"John T. Coit and the Malloys all settled in northeast Texas after the Civil War. My family is still there. Henrietta Maria Coit (Malloy) is my great grandmother on my mother's side." Ed Phillips      Posted April 09, 2004 by Myrtle Bridges

John Calkins Coit born 27 June 1799 at New London, CT.  Grad Yale 1818 .   Moved to Cheraw 1822 and 
set up a law practice.  Married Anna Maria Campbell 1825. Children: Henrietta Maria, and John Taylor.    
AMC died 1831.   Married 2nd wife 11 June 1834 - Ellen Phoebe North.  Children: Willliam Henry, Henry 
William, Julius Thornwell, George Erasmus, Martha Day, Ellen North, Julia Chappell.
EPN died 15 Oct 1843.    Married 3rd wife -Melinda Barge 9 June 1846.  Children: Sarah McIver, Wilson 
Gilchrist, and Albert Barge. She died 18 Aug 1866. See: Cross Creek Cemetery, Cumberland County, NC

JC Coit elected President in the Presbyterian Church Society 21 March 1831 and elder in 1835. He "felt 
the call" and in 1838 applied for a license to preach to Harmony Presbytery... who, granting him the 
license without the usual ministerial studies due to his extraordinary case, and subsequently accepting 
the call from the Presbyterian Church of Cheraw to be its pastor.   He served there for 19 years.
In 1856, with his health failing, he took a vacation of several months and in 1857 asked the church to 
relieve him of his pastoral duties, which they did reluctantly.    
In 1859 his financial situation took a downturn when a substancial loan was not repaid.   At the outbreak 
of the Civil War, he bought heavily in Confederate bonds which were a total loss.    According to the 
lineage book I'm reading, he was in a state of melancholia during the last year of his life.   His 
daughters took turns playing chess and checkers with him to keep his mind away from his troubles. He 
died 6 Feb 1863.
You mentioned the Malloys...There is written in this book Mary Ann Malloy, John Malloy, Duncan Malloy, 
and Archibald Malloy who were at a revival meeting at the Presbyterian Church in Cheraw in 1831-1832 (?)
 at which JC Coit was present.
Our side of the family comes into this picture with his first marriage- Anna Maria Campbell-  their first 
child, Henrietta Maria, married Dr. Archibald A Malloy (of Cheraw) 21 Dec 1843.

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