1850 Census - Richmond County, NC
Laurel Hill District

Schedule I - Free Inhabitants in Laurel Hill District in the County of Richmond, State of N. Carolina enumerated by me, on the 5th day of August 1850. John M. Dockery, Ass't Marshal.
Dwelling house #111
John Fairly, 45m, farmer, NC
Margaret Fairly, 30f, NC
Eliza Fairly, 12f, NC
Ann Fairly, 10f, NC
Alexander Fairly, 8m, NC
Catherine Fairly, 6f, NC
Mary Fairly 1f, NC

Anney Callison, 58f, NC
Benjamin Callison, 27m, NC
Mary Callison, 24f, NC

Hugh McLaurin, 24m, farmer, NC
Catherine McLaurin, 65f, Scotland
Mary McLaurin, 35f, NC
Nancy McLaurin, 32f, NC
Jennet McLaurin, 30f, NC
Effie McLaurin, 28f, NC
Penelope McLaurin, 26f, NC

Catherine McNair, 45f, NC
Rachel McNair, 43f, NC
Margaret McNair, 47f, NC
Jennet McNair, 40f, NC

John Stalker, 26m, farmer, Scotland
Mary Stalker, 65f, Scotland
Margaret Stalker, 35f, Scotland
Nancy Stalker, 30f, Scotland
Isabella Stalker, 28f, Scotland
Elizabeth Stalker, 24f, Scotland

John Leach, 31m, farmer, NC
Mary Leach, 21f, NC
Cornelius Leach, 11m, NC

James Leach, 36m, farmer, NC
Sarah Leach, 35f, NC
John Leach, 12m, NC
Hector Leach 10m, NC
Mary Leach, 8f, NC
Flora Leach, 7f, NC
James Leach, 4m, NC
Milton Leach 2m, NC
Mary Shaw, 45f, NC

Flora Leach, 70f, NC
Mary Leach 34f, NC
William Leach, 22m, farmer, NC

James Middleton, 55m, carpenter, NC
Mary Middleton, 57f, NC
John Middleton, 30m, miller, NC
Mary Middleton, 26, NC
Daniel Middleton, 22m, farmer, NC
Isabella Nicholson, 21f, NC
Catherine Middleton, 20f, NC
Hugh Middleton, 18m, farmer, NC
Lauchlin Middleton, 16m, farmer, NC
Norman Woodle, 24m, laborer, NC

Margaret Wilkerson, 60f, NC
Effie Wilkerson, 35f, NC
Duncan Wilkerson, 33m, farmer, NC
Catherine Wilkerson, 31f, NC

Daniel Stewart, 50m, carpenter, NC
Sarah Stewart, 39f, NC
Neal Stewart, 20m, farmer, NC
John Stewart, 18m, farmer, NC
Daniel Stewart, 16m, farmer, NC
William Stewart, 14m, NC
Colin Stewart, 9m, NC
Catherine Stewart, 7f, NC
James Stewart, 5m, NC
Hugh Stewart, 1m, NC

John McLaurin, 47m, farmer, NC
Margaret McLaurin, 32f, NC
John McLaurin, 12m, NC
William McLaurin, 10m, NC
Mary McLaurin, 8f, NC
Jennet McLaurin, 3f, NC
Lauchlin McLaurin, 1m, NC
Nancy McLaurin, 36f, NC
Daniel McLaurin, 18m, farmer, NC
Mary McLaurin, 13f, NC
Catherine McLaurin, 11f, NC
Margaret McLaurin, 8f, NC
Catherine McLaurin, 84f, Scotland
Jennet McLaurin, 54f, NC

Robert Dixon, 31m, doctor, NC
Mary Dixon, 25f, NC

Bexly Covington, 50m, farmer, NC
Eliza Covington, 24f, NC
Rebecca Covington, 15f, NC
Henry Covington, 17m, farmer, NC
Robert Covington, 8m, NC
Joseph Covington, 5m, NC
Elizabeth Covington, 5f, NC

Hugh McLaurin, 62m, farmer, Scotland
Nancy McLaurin, 52f, NC
Daniel McLaurin, 19m, farmer, NC
Christian McLaurin 17f, NC
Duncan McLaurin, 14m, NC
John McLaurin 12m, NC

James McEachin, 38m, farmer, Georgia
Sarah McEachin, 40f, NC
Angus Morrison, 18m, NC
John Morrison, 16m, NC
Norman McEachin, 14m, NC
William McEachin, 8m, NC
Milton McEachin, 6m, NC

Peter Patterson, 60m, farmer, Scotland
John Patterson, 30m, farmer Scotland
Nancy Patterson, 14f, NC
Sarah Patterson, 12f, NC
Jethorine Patterson, 26f, NC
Peter Patterson, 19m, farmer, NC

Duncan McIntyre, 26m, farmer, NC
Catherine McIntyre, 63f, Scotland
Margaret McIntyre, 32, NC

Daniel McIntyre, 29m, farmer, NC
Margaret McIntyre, 30f, SC
Catherine McIntyre, 4f, NC
Harriet McInture, 2f, NC
Duncan McIntyre, 3/12m, NC
Neal McMillan, 26m, carpenter, NC
Neal Patterson, 29m, farmer, NC

John McQuein, 37m, NC
Margaret McQuein, 35f, NC
Neal McQuein, 10m, NC
Angus McQuein, 6m, NC
John McQuein, 4m, NC
Rodrick McQuein, 45m, farmer, NC
Catherine McQuein, 75f, Scotland

Sarah Murphy, 44f, NC
William Murphy, 11m, NC
John Murphy, 9m, NC
James Murphy, 6m, NC

Robert Hasty, 50m, farmer, NC
Lucy Hasty, 48f, NC
Sarah Hasty, 21f, NC
Margaret Hasty, 16f, NC
Robert Hasty, 8m, NC
Benjamin Hasty, 19m, farmer, NC

John McIntyre, 88m, farmer, Scotland
Mary McIntyre, 87f, NC
Sarah McIntyre, 25f, NC
Lilly McIntyre, 23f, NC
Archibald McIntyre, 21m, NC
Margaret McIntyre, 19f, NC

Daniel McIntyre, 33m, farmer, NC
Catherine McIntyre, 26f, NC
Archibald McIntyre, 3/12m, NC

Betsy McKenzie, 54f, NC
Jennet McKenzie, 28f, NC
John McKenzie, 24m, farmer, NC
Mary McKenzie, 21f, NC
Harriet McKenzie, 18f, NC

Sandy McKenzie, 26m, farmer, NC
Nancy McKenzie, 28f, NC
Elizabeth McKenzie, 4f, NC
John McKenzie, 2m, NC

Giles Hunt, 30m, laborer, NC
Flora Hunt, 30f, NC
Charles Hunt, 10m, NC
George Hunt, 7m, NC
James Hunt, 5m, NC
Catherine Hunt 2f, NC

John Malloy, 52m, doctor, NC
Harriet Malloy, 40f, SC
Charles Malloy, 12m, NC
William Malloy, 10m, Alabama
Isabella McLeod, 73f, NC
Julian Buie?(illegible),12f, NC
Henry McDaniel, 26m, overseer, SC
Daniel McNeill, 35m, farmer, NC
Nancy McNeill, 31f, NC
Mary McNeill, 10f, NC
Neal McNeill, 8m, NC
George McNeill, 4m, NC
John Buie, 54m, school teacher, NC

(Here Mr. Dockery has failed to list dwelling #139. May begin with Henry McDaniel above)

Flora McKay, 36f, NC
Malcom McKay, 14m, NC
Archibald McKay, 12m, NC
Sarah McKay, 10f, NC
Hugh McKay, 8m, NC
Artemus McKay, 6m, NC
Mary McKay, 3f, NC

Daniel McBride, 60m, farmer, NC
Margaret McBride, 55f, NC
Duncan McBride, 21m, student, NC
Sarah McBride, 18f, NC
John McBride, 17m, student, NC
Malcom McBride, 15m, NC
Fayetteville Observer (Fayetteville, NC) Wednesday September 11, 1839
We understand that on the morning of the 23rd, August Mr. Neill McBride of Richmond County, N.C. was 
found dead by the roadside near Laurel Hill. He was lying near the root of a tree which had been struck
by lightening, apparently during a thunder shower on the evening before; and from the position in which 
he was found seemed to have taken shelter under the tree during the shower.  Cheraw Gazette

Sarah McArn, 76f, NC
Hugh McArn, 36m, NC

Betsy McNair, 52f, Scotland
Edward McNair, 25f, NC
Mary McNair, 23f, NC
Jane McNair, 20f, NC
Jennet McNair, 18f, NC
Elizabeth McNair, 15f, NC
Neal McNair, 14m, NC
James McNair, 12m, NC

Edward McNair, 45m, farmer, Scotland

John Baker, 40m, farmer, SC
Susan Baker, 29f, NC
John Baker, 9m, NC
Narcissa Baker, 7f, NC
Mary Baker, 5f, NC
Thomas Baker, 2m, NC

John Carmichael, 60m, farmer, Scotland
Catherine Carmichael, 59f, Scotland
Margaret Carmichael, 30f, NC
Catherine Carmichael, 22f, NC
Christian Carmichael, 18f, NC
Mary Carmichael 16f, NC
Ann Eliza Carmichael, 14f, NC
John Carmichael, 25f, farmer, NC
Archibald Carmichael, 21f, farmer, NC

James McLaurin, 28m, farmer, Mississippi
Solomon McCall, 34m, farmer, SC
Mary McCall 21f, NC

James Roper 30m, farmer, NC
Mary Roper, 26f, NC
Thomas Roper, 3m, NC
Green Roper, 3/12m, NC

John McRae, 35m, laborer, NC
Nancy McRae, 30f, NC
Jane Sneed? 10f, NC
John McChevers, 4m, NC
Henry McRae, 1m, NC

Malcom Graham, 41m, NC
Catherine Graham, 51f, NC

John McDonald, 49f, farmer, NC
Mary McDonald, 31f, SC
Angus McDonald, 3m, NC
Duncan McDonald, 1m, NC

Catherine McKay, 43f, NC
Barbery McKay, 37f, NC
Henry McKay, 18m, farmer, NC
Eliza McKay, 19f, NC
Sarah McKay, 16f, NC

Duncan McCall, 47m, tailor, NC
Mary McCall, 47f, NC
George McCall, 12m, NC
Angus McCall, 6m, NC
Archibald Cameron, 20m, NC
Effie Cameron, 30f, NC

Daniel Stewart, 40m, farmer, NC
Eliza Stewart, 41f, NC
Laurence Stewart, 13m, NC
Angus Stewart, 12m, NC
John Stewart, 9m, NC
Jennet Stewart, 7f, NC
Dugald Stewart, 6m, NC
Daniel Stewart, 3m, NC
Mary Stewart, 69f, NC

Neill McLean, 49m, farmer, NC
Mary McLean, 40f, Pennsylvania
John McLean, 18f, SC
James McLean, 17m, student, SC
Neill McLean, 15m, SC
Franklin McLean, 10m, NC
Daniel McLean, 8m, NC
Charles McLean, 7m, NC
Ann McLean, 13f, NC
Sarah McLean, 12f, NC
Mary McLean, 5f, NC
Alaena McLean, 5f, NC
Laura McLean, 2f, NC
William Briggs, 25m, SC

Robert Fairly, 23m, farmer, NC
Martha Fairly, 22f, NC
Sallie Fairly, 1 1/2f, NC

Margaret McIntosh 58f, NC
Whitfield McIntosh, 27m, farmer, NC
Catherine McIntosh, 82f, NC
Anna McIntosh, 35f, NC

Christian Williamson, 59f, NC
Mary Williamson, 55f, NC
Catherine Williamson, 55f, NC
Jane Williamson, 48f, NC
Catherine McMillan, 60f, NC
Peter Wilkerson, 42m, farmer, NC

Effie Blue, 55f, NC
Mary Blue, 33f, NC
Margaret Blue, 29f, NC
Luther Blue, 19m, farmer, NC
Effie Blue, 72f, NC

Milton McIntosh, 40m, farmer, NC
Catherine McIntosh, 27f, NC
Franklin McIntosh, 10m, NC
Marie McIntosh, 6f, NC
Peter McIntosh, 5m, NC
Ellen McIntosh, 10/12f, NC

Washington McGirt, 20m, laborer, NC

Joseph Graham, 31m, farmer, NC
John Graham, 37m, NC
Mary Graham, 67f, Scotland
Catherine Graham, 40f, NC
Catherine Leach, 42f, Scotland

Archibald McKay, 42m, farmer, NC
Catherine McKay, 36f, NC
Frances McKay, 12f, NC
Josephine McKay, 7f, NC
Margaret McKay, 5f, NC
Jane McKay, 2f, NC

Daniel McKinnon, 50m, farmer, NC
Harriet McKinnon, 20f, NC
Mary McKinnon, 18f, NC
Murdock McKinnon, 24m, doctor, NC
Margaret McKinnon, 16f, NC
Daniel McKinnon, 14m, NC
John McKinnon, 12m, NC
Luther McKinnon, 9m, NC
McKay McKinnon, 5m, NC
Leonard Hays, 22m, black, laborer, NC

Duncan McKay, 61m, farmer, NC
Elizabeth McKay, 62f, NC
John McKay, 24m, farmer, NC
Amelia McKay, 22f, NC
Mary McKay,  21f, NC

John Hues, (Hughes) 60m, farmer, NC
Effie Hues, 40f, NC
Daniel Hues, 13m, NC
Gilbert Hues, 11m, NC
Margaret Hues, 12f, NC
John Hues, 9m, NC
Emily Hues, 5f, NC
Neil Hues, 3m, NC
Robert Hues, 30m, farmer, NC

Archibald McGirt, 32m, carpenter, NC
Mary McGirt, 29f, NC
Archibald McGirt, 8m, NC
Jane McGirt, 6f, NC
Rebecca McGirt, 4f, NC
Josephine McGirt, 2f, NC
Henry Moore, 20m, mulatto, laborer, NC

Duncan Campbell, 55m, farmer, Scotland
Mary Campbell, 25f, NC
Duncan Campbell, 22m, blacksmith, NC
Hugh Campbell, 83m, farmer, Scotland
Catherine Campbell, 47f, Scotland
Sarah Campbell, 80f, Scotland
Catherine Campbell, 19f, NC

Catherine McAlister, 30f, NC
Susan McAlister, 28f, NC

Ann McLaughlin, 46f, SC
Jane McLaughlin, 26f, NC
Thomas McLaughlin, 21m, farmer, NC
John McLaughlin, 19m, NC
William McLaughlin, 16m, student, NC
Duncan McLaughlin, 14m, NC
Alexander McLaughlin, 9m, NC

Andrew McLaughlin, 49m, farmer, NC
Catherine McLaughlin,  47f, NC
Matilda McLaughlin, 45f, NC
Jane McLaughlin, 41f, NC
John McLaughlin, 11m, SC
Jane McLaughlin, 1f, SC
Eliza McLaughlin, 7f, SC

Daniel Graham, 40m, farmer, NC
Mary Graham, 30f, SC

Catherine White, 60f, Scotland

Mary Livingston, 46f, NC
Catherine Livingston, 23f, NC
Sarah Livingston, 20f, NC
Ann Eliza Livingston, 18f, NC
Eutheana Livingston, 18f, NC
Caroline Livingston, 16f, NC
Susan Livingston, 28f, Scotland

Neil Johnson, 78m, farmer, Scotland

Duncan Johnson, 35m, farmer, NC
Mary Johnson, 28f, NC
Archibald Johnson, 5m, NC
William Johnson, 3m, NC
Christian Johnson, 2f, NC
Flora McNeill, 6f, NC

John Johnston, 48m, farmer, NC
Euphemia Johnston, 39f, NC
Daniel Johnston, 16m, student, NC
Neil Johnston, 13m, NC
Rebecca Johnston, 12f, NC
John Johnston, 10m, NC
Catherine Johnson, 8f, NC (Johnson spelled this way in original)
Robert Johnson, 6m, NC (Johnson spelled this way in original)
Mary Johnson, 2f, NC (Johnson spelled this way in original)

John Gilchrist, 33m, farmer, NC
Effie Gilchrist, 27f, NC
James Gilchrist, 9m, NC
Flora Gilchrist, 7f, NC
John Gilchrist, 5m, NC
Angus Gilchrist, 3m, NC
William Gilchrist, 11/12m, NC

Archibald Johnson, 40m, farmer, NC
Eliza Johnson, 30f, NC
Duncan Johnson, 8m, NC
Christian Johnson, 7f, NC
Frances Johnson, 6f, NC
Effie Johnson, 4f, NC

John McAlister, 69m, loafer, NC
Sarah McAlister, 74f, Scotland
Jennet McAlister, 59f, NC

John Wilks, 28m, farmer, NC
Sallie Wilks, 45f, NC
Julie Holland, 18f, NC
Archibald Holland, 12m, NC

John McGill, 65m, farmer, Scotland
Mary McGill, 54, Scotland

John White, 49m, farmer, Scotland
Flora White, 42f, NC
Daniel White, 21f, NC
Mary White, 19f, NC
Rebecca White, 17f, NC
Eliza White, 15f, NC
Neill White, 13m, NC
Catherine White, 9f, NC
Flora White, 6f, NC
Margaret White, 3f, NC
Anna White, 77f, Scotland

Daniel Leach, 31m, farmer, NC
Mary Leach, 70f, Scotland
Archibald Leach, 38m, farmer, NC
Neil Leach, 29m, farmer, NC
Dugald Leach, 74m, farmer, Scotland

Catherine McKay, 46f, Scotland
John McKay, 23m, farmer, NC
Duncan McKay, 17m, student, NC
Eliza McGugan, 10f, NC

Hector McKay, 28m, farmer, NC

John McNeill, 48m, farmer, NC
Elizabeth McNeill 35f, NC
Angus McNeill, 14m, NC
Jane McNeill, 13f, NC
Catherine McNeill, 11f, NC
Sarah McNeill, 9f, NC
Flora McNeill, 6f, NC
John McNeill, 4m, NC
Franklin McNeill, 6/12m, NC

Frances Campbell, 19f, NC
Malcom Campbell, 34m, farmer, NC

John McInnis, 67m, farmer, NC
Catherine McInnis, 47f, NC
William Martin, 5m, NC

Sarah McFarland, 40f, Scotland
Christian McFarland, 55f, Scotland

George Wilks, 36m, laborer, NC
Mary Wilks, 36f, NC
John Wilks, 13m, NC
Nancy Wilks, 12f, NC
Washington Wilks, 10m, NC
Mary Wilks, 8f, NC
Lucy Wilks, 6f, NC
Sarah Wilks, 4f, NC

Alexander McDonald, 29m, farmer, NC
Catherine McDonald, 40f, NC
Sarah McDonald, 27f, NC

Malcom Blue, 40m, farmer, NC
Christian Blue, 45f, Scotland
Catherine Blue, 80f, Scotland
Elizabeth McGilberry, 19f, NC

Allen McDonald, 64m, laborer, Scotland
Mary McDonald, 64f, Scotland
Nancy McDonald, 33f, Scotland
Flora McDonald 21f, Scotland
Nelle McDonald, 28f, Scotland
Randell McDonald, 35m, farmer, Scotland

Mary McGibrays, 48f, Scotland

James McPherson, 49m, farmer, NC
Jennet McPherson, 39f, Scotland

Duncan McPherson, 47m, farmer, NC
Mary McPherson, 46f, NC
John McPherson, 18m, NC
Sarah McPherson, 18f, NC
William McPherson, 14m, NC
Martin McPherson, 12m, NC
Nancy McPherson, 9f, NC
Duncan McPherson, 2m, NC

Richmond Yates, 34m, farmer, NC
Nancy Yates, 36f, NC
John Griggers, 13m, NC

Jane McGibrays, 47f, Scotland
John McGibrays, 18m, NC
Jennet McGibrays, 16f, NC
Stewart McCormick, 15m, NC
Henry McCormick, 30m, farmer, NC
Infant McCormick, 1 1/2f, NC

John Morrison, 45m, farmer, NC
Nancy Morrison, 48f, Scotland
Daniel Morrison, 17m, farmer, NC
Dilsy Morrison, 14f, NC
Malcom Morrison, 12m, NC
John Morrison, 9m, NC
Margaret McLeod, 50f, Scotland
Sarah McLeod, 60f, Scotland

Obedience Griggers, 39f, NC
Dinah Griggers, 17f, NC
Henry Griggers, 5m, NC

John Morrison, 71m, farmer, Scotland
Margaret Morrison 67f, Scotland
Sarah McDonald, 54f, NC
James Dees, 33m, laborer, NC
John Dees, 5m, NC

Dugald McLaurin, 57m, farmer, NC
Lilly McLaurin, 57f, NC
Mary McLaurin, 18f, NC
Duncan McLaurin, 15m, NC

Elizabeth McIntyre, 57f, NC
Jane McIntyre, 50f, NC
Margaret McIntyre, 25f, NC

Mary McLaughlin, 54f, NC
Duncan McLaughlin, 25m, farmer, NC
Christian McLaughlin, 23f, NC
John McLaughlin, 20m, farmer, NC
Sandy McLaughlin, 18m, farmer, NC
Kenneth McLaughlin, 10m, NC
Sarah McLaughlin, 13f, NC

Wolfgang Bachta, 61m, Germany
Barbary Bachta, 61f, Germany

Alexander Fairly, 52m, farmer, NC
James Fairly, 17m, NC
John Fairly, 15m, NC
Archibald Fairly, 12m, NC
Catherine Fairly, 12f, NC
Christian Fairly, 50f, NC

Angus Lemon, 40m, shoemaker, NC
Mary Lemon, 28f, NC
James Lemon, 7m, NC
Hugh Lemon, 4m, NC
Lydia Sneed, 10f, NC

Israel Sneed, 51m, NC
William Sneed, 22m, NC
Bonaparte Sneed, 18m, NC
Jordan Sneed, 14m, NC
Columbus Sneed, 12m, NC
Solomon Sneed, 9m, NC
Israel Sneed, 8m, NC
Eliza Sneed, 10f, NC

John Sneed, 24m, NC
Catherine Sneed, 19f, NC

Mary McNeill, 76f, Scotland
Mary McNeill, 29f, NC
Sarah McNeill, 27f, NC

Jennet McFarland, 62f, NC
Mary McFarland, 38f, NC
William McFarland, 32m, farmer, NC
Polly Buie, 38f, NC
Hector McNeill, 59m, farmer, NC
Isabelle McNeill, 47f, NC
Daniel McNeill, 23m, miller, NC
Lauchlin McNeill, 17m, farmer, NC
Flora McNeill, 15f, NC
Catherine McNeill, 13f, NC
Ersula McNeill, 11f, NC
Angus McNeill, 9m, NC
Neill McNeill, 7m, NC

John McLean, 38m, farmer, NC
Effie McLean 25f, NC
Flora McLean, 4f, NC

Alexander Shaw, 62m, farmer, NC
Sarah Shaw, 47f, NC
Catherine Shaw, 22f, NC
Mary Shaw, 20f, NC
Daniel Shaw, 18m, school teacher, NC
John Shaw, 17m, farmer, NC
Margaret Shaw, 14f, NC
Angus Shaw, 12m, NC
Sarah Shaw, 10f, NC
Alexander Campbell, 27m, farmer, NC

Malcom McMillan, 35m, farmer, NC
Daniel McMillan, 25m, farmer, NC
Isabella McMillan, 25f, NC
Flora McMillan, 21f, NC
Catherine Johnson, 64f, Scotland

Robert Monroe, 33m, farmer, NC
Margaret Monroe, 21f, NC
Daniel Monroe 68m, farmer, Scotland

Mary McLean, 70f, NC
John McLean, 50m, farmer, NC
Daniel McLean, 35m, farmer, NC
Malcom McLean, 40m, farmer, NC
Alexander McLean, 30m, farmer
Margaret Robertson, 4f, NC
Peter Priest, 23m, laborer, NC

William McLean, 70m, farmer, NC
James McLean, 31m, farmer, NC

Daniel Sinclair, 32m, farmer, NC
Isabella Sinclair, 38f, NC
Margaaret Sinclair, 25f, NC

Archibald Priest, 40m, farmer, NC
Sarah Priest, 87f, NC
Mary Sneed, 26f, NC
Elizabeth Priest, 42f, NC
John McLean, 3m, NC

Simeon McLean, 35m, farmer, NC
Effie McLean, 22f, NC

Archibald Monroe, 66m, farmer, Scotland
Flora Monroe, 56f, Scotland
Flora Monroe, 26f, NC
Nancy Monroe, 24f, NC
Mary Monroe, 16f, NC
Duncan Monroe, 23m, farmer, NC

Mary McIntyre, 48f, Scotland
Catherine McIntyre, 25f, NC
John McIntyre, 22m, farmer, NC
Margaret McIntyre, 2of, NC
Mary McIntyre, 18f, NC
Duncan McIntyre, 16m, farmer, NC
Sandy McIntyre, 12m, NC
Christian McIntyre, 10f, NC

John McNeill, 54m, farmer, Scotland
Neill McNeill 22m, farmer, NC
Duncan McNeill, 19m, farmer, NC
Margaret McNeill, 16f, NC
Anne McNeill, 14f, NC
Catherine McNeill, 11f, NC
Mary McNeill, 6f, NC

Alexander McMillan, 74m, farmer, Scotland
Christian McMillan, 72, NC
Joseph McMillian, 38m, farmer, NC
Margaret McMillan, 33f, NC
Catherine McMillan 31f, NC
Warrentine Skattle, 15m, Germany

Charles Malloy, 33m, farmer, NC
Catherine Malloy, 74f, NC
Malcom McNeill, 26m, farmer, NC

Mary Calhoun, 55f, Scotland
Hugh Blue, 4m, NC

John McCall, 36m, farmer, NC

Hugh McCall, 34m, carpenter, NC
Solomon McCall, 32m, farmer, NC
Duncan McCall, 28m, farmer, NC
Catherine McCall, 33f, NC
Jane McCall, 25f, NC
Jennett McCall, 55f, NC

John McLaurin, 59m, farmer, Scotland
Effie McLaurin, 39f, NC
Owen McLaurin, 7m, NC
Elizabeth McLaurin 7f, NC
Catherine McLaurin, 2f, NC

Ruthe Gibson, 72f, NC
Hiram Gibson, 24m, farmer, NC

Duncan McLaurin, 60m, farmer, NC
Malloy Patterson, 18m, NC
Charles Patterson, 15m, NC
James Patterson, 11m, NC
Mary McLaurin, 62f, NC
Isabelle Patterson 54f, NC
Effie McLaurin, 41f, NC

Mary McLaurin, 73f, Scotland
Malcom Calhoun, 23f, NC
Mary Calhoun, 21f, NC

Malcom Gillis, 27m, farmer, NC
Nancy Gillis, 21f, NC
John Gillis, 6/12m, NC
Lauchlin McLaurin, 7m, NC
John Gillis, 45m, carpenter, Scotland

John McKay, 49m, farmer, NC
Isabelle McKay, 46f, NC
Archibald McKay, 17m, farmer, NC
Mary McKay, 15f, NC
Harriet McKay, 13f, NC
William McKay, 8m, NC
John McKay, 5m, NC
Effie McKay, 2f, NC

Margaret McFarland, 46f, NC
Duncan McFarland, 20m, Postmaster, NC
Hiam(?)McFarland, 16m, NC
Eliza McFarland, 14f, NC
Franklin McFarland, 12m, NC
Lucy McFarland, 7f, NC
Mary McFarland. 44f, NC
Flora Buie, 42f, NC
Sarah Buie, 30f, NC
Mary Buie, 24f, NC

Ferdinand McLeod, 28m, farmer, NC
Lucy McLeod, 23f, Virginia
Georgianna McLeod, 3f, Virginia
William McLeod, 2m, NC
Edward McLeod, 1m, NC

William McMillan, 38m, farmer, NC
Sarah McMillan, 50f, NC
Flora McMillan, 25f, NC
Mary Patterson, 18f, NC

William Johnson, 35m, farmer, NC
Drusilla Johnson, 27f, NC
William Johnson, 10m, NC
Minerva Johnson, 8f, NC
John Johnson, 6m, NC
Luther Johnson, 1m, NC
Lidie Powell, 60f, NC

Elizabeth Sneed, 60f, SC
Bertha Sneed, 29f, NC
Sallie Sneed, 27f, NC
Harvey Sneed, 25m, farmer, NC
Younger Sneed, 26m, farmer, NC
Betsy Sneed, 18f, NC

James Jinkins, 25m, farmer, NC
Mary Jinkins, 20f, NC
Henrietta Jinkins, 15f, NC

Mary Malloy, 23f, NC
Alexander Malloy, 3m, NC
Alemeney McNeill, 24f, NC

Evander McIver, 44m, farmer, NC
James McIver, 44m, laborer, NC
Colin McIver, 15m, NC
Daniel McIver, 14m, NC
John McIver, 12m, NC
Flora McIver, 9f, NC
Angus McIver, 7m, NC

Angus McDonald, 75m, farmer, NC
Alexander McDonald, 25m, farmer, NC

James Patterson, 26m, farmer, NC
Gilbert Patterson 24m, farmer, NC
Margaret Patterson, 20f, NC
Jennet Patterson, 68f, NC

James Patterson, 56m, farmer, NC
Sarah Patterson, 32f, NC
Jennet Patterson, 18f, NC
Eliza Patterson, 15f, NC

Hector McMillan, 35m, farmer, NC
Jane McMillan 33f, NC
Ann McMillan, 15f, NC
Mary McMillan, 13f, NC
Franklin McMillan, 11m, NC
Sarah McMillan, 10f, NC
Henrietta McMillan, 8f, NC
Harriet McMillan, 6f, NC
Ellen McMillan, 4f, NC
Emily McMillan, 2f, NC
Susan Livingston, 30f, NC

John McDuffie, 33f, NC
Mary McDuffie, 72f, NC
Murdock McDuffie, 30m, farmer, NC

Neill Leach, 52m, farmer, Scotland
Duncan Leach, 55m, farmer, Scotland
Flora McLauchlin, 85f, Scotland
Catherine Leach, 28f, NC

Malcom Gillis, 85m, farmer, Scotland
Mary Gillis, 65f, Scotland
Margaret Gillis, 40f, NC
John Morrison, 30m, farmer, NC
Linde Wallace, 7f, NC

Daniel Gillis, 45m, farmer, NC
Mary Gillis, 35f, NC
Mary Gillis, 2f, NC
Malcom Gillis, 6/12m, NC
Christian Gillis, 85f, Scotland

William Rachels, 59m, stragler, NC
Nancy Rachels, 62f, NC
Martha Rachels, 2f, NC
Harriet Rachels, 11f, NC
John Rachels, 7m, NC

John Buchanan, 79m, farmer, Scotland
Sarah Buchanan, 70f, NC
Elizabeth Buchanan, 55f, NC

William Buchanan, 46m, sheriff, NC
Jennett Buchanan, 33f, NC
John Buchanan, 16m, student, NC
James Buchanan, 14m, NC
Sarah Buchanan, 12f, NC
William Buchanan, 9m, NC
Alexander Buchanan, 7m, NC
Effie Buchanan, 5f, NC
Luther Buchanan, 2m, NC

Catherine Calhoun, 60f, Scotland
Mary Calhoun, 45f, NC
Catherine Calhoun, 23f, NC

William Sneed, 39m, farmer, NC
Agnes Sneed, 35f, NC
James Sneed, 10m, NC
Sarah Sneed, 8f, NC
Mary Sneed, 6f, NC
Betsy Sneed, 4f, NC
Zachariah Sneed, 2m, NC

Eli Norton, 45m, laborer, NC
Rachel Norton, 30f, NC
William Norton 10m, NC
Darling Norton, 6m, NC
Mary Norton, 4f, NC
Wiley Norton, 1m, NC

Samuel Wallace, 48m, laborer, NC
Sarah Wallace, 54f, NC
Mary Wallace, 15f, NC
Charity Wallace, 14f, NC

Drury Walters, 45m, farmer, NC
Nancy Walters, 50f, NC
Martha Walters, 19f, NC
Thomas Walters, 19m, laborer, NC
Arthur Walters, 16m, laborer, NC
Ebenezer Walters, 13m, NC
David Walters, 11m, NC
Mary Walters, 8f, NC
John Walters, 7m, NC
Elizabeth Walters, 6f, NC

Godfrey Huckaby, 40m, farmer, NC
Flora Huckaby, 43f, Scotland
Alexander Huckaby, 16m, laborer, NC
Sarah Huckaby, 14f, NC
Angus Huckaby, 10m, NC
Mary Huckaby, 7f, NC

Catherine McMillan, 55f, NC
John Wallace, 12m, NC

Elijah Hasty, 27m, laborer, NC
Elizabeth Hasty, 26f, NC
Thomas Hasty, 8/12m, NC
Martha Hasty, 3f, NC

Thorogood Pate, 33m, farmer, SC
Christian Pate, 38f, Scotland
Ann Pate, 7f, NC
Daniel Pate, 6m, NC
Jane Pate, 4f, NC
Margaret Pate, 2f, NC
Rosa Pate, 1 1/2f, NC

Elijah Norton, 48m, pedler, NC
Eliza Norton, 40f, NC
Emeline Norton, 23f, NC
Abby Norton, 20f, NC
Andrew Norton, 22m, asst. pedler, NC
Sarah Norton, 17f, NC
Elijah Norton, 16m, NC
Johnnie Norton, 14m, NC
Ann Norton, 10f, NC
John Norton, 9m, NC
Daniel Norton, 7m, NC
James Norton, 5m, NC
Archibald Norton, 2m, NC
William Norton, 6m, NC
Hiram Norton, 3m, NC
Rebecca 11/12f, NC

Reuben Norton, 47m, farmer, NC
Elizabeth Norton, 49f, NC
Handy Norton, 22m, laborer, NC
Loderick Norton, 21m, laborer, NC
Godfrey Norton, 18m, laborer, NC
Margaret Norton, 14f, NC
Harriet Wallace, 15f, NC

Aaron Wallace, 35m, laborer, NC
Susan Wallace, 35f, NC
Matilda Wallace, 15f, NC
James Wallace, 12m, NC
Malinda Wallace, 9f, NC
William Wallace, 8m, NC
Sarah Wallace, 6f, NC
Margaret Wallace, 1f, NC

Angus Graham, 42m, farmer, NC
Margaret Graham, 30f, Scotland
James Graham, 2m, NC

Daniel Covington, 24m, farmer, NC
Margaret Covington, 30f, NC
Catherine McNeill, 60f, NC
Nancy McNeill, 28f, NC

Sarah McNeill, 56f, NC
Mary McNeill, 54f, NC
Effie Currie, 9f, NC

Daniel Woodard, 40m, farmer, NC
Chloy Woodard, 35f, NC
Eliza Woodard, 16f, NC
Mary Woodard, 14f, NC
Catherine Woodard, 11f, NC
John Woodard, 8m, NC
James Woodard, 7m, NC
Daniel Woodard, 5m, NC
Sarah Woodard, 2f, NC

David Peelle, 25m, laborer, SC
Temperance Peelle, 20f, NC
Robert Peelle, 1m, NC

Isaac Sneed, 33m, laborer, NC
Jennet Sneed, 40f, NC

James Rachels, 54m, laborer, NC
Elizabeth Rachels, 16f, NC
John Rachels, 15m, NC
Martha Rachels 13f, NC
William Rachels, 12m, NC
Mary Rachels, 11f
James Rachels, 9m, NC
Nancy Rachels, 6f, NC
Daniel Rachels, 2m, NC

Shockly Sneed, 25m, farmer, NC
Caroline Sneed, 20f, NC

Samuel Sneed, 59m, farmer, NC
Mary Sneed, 65f, NC
Martha Sneed, 23f, NC
Mary Sneed, 18f, NC
Obedience Sneed, 32f, NC

Thomas Norton, 30m, laborer, NC
Sarah Norton, 32f, NC
Elizabeth Norton, 6f, NC
Charles Norton, 3m, NC
Sarah Loyd, 65f, NC
Martha Loyd, 15f, NC
Archibald Loyd, 9m, NC

John Currie, 41m, farmer, NC
Effie Currie, 37f, NC
John Currie, 4m, NC
Elizabeth Currie, 3f, NC
Catherine Currie, 1f, NC
Thomas Walters, 18m, laborer, SC

James Smith, 38m, farmer, NC
Melinda Smith, 30f, NC
Plesant Smith, 1m, NC
Jane Scott, 12f, mulatto, NC

Daniel Currie, 39m, farmer, NC
Catherine Currie, 42f, NC
Mary Currie, 13f, NC
Cynthia Currie, 9f, NC
Alexander Currie, 6m, NC
Flora Currie, 2f, NC

Howard Pate, 57m, farmer, NC
Esther Pate, 21f, NC

Adam Pate, 38m, farmer, NC
Mary Pate, 50f, NC
Duncan McGill, 19m, farmer, NC

David Quick, 55m, farmer, SC
William Quick, 19m, farmer, SC
John Quick 17m, farmer, SC
Elizabeth Quick, 16f, NC
Catherine Quick, 14f, NC
Eli Quick, 12m, NC

Catherine Oliver, 30f, NC
James Oliver, 10m, NC
Mary Oliver, 8f, NC
Frances Oliver, 6f, NC
Sarah Oliver, 5f, NC
Effie Oliver, 3f, NC

Christian McLean, 82f, Scotland
Dorothy McLean, 48f, NC
John McLean, 14m, NC
Sarah McLean, 98f, pauper, Scotland

© Copyright February 9, 2002 by Myrtle N. Bridges

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