth to their oral reports. They were Michael (b 1830) and Frances PONDS (maiden name unknown), born 1843). They lived in Lexington County in 1870 but can find nothing before then and want to know where they lived before moving to Lexington County, S. C., Hollow Creek Township and who their parents were. Their children were John Bascom Ponds (b 1868), my great grandfather, Cromwell PONDS (b. 1879 and who may have moved to Salt Lake City Utah to work for railroad, and used his Native American identity); Estella PONDS (b 1877); Thomas PONDS (b 1874); Mary (b 1875), and George (b 1865). There may have been a Rebecca PONDS - not sure. John Bascom moved to Conway County, Arkansas abt. 1880 and died there about 1947. I have picture. Please email Margarette Banks    Posted July 28th, 1999

Hello, My name is Nicole Hoke. I have reason to believe that the county which is named Hoke may have some realation to me. My Great grandfather and grandfather and even my own father all bare the name Robert F. Hoke. I have since tried to get our family history from the Hokes but most of them don't remember, are too young, or even to old to know. I would appreciate any assistance you are able to help me with. I have recently moved to Harnett County, NC from Pennsylavania. Thank You for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.
Please email Nicole Hoke    Posted July 13th, 1999

I am searching for Laud M. Gillis....He was born November 18, 1818 (an unknown location). Laud died November 14, 1878 in Raeford (Hoke Co.) NC at 59 years of age. He married Annie McInnis in Cumberland Co. NC March 30, 1850. Annie was born November 13, 1828. Annie was daughter of Angus McInnis and Margaret McEachern. Annie died March 1, 1907 in Raeford (Hoke Co.) NC. Their bodies were interred in Philippi Presbyterian Church Cemetery. One of Laud's son was Angus James Gillis who was my great-grandfather. He was born February 10, 1862. He died September 20, 1941 in Raeford (Hoke Co.) NC. He married Lizzie McDuffie February 10, 1887. Their bodies were interred in Raeford Cemetery (US-401 Bus.). Need a help to find who Laud M. Gillis's father and mother, Laud's children, brothers, and sisters?????  Please email Ellen Reich    Posted July 5th, 1999

My name is Teresa Hoke-House. I was told by my father, George Jr. Hoke, that it was possible that we are related to the Robert Hoke your county was named for. I am looking for any clues out there pertaining to the Hoke family. My email address: My snail mail address is: 7101-60 SR 27, Tekoa, WA 99033. Thank you.    Posted June 28th, 1999

My Father was born in Hoke County in 1944. I am researching the family history of mainly the PERKINS family. My Grandfather was Carlyle Perkins and my Grandmother was Beatrice Mumford Perkins. I know that they lived in Hoke Co, and later moved to Scotland County. My Grandfather's Father was Henry Perkins and he married Agnes Jones from South Carolina. If anyone has any information on this Perkins family line please contact me. Sincerely, Vicky Perkins Jorgensen    Posted June 15th, 1999

I am attempting to do an extensive family history. Apparently, some of my Bowen ancestors lived in Hoke county at some time. At the time, the last name was spelled BOAHN or BOAN. I need to know who they were and how they were related to the current Bowen family. Thanks! Katy    Posted June 5th, 1999

Searching for descendants of Lynn Parks, son of Lorenzo and Laura Parks of Gleason, Weakley, TN. Understand descendant by name of Sarah Catherine Parks McLean, last known address Raeford NC. I have pictures to share of ancestors, if you are interested. Janice Lamb    Posted May 30th, 1999

Seeking information on the parents of John McPhaul who married Ann Perkins (widow). John McPhaul was born Bet. 1710-1720 in Scotland. John's son Neil married Ann Perkins daughter (Mary Perkins). Sarah McPhaul (daughter of John McPhaul and his first wife) married my gggg grandfather Neil Brown. Sarah Brown McNeill is buried in McCaskill Cemetery in Hoke county. Who was John's parents and what was the name of his first wife? Who was Ann Perkins married to? I beleive she came from VA to NC. Thanks, Tom Taylor    Posted May 19th, 1999

I am looking for any information on Jim Perry that married a Mattie Stanwick. They lived in Hope Mills at one time. They had one son, Chester, (born Sept.16, 1891) and five girls. Connie    Posted April 25th, 1999

I am searching for any info that you might have about this family. I am looking for the Father and Mother of Henry Horne that married Charity Williams somewhere in this area in the late 1800's. Henry has two brothers by the name of Elias Pinkney, Joseph E., and a sister I have been able to find so far by the name of Irene or Arenny. Thanks. Rita    Posted April 7th, 1999

Stephen William LANE married Maggie FINKLEA in Marion Co., S.C. moved to Shannon, N.C. Stephen William died in Shannon, I am looking for information that would give me his parents names. Helen Lane Carmichael   Posted February 21, 1999

I am looking for the parents of Nancy B. STEWART RAY, b. 9 Aug. 1853 d. 11 Jan. 1923, married to Gilbert RAY b. 1 Nov. 1845 d. 25 Nov. 1923. They had three children. Mary Bell, called Mamie, married Ray Phillips. I do not have the names of the others. It is said that Nancy B. STEWART RAY was buried near Red Springs. Thanks for any help on finding the STEWARTS. Marie Bull   Posted February 4th, 1999

Seeking info on Rhoda BLUE and family. Rhoda lived near Raeford and had a daughter named Carolina BLUE ca 1900. Carolina had a daughter about 1918 named Elizabeth Blue. Carolina and Elizabeth BLUE moved to Pitt County, NC. Elizabeth had at least three daus. and two sons. Jeffrey Meeks   Posted January 27th, 1999

Would like to know the parents of Jarvis Estell DAVIS who lived in Hoke County near Rockfish. Brother was George Addison DAVIS. Jarvis died about 1917 or 1918. Chidren were Nannie Mae, John Estell and Neal Alexander. Neal was my father. Thanks. Sender   Posted January 12th, 1999

I am looking for information or stories or any thing on the McMinis or Autry family ... If any one that knew them, can tell me any tidbits any thing at all about them. Schools, work, farming, and even if its bad, I would greatly appericate it. I am the grand daughter of John Lester and Minnie Mae Autry-McMinis ... I would appericate it very much. Juanita Hale   Posted December 18th, 1998

Were Archibald I. Currie Sr.(abt.1778-1849) and wife Margaret (1784-1882) of Hoke Co., NC, the parents of Mary Currie (1807 - abt.1892)? Mary married John C. Campbell in 1839 in Hoke Co. The family attended Antioch Presbyterian Church. Thanks. Tim Hartis   Posted November 21st, 1998

My name is Patrick CALHOUN, a lost member of the Hoke/Cumberland County Calhoun's. I am interested in any clues on Robert CALHOUN my great grandfather born around 1873 in Rockfish Town and my great grandmother Hattie HENDERSON Calhoun from the same place? I know they lived out their latter years over in Hope Mills, but I believe they are from Hoke County. I realize Cumberland County once claimed all the neighboring counties and this makes things a bit harder to find. I sure would appreciate any info! I will not stop looking and will contribute any info I get to you. Thank You for you time. Pat Calhoun Posted November 15th, 1998

I am trying to find the parents of George W. (1822 - 1879) and Mary Ann MCPHATTER (1824 - 1887), who lived in the Raeford/Antioch area of what is now Hoke Co., NC. I do not know Mary Ann's maiden name. They married about 1845 and had about eight children, including Christian McLean MCPHATTER (1855 - 1925) who married James CAMPBELL. The MCPHATTERS were both NC natives who lived in Richmond Co. (which then included Scotland Co.) before moving to Robeson Co. (the part that is now Hoke Co.). Thanks for your help! Tim Hartis 1420 Springsteen Road, Rock Hill, SC 29730. Posted November 5th, 1998

I am looking for any information that may be available for a William HOKE who was born in the early 1800's in what is now Hoke County. The information I have is that he was born in an area known as Dutch Fork, married a lady by the name of Mary Elizabeth CLARK, and had a son by the name of James William HOKE. James William was born in 1832, and the family moved to Texas in 1848. Any information that is known pertaining to this family would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Jon Thompson P.O. Box 172 Dripping Springs, TX 78620    Posted October 11th, 1998

I am Henry McKoy and I am looking for ancestors who are parents and grandparents of Harvey McKoy Senior who lived in Hoke County most of his life. He died in Scotland County in the late 80's. He was married to Hattie Shaw Mckoy and they still have land in the Lillies Chapel area of Hoke County. Any help would be appreciated. I am attempting to go back as far as I can. Henry McKoy   Posted July 28th, 1998

Zack Paul married Bessie Pearlie Moore. Bessie's mother was Sarah VonCannon. Looking for that line. Sender   Posted July 14th, 1998

Does anyone have a list of t.b. patients of the Hoke County hospital. My grandfather died there in 1924. His name was JOHN HENRY MOORE. He was born in N.C. in 1883. Sender   Posted June 24th, 1998

I am looking for information on the KINLAWS of Hoke County. I believe they migrated from Robeson County. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Leverle Kinlaw   Posted May 24th, 1998

Because of my great grandfather McLeod's interest in geneology and history in general he contributed columns to the Hoke County Journal regarding the history of the area. I have some of them that I found in an old scrap book. The ones I have are so interesting that it has led me to speculate about there being many more than the ones that he somehow procured for the scrapbook. Does the Hoke County Journal exist? If not, is there a successor newpaper? Is there a newspaper morgue that would include old newspapers from the 19th century by any other names.

Because Hoke County didn't exist when my McLeod family lived there I assume some of what I need, maybe all of what I need, would be in Fayetteville in a library perhaps or in a newspaper morgue. Any direction you can provide on this front would be very welcome indeed.
Please contact: Dr. James A. McLeod   Posted February 6th, 1998

Seeking any ancestral information on Joseph or Joshua Hicks who lived in Hoke or Robeson County for unknown period before moving to Stokes County sometime before 1818. Thank You! Please contact: Jerry Hicks   Posted January 31st, 1998

Looking for information on Emma Jane Davis b. May 12, 1872, Robeson Co., NC; d. July 21, 1929, Hoke Co., NC; m. John Bunyan Burkett of Marion Co., S.C.; Emma Jane's parents John L. Davis and Martha Willoughby. Emma Jane and John Bunyan Burkett had several children: Emma Jane b. 1896; Cora b. Abt. 1900; Mattie Perrie b. Abt 1903; Johnsie b. April 4,1912; Dixie b. Abt. 1913; John Arch b. Aug 17, 1916. I am looking for any and all information, the slightest lead. Thank you. Please contact: Suzann Burkhead-Bray   Posted January 28th, 1998

I am looking for information on John Bunyon Burkett m. Emma Jane Davis. I believe he was a migrant farmer (ca. 1930's) . According to family history several children were born to the couple in Hoke Co.
Please contact: Suzann Burkhead-Bray   Posted November 1st, 1997

I am looking for information about the families of my grandparents john edwin LINDSAY and sarah QUICK/LINDSAY. Any information on these people and their families would be greatly appreciated.
Please contact: Ronald Lindsay   Posted October 12th, 1997

We are looking for information on a Lorena King GRAVES d. 1989. She may be connected to the STREETY family of Bladen Co. NC.
Please contact: Allen Johannes   Posted October 2nd, 1997

SHAW, Daniel Searching for Daniel SHAW (19 Jan 1784, NC - 14 Oct 1850, Haywood, TN). He married 21 Jan 1824 in Cumberland County, NC Sarah McNeill (4 Apr 1800 -18 Jan 1859). I can't find him in Cumberland Cty. so am trying adjoining counties. Please contact: Carlton Currie   Posted October 2nd, 1997

Looking for descendants of WILLIAM BIGGS and his wives CATHERINE GLOVER and ELIZA HILLIARD. They lived in Antioch and possibly Rockfish from about 1844 to 1870 when WILLIAM BIGGS died. Searching for grave and family info. Please contact: Fletcher Biggs    Posted October 2nd, 1997

ROBESON, Louisa/Louvisa Searching for Louvisa ROBESON (abt 1781- 1830/1839) who married in 1798 John McNEILL (1776-aft 1800). John McNEILL was from Cumberland County, NC so she had to be from the vicinity and I suspect she is related to Col. Thos. Robeson for whom Robeson County is named. Please contact: Carlton Currie   Posted October 2nd, 1997

I am researching my mother's family.   Her father was Jasper HAMMOND(S) of Robeson County and her mother was Anna Jane LOWERY.   Lowery is spelled several ways through the years.   She was a g-g-niece of Henry Berry LOWRIE, the Lumbee Indian Robin Hood.   Jasper and Anna had 5 children who are all deceased.   Jasper died between 1919-1921 and Anna married Benson Lockley. They lived in Fairmont NC.   I do not know where Jasper is buried, but Anna is in the little cemetery in Raynam and Benson is in Lumbee Gardens in Pembroke.   Would appreciate any and all help on the Hammond, Lowery, and Lockley lines.   Thanks. Please contact: Lynn Jacobs Strickland   Posted August 27th, 1997

I am researching the family of William HOBSON (b.1813) who lived in the Wayne Co., N.C. area around 1850.   I am descended through his son Lewis HOBSON (1838 -1923) who moved into Cumberland Co., N.C. and eventually died in the Raeford area of Hoke Co., N.C. which had previously been part of Cumberland Co., N.C.  I would really like to learn more about the HOBSON family.   It is kind of a lost family line in which my family lost contact and I know little about them.  I have some information I have have researched which I will be glad to share.  I would really appreciate any help I could get.
Please contact: Elvin Perkins, Jr.  Posted August 14th, 1997

I am looking for any help researching the HAMMOND family.   My mother was Mary Wells Hammond, born 1921 in Fairmont, N. C.   Her father was Jasper Hammond and her mother was Anna Jane LOWERY. Jasper's father was Irvin Hammond and I don't have his mother's name. Anna Jane's father was Walter Bridges Lowery and her mother was Mary Lowery HUNT. Mary lived in Henry Berry Lowrie's house. He is my uncle. Please contact me with any information you may have. I may have the Lowery name spelled wrong because I have seen it several different ways. Please contact: Lynn Jacobs Strickland

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